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Zoran T.

In my career of a travel writer, planner, and itinerary creator, I’ve been researching and writing about various world destinations and travel companies, including cities, regions, specific countries, and cruise companies. Besides writing and sharing knowledge, I found great pleasure in meeting other people and acquainting myself with different cultures, traditions, and everything else that is closely related to the travel realm. After all, a great thinker once stated that “Who never traveled probably never lived,” which is why I think everyone should try hard to make their life worth living.
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Top Things To Do In Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the capital of the US state of New Mexico sitting in the shadow of a mountain range. It abounds with Spanish colonial and native Indian structures. Brimming with art venues, Santa Fe is an attractive destination for visitors cherishing outdoor and indoor activities.     Known as “The City Different” among the […]

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands Travel Guide

Tortola is one of the islands in the British Virgin Islands, a Caribbean charter-boat capital. Featuring many coves and white-sand beaches encircled by tropical vegetation, the island also introduces the way of life led by its people centuries ago.   Tortola is a mountainous island that is 19km/12mi long and up to 5km/3mi wide. It […]

Why Do You Need Bed Bug Spray In Your Travel Kit?

Having bed bug spray in your travel kit is an essential part of travelling smart, although many may not think about that. If you are curious why it is so, ask yourself: have you ever woken up whilst travelling covered in pesky bites?    Bed bugs are small insects that, like us, like to spend […]

Your Guide To The Northern Lights Iceland

The Northern Lights, visible from northern latitudes during winter and neighbouring seasons, are an unforgettable divine spectacle. In fact, famed Aurora Borealis is a violent storm that rages hundreds of kilometres above Earth.   Besides Iceland, the best places to see the Northern Lights are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Alaska (the USA), and Canada. However, searching […]

Everything You Need To Know About Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach, Delaware ranks among the best beach resorts in the USA. Whilst Florida and California may be the most famous beach destinations, there are other places that have hidden gems for those who love the sun, sand, and sea — Delaware is one of them!     Bethany Beach mostly consists of home rentals. […]

Your Guide To Visiting The Hamptons, Long Island, USA

The Hamptons is something you often hear from the lips of upper-class citizens of New York. It’s a summer destination, located east of the Big Apple, on the south fork of Long Island.     What are the Hamptons known for? Well, famous ‘East End’ comprises many seaside communities, villages, hamlets, even two towns. It […]

The Best Water Shoes For Your Next Vacation

We can often use a pair of water shoes when going on a vacation. How many times have you stepped onto a sharp rock while walking on the beach? Or worse, you step on a glass shard and cut yourself?    As useful as they become in wet situations, you can substitute sneakers for some […]

Manhattan Weather: When Is The Best Time To Visit?

You’ll always have good weather in Manhattan, New York. You may wish to jump into the skin of the Gossip Girl characters, see how the Knicks play basketball or stretch your neck trying to observe the skyline.   Given that you’re a gourmand, you may check out dozens of international cuisines without leaving Manhattan. Travelers devoted […]

The Best Heated Gloves To Help Keep You Toasty

Heated gloves are a welcome addition to residents of remote latitudes from the equator. While people living near the equator use gloves as fashion tools, those farther away could use a pair of multitasking gloves on various occasions.   These occasions could be riding a motorcycle, carrying planks, and touching touchscreens among many others. As […]

The Best Seafood Restaurants In The U.S.

Let’s be honest. How often do you visit seafood restaurants? Are you more of meat lover?   If your answer is ‘rarely’ to the first question and ‘less often’ to the second, then you have to book the next available flight to the United States of America and have a taste of their best seafood […]