Budget Travel

Travelling can seem daunting because of the expenses. But no worries ⁠— you can still see and experience what the world has to offer without breaking the bank.

Copenhagen Card: Your Key To The City

From the New Age Nordic dining and Danish design galleries to the majestic royal palaces, contemporary fashion and of course the famed crown jewels of Denmark, Copenhagen screams the rich culture and essence of the Scandinavians.   Copenhagen is one of the most liveable cities on Earth. It has a drive born out of the […]

Tips For Planning The Perfect Eurotrip

A Eurotrip has been something like a badge of honour for experienced tourists. It lives on numerous bucket lists like an unattainable dream. With some wise planning, you can have the perfect Eurotrip within your budget. Here we’ll talk about planning in a nutshell – papers for travelling, the best ways to move between European […]

Howrah Bridge In Kolkata – All You Need To Know

The iconic Howrah Bridge is the pride of Kolkata. Built without using even a single nut or screw, its the oldest bridge of its type. Also, there are no pillars present to support its suspension over the mighty Hooghly river in Kolkata. Besides, it’s also the sixth-longest cantilever bridge in the on the globe. And […]

10 Popular Things To Do in Sri Lanka

Like a teardrop-shaped jewel in the Indian Ocean, the island nation of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, has emerged from decades of civil war and unrest into one of the foremost tourist destinations in southern Asia. Located just off the southeastern coast of the Indian subcontinent, the country packs many attractions into a small […]

CityPASS Guide: Is The Seattle CityPASS Worth It?

When we travel, ideally, we want our itinerary to go as smoothly as possible. If not, as wallet-friendly as possible. While many cities across the U.S. offer distinctive CityPass for discounted ticket packages but is the Seattle CityPASS worth its price?   Seattle CityPASS strives to provide tourists with smart and easy transactions. Not to mention, […]

5 Great Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

Are you looking for some fantastic weekend getaways from Bangalore? Read on to find out some excellent places around the city.   Bangalore is a city abuzz with professionals from all corners of India. Lauded as the Silicon Valley of India, you’ll find plenty of local eat-outs, bars and places to break life’s monotony. However, […]

19 Best Things To Do In Chennai, India

Chennai is the land of Sanskrit and age-old traditions, in India. The capital of the Tamil Nadu state, this city has some of the most exceptional Indian attractions. It is also a witness of colonial past, and the many old forts and churches stand in testimony. Thus, there are many places to visit in Chennai, […]

Coastal Flats In Cape Town for Couples

Taking an extended holiday can be quite stressful. Not the actual holiday itself but the planning and logistics of making it happen can be. By renting a flat or house, you can save a lot of money and build a holiday that is highly customised to you and your partner’s needs. There are many great […]

Cheap Jamaica Resorts For A Budget-Friendly Holiday

Taking a trip to the Caribbean is something almost everyone dreams of, but often, they shy away because they think it is too expensive. The typical Jamaican vacation can cost anywhere from $1200 to $5000 per person with everything included, of course. That can seem like a lot of money to someone looking to relax, […]

Cheap Caribbean Vacations For Couples

Romantic getaways can be expensive, or at least that is what most of us think, but those trips are needed. Especially in this hectic world where you and your loved one might not spend as much time together as you’d like.   Taking time out for yourselves is the best way to keep the love […]