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Ultimate Guide To Schloss Drachenburg, Germany


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Ashley Phillips

Schloss Drachenburg, Germany
©Photo by salomon10 on flickr

Aside from the ever famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany, there is another castle just 30 minutes away from Cologne (a village in Königswinter): Schloss Drachenburg or the Drachenburg Castle. The castle name means dragon castle because according to the poems, the hero of Nibelungenlied named Siegfried had slain Fafnir the Dragon and bathed in its blood to be indestructible.


From picturesque towns and a great history, taking a tour to Schloss Drachenburg will surely be fun and exciting to anyone who loves to travel and explore new cultures. Here’s a guide on what you’re about to see in the Drachenburg Castle in Germany.


Why You Need To Visit Schloss Drachenburg

Schloss Drachenburg History

© Official photo of Schloss Drachenburg


Before we talk about Schloss Drachenburg, let’s take a detour first and learn the history of the place it’s standing on, Drachenfels.


Drachenfels is a hill with a height of 1,053 feet in the Siebengebirge uplands that overlooks the Rhine. The giant rock standing outside the castle was formed by an ancient volcano. The Romans used this place as a quarry and they used the stones (trachyte) to build the historic Cologne Cathedral.


Now onto the castle. Schloss Drachenburg is located in the hills of Siebengebirge. Baron Stephan von Sarter commissioned the castle’s construction in 1882. Since then, numerous people owned the castle, each one using the castle for a different purpose.


How To Get To Schloss Drachenburg

How To Go To Schloss Drachernburg, Bus, Train, Car, Railway, Drachenfels Railway

©Photo by kaffeeeinstein on flickr


The exact address is Drachenfelsstr. 118, 53639 Königswinter, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Here are the different ways to visit the Drachenburg Castle:

Car – Take the A3 Exit at Siebengebirge to Königswinter, then continue to the A59, and exit to B42 to Königswinter.

Railway – Take Route 66 at the Königswinter Clements-August Strade.

On Foot – From the Drachenfels Railway Valley Station, take a 30-minute walk to the Eselweg past the Nibelung Hall and Vorburg until it leads you the Drachenburg Castle Portal.

By Drachenfels Railway – You can take the Drachenfelsbahn railway to reach Drachenfels up to the castle portal.

Continue By Car – Drive up to Oberweis Gartenweg and leave your car at the Lemmerzbad Carpark. You will then have to walk the rest of the way which will take about 10 minutes.


What Are The Viewpoints?

Schloss Drachernburg Viewpoints, Drachenburg Castle Viewpoints

©Photo by Leon Bovenkerk on flickr


As you make your way to the castle grounds, you will be welcomed by majestic viewpoints like landscapes, beautifully maintained greenery, and deer statues. Touring the front, side, and back pathways alone will take you for about 30 minutes, but it’s well worth it because you will see dazzling views and wildflowers.


After appreciating Schloss Drachenburg’s exterior, you can head inside to admire the castle’s interior even more. Keep in mind that the castle prohibits the use of cameras inside. So if you want to look at the castle’s interior beforehand, go to the official Schloss Drachenburg website’s Circuit section.


As you enter the castle, it is only natural to feast your eyes on all the pieces of history in front of you. You can appreciate all the work, effort, and talent put into designing Schloss Drachenburg with its intricately designed pillars, ceilings, and rooms that will take you back to its glorious Renaissance days.


There are probably more areas that are off-limits than unblocked ones with an Open For Visitors sign. So if you happen to come across one, always make sure to check it out. You might come across a room with no other visitors. Take this time to enjoy the peace and appreciate the beauty in solitude.


What Are The Opening Hours In Schloss Drachenburg?

Schloss Drachenburg Opening Hours

© Photo from official Schloss Drachenburg’s Facebook page


The castle’s opening hours may vary depending on the month and season. Here’s their full year’s worth of schedule.

  • January and February: Open daily from 12 pm – 5 pm
  • March to June: Open daily from 11 am – 6 pm
  • July and August: Open daily from 11 am – 7 pm
  • September to 24th November: Open daily from 12 pm – 5 pm
  • Christmas Season (All advent weekends): Open on Saturdays 12 pm – 9 pm and Sundays 12 pm – 8 pm


How Much Are The Entrance Tickets?

  • Adults: €7/Head
  • Children: €5/Head
  • Family Ticket: €17

The admission includes access to historical rooms, parts of the private floors, exhibitions of the castle’s history and restoration journey, the parkland, the north tower, and the Voorburg. Please take note that the entrance price might change during special events.


Do They Offer Guided Tours?

Guided Tours Schloss Drachenburg, Guided Tours Drachenburg Castle

©Photo by Gian Cornachini on Flickr


The administrators of the Drachenburg Castle offers classic private tours to visitors who are curious to know the castle’s history and origins. The guided tours can be in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Russian.


The Private Classic Tours lasts about 45 minutes and can cater to no more than 25 people. This Germany castle private tour will cost about €85, including the €5 ($5.70 USD) reduced price ticket per person. Take note that children under the age of six are free of charge.


They also offer special tours such as:

  • Extended Classic Tour – You and your group could get to learn more about the castle’s history, and you also get to see the fantastic view of the Rhine river from the terraces. The duration of this tour is 90 minutes and costs about €120 ($133 USD)  plus €5 ($5.70 USD) reduced entrance tickets.

  • Leisurely Tour – This tour package is perfect if you and your group want to appreciate the castle’s beauty at a slower pace. You get to sit around, enjoy the interior, and even take some time to rest. The duration of this tour is 75 minutes and costs about €85 ($97 USD), including the €5 ($5.70 USD) reduced price ticket per person.

  • Kid’s Tour – The Kid’s Tour package is perfect for kids who are 6 to 12 years old. The kids learn about the castle’s history as well as the significance of the rooms in the castle. The duration of this tour is 45 minutes and costs about €75 ($83.50 USD), including the €5 ($5.70 USD) reduced price ticket per person.

For more information about the entrance prices and tours in Schloss Drachenburg, click here.


Where Do I Buy Food And Souvenirs In Schloss Drachenburg?

The Castle Shop at Drachenburg Castle

© Official photo of Schloss Drachenburg


If you’re looking to stop for a bite to eat or get a souvenir, there is a bistro and souvenir shop in the castle grounds.

  • The Voorburg Bistro – It is located at the west side entrance where you can grab a bite to eat or lounge for a bit before or after your tour of the magnificent castle. They offer a variety of treats for you to choose from, such as a wide range of delicious snacks, ice cream, cakes, and a variety of cold and warm drinks.

  • The Castle Shop – The Castle Shop has a wide selection of souvenirs and mementos you can bring home with you to give to your friends and family. The prices of the souvenir items are reasonable so you’ll be sure to find something that will bring back a lot of memories for a bargain. From keychains to magnets, down to stuffed dragons, the souvenir selection is nearly endless.



If you find yourself visiting Germany, you might want to put Schloss Drachernburg in your itinerary. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will make every effort going there worth it! Not to mention, the breathtaking views. Let us know what you think and share with us your experience in the comment box down below.