Thalia O.

Thalia O.

Thalia was born and raised in South Africa, traveling from as young as 6 weeks old on her first camping trip. Since then, she has traveled to over 30 countries, countless cities, and experienced many cultures, falling in love with each one along the way. Her love for travel keeps her exploring both locally and internationally.
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Most Famous Tourist Spots In Australia

Australia is chockfull of amazing things to see and do! This island-continent has a rich history and natural wonders that are unique and amazing. There are of course some sites that you must see when visiting any of the Australian cities that dot the continent. From Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide, there is always something […]

The Best Natural Wonders Of North America

Taking a vacation to North America? You probably have a long list of must-sees and to-dos. Just make sure you include some of the most spectacular natural wonders you will see in your whole life.   Though not as historically rich as Europe and Asia, the one thing that North America has going for it […]

Best Romantic Hotels Around The World

Romance is subjective. Some people’s minds drift to luxury resorts with all the extras. And some just want to be alone with the one they love. No matter what your ideal image of a romantic getaway is you will want to find the right accommodations. Picking the right one can be very stressful. After all, […]

Why Is Jamaica The Perfect Holiday Destination?

A Jamaica island vacation sounds nice, doesn’t it? Taking a vacation is amazing in and of itself. But when your destination is the white sand beaches of one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands, it becomes just a touch more amazing. Taking time to lay on the beach while that cool Caribbean air blows over […]

8 Foods To Have When You Visit Cape Town

South African tourism is on the upswing. This is for many reasons: the amazing natural beauty, the interesting history, and the amazing food scene. When travelling, you miss out on so much when you don’t experiment and try as many of the local flavours as you can.   By taking the time to enjoy the […]

Everything You Need To Know About Emancipation Park

There are many sights to see and things to do when visiting the capital of Jamaica, Kingston. You have an amazing food scene, museums, spectacular beaches and mountains to hike. But there is one place that you must fit into your full itinerary while you are there. That is the beautiful Emancipation Park. This amazing […]

7 Hotel Amenities To Look Out For

Travelling is a great way to escape the rigours of your everyday life. Staying in a hotel or resort where your room is cleaned, your bed made, and where you have access to some typical amenities from back home without the hassle of having to do tasks or purchase goods is great.   Hotels, no […]