Africa & Middle East

The Egyptian wonders and the spectacular Victoria Falls aren’t the only reasons to visit this gigantic land. Go wild at the expansive national parks, get your feet dipped in the Nile or splurge extravagantly at the man-made islands. Regardless of where you go, a visual feast is simply inexorable.

7 BEST South Africa Tours You Have To Try NOW

With the boom in South Africa tourism, it is no wonder that many people seem to be searching for tours and must-see destinations within this country’s borders. There are many amazing sights to behold, so how do you choose which tours and places you need to add to that vacation itinerary? In this guide, we […]

15 Best Things To Do In Durban, South Africa

Thinking of a trip to South Africa? Cape Town and St. Johannesburg are undoubtedly popular with tourists. However, this time, why not venture to a lesser-known yet equally breathtaking city? Durban is a treasure trove of wondrous sights and fun activities waiting to be discovered. So, read on to uncover what South Africa’s third most […]

Explore 10 Amazing Cities In Egypt

Egypt is a land of unparalleled charm and spellbinding beauty with its trackless deserts of dunes dazzling in the rays of a blazing sun. It has a unique culture, which dates back to very early human civilizations. Be all ears as you are about to be glued to the magnanimous atmosphere of Egypt, the region […]

Best Things To Do In Fes, Morocco

Morocco is quite an exotic and medieval country to travel to. Roaming around the streets of Marrakesh and Medina is a different kind of experience you do not get elsewhere. It does feel like going back in time to the ancient times. Moreover, it is just as beautiful as it is ancient. With some medieval […]

10 Popular Things To Do In Tel Aviv

“The urge to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.” After pondering over these golden words, we can understand that traveling makes you feel alive. It invigorates the carefree spirit within and creates opportunities to meet new people, face unique challenges, and ‘out of the box’ solution to these challenging problems.    Get […]

Rabat: 10 Things To Do In The Capital of Morocco

Located right on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat, the enchanting capital of Morocco is kind of a hidden gem. This North African jewel of a city is remarkable in its long religious and cultural history, exotic locations and breathtaking landscapes.   The city’s iconic historic attractions pull tourists from all over the world each year.   […]

Madagascar Travel: All You Need To Know

You might have heard of Madagascar due to widely popular animated movie. But what else do you know about this place? Read on to discover more about travelling to Madagascar.   Where Is Madagascar?   For starters, it is an island country in the Indian Ocean. In fact, the second biggest island country in the […]

10 Best Things To Do In Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, a former imperial city of Morocco, is an exotic tourist destination that marches to its own beat. The city offers a unique experience to those who visit by providing a wide range of options on things to do in Marrakech. Marrakech is kind of an oddball in the sense that it has a reputation […]