Things To Do In Oxford, England

Oxford may be popular for its universities and colleges, but it is also recognized as one of the best destinations in Europe for a holiday retreat.   Perched amidst the lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, Oxford is always a wonder for those who visit. And hey, if you’re any good at academia, then you can […]

12 Best Things To Do In York, England

The city of York is one of the best places to explore England’s history, especially the Roman, Viking, mediaeval and Victorian periods. Old buildings, museums, tours and exhibitions invite you to vivid experiences of the past. Take a romantic river cruise or a spooky bus tour, roam the old streets, or journey back in time. […]

Best Things To Do In Kent, England

The county of Kent in the southeast of England is the gateway to Britain. If you arrive from the European continent, Kent will be your first English experience.   Expect To See Green Visitors are often struck by the lush green landscapes with hedgerows and sheep pasture, dotted with oasthouses (hop kilning towers). Picturesque villages […]

How To Travel From London To Bath

Bath is located about 115 miles on the western side of London City, UK. This city in Somerset UK County gets its name for the famous roman-built baths. It is a UNESCO heritage site that you should look forward to visiting this summer. There are many ways of getting to Bath from London. This article […]

10 Best Things To Do In Bath, UK

The city of Bath is located in Somerset, England, and it’s known for its stunning architecture and history. The Romans discovered hot springs and built their baths there in 60 AD, giving the city its name. Bath is home to some of the most interesting things to do in England.   The city draws people […]

10 Best Things To Do In Windsor, England

A charming English holiday is incomplete without a trip to Windsor. After all, it is the choice destination of the Queen herself. Beautiful greenery, royal weddings and years of history – Windsor, England is the epitome of what makes the country so enchanting. There are so many wonderful things to do in Windsor, the town […]