15 Things To Do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Few big cities offer as much diversity as Rio de Janeiro. Its extraordinary natural setting gives Rio some of the world’s best beaches. The surrounding mountains and hills also provide some of the most breathtaking city views.   The city’s old history and rich culture have provided Rio de Janeiro with interesting museums and a […]

15 Things To Do in Ibiza

When one first thinks about Ibiza, the image of youths stumbling out of bars and clubs onto a busy street and promptly throwing up in a gutter comes to mind. Despite its notorious infamy for its eyebrow-raising nightlife, many people forget that this tiny Spanish island floating in the Mediterranean is a naturally gorgeous place. […]

5 Reasons To Visit Flamingo Beach In Aruba

Maybe you found out of Flamingo Beach while planning a stop to Eagle Beach Aruba, or maybe someone recommended you the place. In either case, here are 5 reasons why you should consider visiting Flamingo Beach during your next trip… But first, a little bit of trivia so you can get some context.   What […]

Top 10 Things To Do In Puerto Escondido, Mexico

The wonders that abound Puerto Escondido are truly worth visiting at least once in your life. When translated to English, “Puerto Escondido” means “hidden port” and its name is tied to a fascinating story of olden times.   As the story goes: once upon a time, a beautiful and young woman was kidnapped by pirates. […]

5 Best Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Time to soak up those much-needed vitamin Ds and head down to Sydney, Australia – The Harbour City! Known for its exquisite, glittering blue-green harbour, natural beauty brimming with lush greenery, and never-ending golden beaches, Sydney is a summer paradise. From tranquil bays and secret coves to top surf spots and bustling beaches, this picturesque, […]

7 Best Beaches in Melbourne, Australia

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Melbourne, Australia. This beautiful city is well-loved for many reasons, but one of its major attractions would definitely be its variety of lovely beaches. Indeed, when in Melbourne, you definitely can’t miss a visit to one of the many sandy Melbourne beaches.   Best Time to Visit Melbourne […]

7 Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

No doubt, Perth is known for their gorgeous beaches. Who wouldn’t love the beautiful and long stretches of white sand that shimmer under the sunlight, the bright turquoise waters, and alluring waves?   Perth beaches are popular destinations that people flock to during their vacation. You’ll love the smooth and warm sand sink against your […]

15 Attractions to Visit in Macau

Macau’s unique blend of progressive Chinese culture with a dash of exotic Portuguese flavour has allowed this cosmopolitan Chinese area to become an increasingly popular destination amongst tourists. Millions of people flock to the glitzy and glamorous ‘Vegas of the East’ to take a seat at the poker table, push pennies in the slot machines […]

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands Travel Guide

Tortola is one of the islands in the British Virgin Islands, a Caribbean charter-boat capital. Featuring many coves and white-sand beaches encircled by tropical vegetation, the island also introduces the way of life led by its people centuries ago.   Tortola is a mountainous island that is 19km/12mi long and up to 5km/3mi wide. It […]

5 Best Portugal Beaches You Should Never Miss

Portugal is loved for so many reasons. One that has maintained its popularity are the beautiful beaches located on the southern part of the country. So if you are planning to go to Portugal for vacation, make sure to include visiting the beautiful beaches in your itinerary.   Besides boasting some of Europe’s finest beaches, […]