Central & South America

Great historical revelations, breathtaking sceneries, and mouthwatering cuisine. Let us take you to the ultimate paradise you have always dreamed of. Pack your bags and get your feet down in this lovely pocket-friendly continent, what are you waiting for?

Is Guatemala Safe? Things You MUST Know Before Traveling

Although underrated, Guatemala is still one of the most beautiful places tourists can visit in Latin America. It’s home to many heritage sites and natural wonders that many globetrotters long to see. But safety comes first in planning every trip, so before you fly off to this interesting country, stop for a minute and ask […]

BEST Things You Must Do In Los Glaciares National Park

Described by UNESCO as “an area of exceptional natural beauty,” visiting Los Glaciares National Park is an unparalleled experience. With towering mountains, massive glaciers, and lakes, it seems every angle is worth marveling at. If it’s your first time visiting Los Glaciares Parque, we rounded up the best things to do here.      Los […]

10 Things You Should Know Before Going To Placencia, Belize

The stunning places dotted across the countries of Central America house the most splendid natural scenery in the world – and Placencia, Belize is a great example of the matter. Armed with stretches of enchanting Belize beaches, entrancing sunsets, quaint streets, and exuberant mangrove-fringed lagoons, the peninsula promises an unforgettable retreat, ready to blow away […]

15 Things To Do In Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia is one of the liveliest countries in Latin America and Bogotá, it’s capital, is a fantastic city to discover. Full of history, Bogotá’s streets are the perfect example of how a colonial town founded by the Spaniards has evolved into the modern metropolis that it is today.   Bogotá was founded as the capital […]

15 Things To Do In Lima, Peru

Lima is one of the oldest cities established by the Spanish conquistadores in the South American continent. It was Francisco Pizarro who, in 1535, made the decision of turning Lima’s current location into an ideal place for a new settlement. His reason was that it sits next to the sea and is also high enough […]

Explore The Marble Caves of Patagonia, Chile

Cave exploration is a unique experience wherever and in whichever form you experience it. With so many geological features, our lovely planet even has several caves worth visiting. You can be in it to experience the thrill of being underground or just some place out of the world. Exploring the marble caves in Chile is […]

15 Fun And Relaxing Winter Vacation Ideas

Whether you are a sun-seeker or a snow bunny, these fifteen winter vacation ideas are sure to rev up your wanderlust. Everyone deserves a vacation, and there is no better time than now to start planning your next one. The world is filled with endless wonders to experience during your time off this winter and […]

15 Things To Do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Few big cities offer as much diversity as Rio de Janeiro. Its extraordinary natural setting gives Rio some of the world’s best beaches. The surrounding mountains and hills also provide some of the most breathtaking city views.   The city’s old history and rich culture have provided Rio de Janeiro with interesting museums and a […]

Best Things To Do In Huaraz, Peru

It is said that grey is the colour of boredom. So if you wish to dash your life with a little bit of yellow and orange, head straight to Peru. Not just that, don’t stop until you get to Huaraz.   Peru is a country which is subdivided into 25 regions. These regions are further […]

Pisco: All You Need To Know About Peru’s National Drink

Pisco, a special alcoholic drink that has a lot of interesting things everyone would love to know. Pisco’s origins trace back to Peruvian cuisine. The drink is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented wine of some specific grapes. Its name is from its base liqueur which is known as Pisco and its sweetener components.   […]