Savour the ocean breeze and the luxurious life on a cruise. Whether you want to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific, take note of these guides.

Amazing Things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand

Few nations on earth are as blessed with such raw natural beauty as the island nation of New Zealand. Tucked away in the lower regions of the South Pacific, this remote outpost offers stunning alpine scenery, dramatic forests, raging rivers, and beautiful beaches. Yet even in a land overflowing with natural attractions, one region, in […]

Dolmabahce Palace In Istanbul – All You Need To Know

Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul is an opulent royal villa, that stands as a prime emblem of the great Ottoman rule. Touted as the most extravagant palace in the world, its yester glory is still unimpaired. Studded with countless precious gemstones, gold, and whatnot, there’s a richness in every nook and cranny of this historic palace. […]

Royal Yacht Britannia – Scotland’s Best Tourist Attraction, Why?

The Royal Yacht Britannia was built in 1953 and was retired in 1997 after its 44-years long splendid service. The boat now serves as one of the Scottish tourist attractions in Edinburgh. You can visit it any time without advance booking except for the month of August.   August is the month when Edinburgh’s festivals […]

Things To Know About The Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship

Everyone needs a vacation and one good choice would be to go on a cruise where you get all the luxury and fun without the hassle. One of the best out there is the Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship. This is one of the largest in the Norwegian fleet of cruise ships.   The Norwegian Bliss […]

11 Best Things To Do In Malta

Among the 10 world’s smallest countries, the Republic of Malta sits in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Smacked between Sicily and the North African Coast, this archipelago has been inhabited since 5900BC. Famous for its recreational activities and historical monuments, it’s a popular tourist spot for fun and relaxation.    Besides outdoor activities like […]

Everything You Need To Know About Anthem Of The Seas

Many people dream of setting out to the open waters in a cruise headed for a tropical island across the vast Atlantic. If you’re reading this now, we bet you’re one of them. We also bet that Anthem of the Seas will satisfy every cruise fantasy you’ve ever had.   Luxurious activities that you can […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

Carnival Breeze, a Dreams-class cruiser by Carnival Cruise Line, is a floating party hub. Sailing the Caribbean Sea, Carnival Breeze takes its passengers to cruises typically lasting between six and eight days. Unless you have serious work commitments, consider booking a 14-day trip to the Southern Caribbean Sea.   Moreover, you probably won’t get much […]

The Ultimate Cruise Packing List

Sun, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking views, endless buffets and all the entertainment you can imagine. Cruises offer it all and are a fantastic vacation option for all ages. Families, friends, couples and even singles are able to enjoy cruises that traverse the globe in all seasons and climates.   If you’re planning on taking a cruise, […]

Ultimate Top 10 Cruises From Boston

Boston is the tourist attraction, popular for its major seaport and its strategic location on the east coast of the United States. It is a city with many cultural attractions, mainly art, music, and theatre, so if you are looking for a place to spend your vacations on a cruise then I highly recommend Boston. […]