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Differentiate Your Articles Accordingly

Before diving in, we recommend guests to differentiate their intention of submission. If you’re expecting a linked site with the primary purpose of selling, commission generating or affiliate promotions, please refer to our advertising site. Our dedicated team will respond to your queries promptly. DO NOTE that as of now, we do not accept any unpaid promotion or collaboration on request.

However, if you’re keen to share your distinct travel stories, tips or advice, please stay and keep reading. Tourist Secrets is here to make sure your voices are heard.


Article Submission Guidelines
All published content on Tourist Secrets is written and edited by our in-house travel bloggers, travel experts, and international contributors. The purpose of this travel site is to make travel planning as easy and as simple as possible. Though Tourist Secrets is a travel sharing platform, we do not appreciate articles with an excessive amount of advertising or affiliates.

We seek guest writers who are passionate about sharing stories like hitch-hiking across Asia, exploring the unknown desert of the Middle East or spending the chilly winter in Antarctica. In general, off-the-beaten-track journey and adventures will be given priority. However, if you need a little inspiration for the types of travel post to submit; you can find a general list of activities and topics to get the ball rolling. Don’t fret, click on the button if you have further questions.


Rules & Regulations:

Before any submission of articles, all guests need to have a clear understanding of the tone & style of published articles on

Do not submit/send duplicate content on any existing websites / social media platforms. All content must be original or completely re-written from your published articles. If guests have re-written the article, please attach the original article link for us conduct a plagiarism check. We strictly DO NOT publish any duplicate content as it can affect our site’s reputation and SEO rankings on Google. To add on, if your article doesn’t fulfil the requirement, we will remove all related articles, links, materials without prior notice.

All articles submitted should be at least 1,500 words. Travel guides are preferably at least 2,000 words and capped at 3,500 words.

We expect our guest to conduct a factual check on all articles especially for travel guides prior to submission. However, personal inspiration/travel itineraries/travel diary is an exception. For example, ‘Top 10 Things To Do In…..” Or “15 Hidden Bars In…” must be up-to-date and precise.

Before submitting an article, please take some time to read our “10 Ways To Write An Engaging And Good Blog Post”ˇ.

All articles must have little to no spelling/grammatical errors. We suggest our guests proof-read prior to any submission.

We appreciate the writer to include travel tips, hidden secrets, hotel recommendation, safety tips and more.

Guest with SEO experience and keyword research expertise, please feel free to include your ideas in the article.

All sentences should focus on using active voice and with good transition. Please avoid writing sentences which are too long for better readability.


Additional Information:

For SEO purposes, all guest posts will be edited and modified to fit the tone, style, voice, with additional links, and information. DO NOTE that Tourist Secrets reserve the rights to include, at our discretion, affiliate links throughout the article.

As a guest post, your article should not be re-distributed to other platforms or edited for future use unless with relevance to submitted articles on Tourist Secrets and with mutual agreement.

All guest post is not bound to any monetary rewards and compensations.

As a contributor, please do not represent yourself as an employee of Tourist Secrets.

If a guest has any suggestions or collaboration opportunity, please contact us via quoting advertisement/collaboration.


Photo Submission and Requirements

For all photo submission, DO NOT include photos with copyright. Please only submit photos taken/obtain from reliable sources with no copyright issues. Do note that all guests are responsible for all uploaded images of all form.

However, if the submitted photos are yours or taken by your photographers, please specify the name for credits.

All photos should be high-definition with at least 1,200 px

Please submit photos that are in JPEG format only


How To Submit:

Enough said with the rules and regulations. If you find yourself a right fit of all listed requirements above, please just stay here a little longer for us to wrap up the submission procedures.


All articles are welcome to be submitted with an agreement of the stated terms & condition. We know the struggle of the submission process, thus we made it as easy as possible for all guests. All you need to do is drop us an with complete attachment of images with credits (in a zip folder), personal information and contact number.


Subject to approve:
All submitted articles are subjected to approval depending on the quality, information accuracy, and precision. Do note that only shortlisted guests will be contacted via . Tourist Secrets reserve the rights to make final edits and modifications before publishing.


All articles will be provided with a byline. Thus, please provide us with full information on your preferred name and contact number.


*If you feel that you’re a right fit, please do not hesitate to contact us via . Show us your best and you’ll certainly be rewarded!