From the longest man-made structure to the largest continent on earth, Asia is truly a remarkable trail cradling diverse cultures, geography and climates. Be it Bali or the Great Wall of China, see it for yourself to know why Asia has always been the greatest destination of globe trotters.

Hubei | Everything About This Province In China

Looking to vacation in China? Why not explore Hubei Province – the heart of the Middle Kingdom! Situated in the middle reaches of the famous Yangtze River, this tourist transport hotspot boasts 13 cities, with its biggest being Wuhan. It is home to a vast range of China’s ethnic minorities. Hence, Hubei’s reputation as a […]

10 Amazing Things To Do In Jeonju, South Korea 

There’s more to Korea than its largest city, Seoul. Somewhere in the southwestern of the country is a gem neatly tucked away — Jeonju. As the 16th largest city in South Korea, Jeonju has a lot to offer to both locals and tourists. The charming city has a great mix of urban and rural attractions, […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Korean Spa

Want to know how locals in South Korea relax after a hard day’s work? The best way to find out is to experience it yourself. Spending time in Korean spas or Jimjilbang is a popular way to get some R&R in South Korea. It’s a unique experience you mustn’t miss out while visiting this wonderful […]

12 Amazing Cities In Japan You Must Visit

Technology advancement, towering skyscrapers, temples, and ramen — these are some of the things that spring to mind about Japan. If it’s your first time visiting the country, which cities in Japan are a must-visit? Lying off the eastern coast of Asia, Japan is brimming with things to explore and sights to see.   Here are […]

Best Things To Do In Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan – a bustling city home to approximately 2.81 million people. Located in central Taiwan, Taichung is the second-largest city in Taiwan. Filled with life and energy, travelers will instantly fall in love with the charms of this city.   First Things First: How Do We Get To Taichung From Taipei? Taichung is about […]

15 Things To Do In Kobe, Japan

One of the ten largest cities in Japan, Kobe is an important port city in the country. It’s nestled between the sea and the Rokko mountain a few kilometers from Kyoto. Kobe may not be as popular as Kyoto or Osaka but the city boasts a few gems and interesting sights to discover when exploring […]

Explore The Longest Rivers in China

For a change of pace when you’re on holiday in China, consider cruising down some of the longest rivers in China. Home to many stunning natural landscapes, the rivers in China are no exceptions.   Especially for outdoor and nature enthusiasts, why not voyage through the scenic waters and explore what the surroundings have to […]

10 Amazing Things To Do In Nha Trang, Vietnam 

For a place with more sunshine every year than anywhere else in Vietnam, Nha Trang is known for sun-kissed relaxation. The coastal city boasts empty sand beaches, clear waters, and untouched mountains. This gem of a city is 30 km away from Nha Trang airport, and the best way to go here is by bus. […]

Best Things To Do In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

When you’re in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu is a place that should definitely be on your itinerary! Kota Kinabalu, or more affectionately known as KK to the locals, is the capital of Sabah, a state of Malaysia in Borneo.    There are things for everyone to do in this city, from shopping and sightseeing to enjoying […]

Best Things To Do In Sabah, Malaysia

A relatively popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia is Sabah, Malaysia which lies north of the island of Borneo. It faces three seas, which allows its maritime industry to flourish.   It also possesses stunning coastlines, thus making Sabah’s islands perfect places for a weekend getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city […]