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Walmer Castle: All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes


Modified: August 28, 2021

by Verona Atieno

1280px Walmer Castle from the west 0 - Walmer Castle: All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

This castle is also known as The Artillery Castle At Walmer. A castle that doesn’t a tad give in to the changing weather. That’s Walmer Castle for you. An artillery fort that is England`s pride. It is located in Kent, precisely in Walmer. The castle was built in the year 1539. Its purpose is to defend Britain from the Holy Roman Empire and France.


Underneath, this castle was connected by earthwork defenses to Deal and Sundown. The trio was certainly designed for war. And served their purpose to the letter. Until later between 1648 and 1649 when pro-loyalists seised it, during the 2nd English civil war. The government had to fight to grab it back. Unto which they were successful. It has since been a home to the high and mighty. Like Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.


Main Attractions At Walmer Castle

The Castle

At the center of this moated castle, there is a keeper. Then, there are 4 surrounding and circular bastions rolling outwards. The moat is serenely wide and deep. The castle was converted into a home in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was then modified through the addition of apartments on the upper levels of the outer bastions.


In 1708, Lord Warden of Cinque Ports occupied it as a home. Thereafter, several other people similarly used it. For instance, Duke of Wellington between 1829 and 1852. To date, some of his belongings are neatly displayed here. For example, the bed he used during the campaign and the armchair which he died on. You will also see the original “Wellington Boots” that he owned alongside some of his clothes and uniforms.


The rooms of other prominent people who were once hosted here is also worth mentioning such as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert. All of which have been maintained in their near-original stature.


The Broadwalk

Walmer Castle

Broadwalk At Walmer Castle


It is a double border. Standing high are yew hedges that are contoured. They somehow look like cloud hedge. At least from the way their edges appear to be merging with the clouds. Then, there you can see a low lying row of plants. A combo of several species of plants is present such as bear’s breeches and goldenrod.


On the western side of the walk, there is a keyhole view through the trees. It bears a tantalizing view of the sky. It is an additional unique trait of the Broadwalk. This one is a masterpiece of Marquess de Willington, Earl Granville, and Earl Beauchamp.


Queen Mother’s Garden

A picturesque garden which was gifted to Queen Elizabeth on her 94TH birthday. She dearly loved it. Her remarks when she was given the garden, “I have been given many flowers before, but never a garden.” The garden will certainly woo you as it did to her. It was brought to life by Penelope Hobhouse. She was the leading garden designer.


Inside the garden, there is a pool that is rectangular. It has still water. The reflection of the castle in the pool is certainly captivating. Pretty plants lie along the borders of the pool. Tall cardoons with purple heads, scented roses, mauve alliums, and verbena which are purple.


Kitchen Garden

Believe it or not, this garden has served the castle for more than 300 years. It is a source of vegetables, fruits, and flowers that are used in the tea room and inside the castle. The garden consists of 4 beds. 3 of them are entirely used for vegetables. The combo of different trees each with its own colors produces a very cozy result. More-so during spring when a good number of them blossom up.


The Glasshouses

They were first built-in 1898. Basically, it encased a vinery, fernery, and house for tomatoes. A second one followed in the 1930s. But currently, they contain a wide array of plants. They are equally wealthy with fragrances and striking colors.


Notably, the Epiphyllum oxypetalum. In other words, the queen of the night. It was a donation from Lord Warden Lord Boyce, who was highly fond of it. The arrangement of these glasshouses resembles the design of the house of a Victorian stove.  


How To Get To Walmer Castle From London

By Train

There are direct and daily Southeastern trains which operate on an hourly basis. The boarding point is St. Pancras International and the destination is Walmer train station. The ride takes about 80 minutes and costs between $35 and $55. Thereafter, you can walk for around 24 minutes to the castle. Alternatively, you may board a bus, either 80 or 82 lines.


By Bus

The bus spends around 53 minutes and roughly costs $9. To confirm the times, perhaps you can check out the Stagecoach East Kent Buses.


Via Taxi

This is the fastest means but you will pay close to $60. Better still, fuel your car with around $6 and drive yourself. This is so far the cheapest option too.


Tickets, Packages And Opening Hours Of Walmer Castle



Standard Charges

With Gift Aid

Child(Between 5 and 17 years)






Family(Maximum of 2 adults and 3 kids)







Members of English Heritage and holders of its Overseas Visitors Pass will enjoy free access. The castle is open daily for visitation from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The most noteworthy, final entry into the castle is strictly 30 minutes before its closure. See more details here.


F&B Outlets At Walmer Castle

Lord Warden`s Tea Room.

It lies inside the castle. It bestows the honors of tasting the fresh produce from the grand castle.


Glasshouse Café.

It is also inside the castle but quite new. A winsome option is other than the tea room.


Other Popular Destinations Near Walmer Castle

Deal Castle

It`s one of the chain castles which were ordered by King Henry VIII.


The White Cliffs of Dover

An amazing place for a walk with sweet sites for taking pictures. These cliffs further promise you nothing other than breathtaking views.


Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Walmer Castle is an ancient but well-kept place. Giving people the opportunity to breathe the air that all those legendary people breathed. There, you can literally walk in their footsteps… So go on and plan a trip to Kent and see this lovely castle!