Best Places To Travel In 2019: Experts Name Top Destinations And Trends

Top Travel Destinations for 2019

With 365 potential vacation days to choose from in 2019, it’s time to start planning your big adventures for the year. We’ve been hard at work helping you narrow down the choices. Whether you are ready for a bucket-list vacation, are looking to take your first solo trip, or want to plan a trip to the next big destination, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a roundup of our top travel destinations for 2019. Click through on a story to find out more.


Big Trips

The 12 Best Places to Travel in 2019: Inspired by seasonality, weather, crowds, and festivals, these are best places to travel in each month of 2019. 19 Trips of a Lifetime to Take in 2019: Ready for something special in 2019? These 19 trips of a lifetime are brand-new tours or offer something special in the year ahead.

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Egypt – The New Art Pilgrimage

The opening of the game-changing Grand Egyptian Museum has been delayed again – until when, we’re no longer exactly sure (though the latest word is 2020). And yet, the news from the ground is for the first time in 8 years, there’s a waitlist for city hotels and boat trips along the Nile. After a tumultuous few years, Egypt, it seems, is back on the map. It had been hoped that the $1 billion, sleek, marble temple to the country’s antiquities would have swung open its doors by now, revealing, among a wealth of other national treasures, most crucially King Tutankhamun’s entire burial collection – more than 5,000 pieces – displayed to the public in an exact replica of the tomb itself. Which means visitors will be able to see everything – bejeweled sandals, embroidered tunics and the Boy King’s death mask – just as Howard Carter did when he made his milestone discovery in 1922.