United States

With every state narrating a story of its own, this vibrant land flips warm springs and cold winters every time. When the Sun relaxes at one state to tap your feet to the tunes of nighttime jazz, you only find sunbathed streets in another. From the greatest hub of casinos to the beautiful economical states where you curl up with a book, this lustrous land has it all.

Top 10 Halloween Movie Locations You Can Visit

Halloween may only be celebrated on one night of the year, October 31, but Halloween movies are a popular genre all year long. If you love Halloween horror movies, why not visit some of the movie locations which were used for Halloween films? It’s a lot of fun recognizing buildings where memorable events from a […]

Top 10 Cities To Have A Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! As October 31st approaches, each year, people get ready to celebrate All Hallows Eve throughout the world. Pumpkin patches are picked and the giant orange gourds are sold and carved out to make traditional lanterns. Halloween decorations pop up everywhere. Gravestones mysteriously appear on front lawns and cobwebs are draped from trees, windows, […]

Glide Down To The Best Utah Ski Resorts

You would be forgiven if when hearing the name Utah, your mind immediately thinks of colorful canyons of eroded rock, craggy mesas towering over desert plains or the massive Great Salt Lake. But in the north and eastern sections of this western U. S. state, where the Rocky Mountains swipe across the landscape on their […]

Top 10 Things To Do In Wyoming, USA

Visiting Wyoming gives any traveler a unique experience. It’s a place where you are treated to the untapped wilderness, natural wonders, and historical sites of the Wild West. Home to many beautiful spots to explore, there truly are many amazing things to do in Wyoming. Located in the Rocky Mountain Range of the United States, […]

15 Things To Do In Providence, Rhode Island

Whether you want to take a break from everything or explore magnificent historical monuments, Providence is the place for you. The climate is perfect and the city amazing. Most of all the people here are very polite, especially the community on Federal Hill, and they’ll make you feel right at home.   There are a […]

15 Must-See Attractions in Salem, Oregon

Salem comes from the Hebrew word, shalom which means peace. It is the perfect name for Oregon’s capital. Full of beauty, greenery, open spaces and hospitality, this really is a city of peace. Here you can hike or stroll through the many parks.    Also, Salem is located in the lush Willamette Valley, which means […]

10 Popular Oregon State Parks You Should Visit

The United States’ Pacific Northwest is a scenic region stretching from Northern California to the Canadian border; well known for its stunning National Parks. However, intermingled among giants such as Crater Lake and Mount Rainer is a score of worthy state parks that don’t get quite as many headlines. In the State of Oregon in […]

15 Things to Do In Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is the capital of the Southern American State of Alabama and is the centre of Southern hospitality and hearty food. Historically, it is an important city considering it’s where some of the most important moments of the Civil Rights Movement took place.   There are plenty of places to visit in Birmingham during a […]

Guide On What To Expect From Glacier National Park Weather

Wow – that Glacier National Park! Spreading over the mighty summits of Montana, this is surely one of America’s most breathtaking wildernesses.   It’s 1,350 square kilometers of pure natural drama. Look one way and there are soaring scree slopes. Check another and it’s glistening ice fields. Gaze in another direction and you find alpine […]