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Monica Horak

Monica is vivacious and a brilliant writer. Travelling is her hobby and she has explored every continent making her a pro in travel writing. She loves to gather new experiences by meeting lovely people and trying different cuisines all across the globe.
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Things To Do In Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a beautiful Spanish city located on the East Coast of Spain. It is a place where visitors can enjoy classic Spanish architecture, delicious food, and Mediterranean coastline. It’s one of those cities that seems to have it all.   As the third-largest city in Spain, Valencia has always attracted visitors. The local Valencian […]

Walibi Holland In Netherlands – All You Need To Know

If you’re in search of an adrenaline rush while traveling through the Netherlands, look no further than Walibi Holland. This large amusement park in the Netherlands has high-speed roller coasters, classic rides, and plenty of opportunities for thrill-seekers. With rides bearing names like Goliath, Out of Control, and Lost Gravity, you can probably guess that […]

Top 10 Must-Visit Cities In France

France consistently tops the list as the most visited country in the world, and for good reason. Visitors love the historic architecture, stunning French cities, and beautiful countryside. During your visit, you will also come to understand that the locals have an appreciation of the finer things in life like the arts and culinary creations. […]

The 5 Best Hotels Near Dulles International Airport

Dulles Airport is the main international airport for Washington, D.C. The airport has been in operation just after World War II and was the first U.S. airport to accommodate commercial jets. Nowadays, 36 million passengers travel through Dulles International Airport every year. It has 135 gates and hosts 36 international airline companies. On average, there […]

Things To Do In Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart is located in Germany and is the capital of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The region is home to the picturesque Black Forest and the Neckar river. Stuttgart consistently ranks in the top 20 of the best qualities of living cities in Europe. In addition, Stuttgart tourism is also thriving because it is a […]

Things To Do In San Diego, US

San Diego is one of those great places on earth that really has it all. The city offers picture-perfect beaches, a thriving downtown, and plenty of historical interest. There are so many things to experience in this beautiful city.   The locals are relaxed and laid back, which probably has to do with their surroundings. […]

Dulles Airport – Everything You Need to Know

When most people hustle through an airport, many thoughts may run through their mind. How long will it take to get through security? Will my bag make it to my destination? Where will I grab a snack before spending hours on this flight?!   While these are all valid concerns, knowing a bit more about […]

Amphawa Floating Market In Bangkok – All You Need To Know

Any visit to the bustling city of Bangkok should absolutely include a day trip to the floating markets of Thailand. The Bangkok floating markets are a unique Thai attraction and a special tradition among Thai people.   The Amphawa Floating Market is considered as one of the best floating markets in Bangkok because it appeals […]

5 Best Airlines To Travel & Fly With Pets

There are multiple reasons why you might travel with a pet. You need to move across the country or transport your newly adopted pet to their forever home or perhaps you have a certified service animal that must accompany you while you travel. Are you pondering on the best airlines for pets? Nowadays, most airlines […]