From the longest man-made structure to the largest continent on earth, Asia is truly a remarkable trail cradling diverse cultures, geography and climates. Be it Bali or the Great Wall of China, see it for yourself to know why Asia has always been the greatest destination of globe trotters.

Best Things To Do In Tianjin, China

Unsure where to go this holiday? Well, this is why you should travel to Tianjin – ‘the place where the emperor crossed the sea’!   Always being compared to its neighbours, Beijing and Shanghai, Tianjin as one of the 9 central cities in China, is a large, thriving, yet more laid-back city. It is one […]

Best Things To Do In Guizhou, China

Situated at the southwestern part of China, Guizhou is home to a beautiful landscape of rugged mountains and peaceful waters. This picturesque city is one of China’s fastest-growing provinces. Today, over 34 million people call Guizhou their home, making this lovely city the 19th largest province in China. However, despite its fast growth, Guizhou still […]

Top 10 Must-Visit Cities in China

China – the world’s most populous country and the undeniable global manufacturing centre. However, despite her reputation of being an up and rising economic powerhouse, did you know that China is also a great vacation destination? Indeed, lots of cities in China are home to some of the world’s most breath-taking views, grand monuments and […]

Best Things To Do In Xiamen, China

Are you going to China for a holiday or a short getaway with your loved one or with a group of friends? Instead of going to the mainstream Shanghai or Beijing, check out Xiamen instead!   This coastal city is full of western influences due to its history of being a battlefield, playing an important […]

8 Best Ski Resorts In Japan

Japan offers so much to the experienced traveler. The landscape is amazing, with scenes beautiful enough to match any other country. The food is famous worldwide. The cities are huge and exciting and contain every modern convenience and then some. And as if that wasn’t enough, Japan is becoming known as a popular skiing destination […]