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Edwin Lau

Edwin is just a wandering soul, in need of an exciting new adventure. If he's not traveling, he spent most of his free time buried in books and scouting the internet for some of the best travel stories to share.
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21 Incredible Things To Do In Paris, France

Synonymous with bread, cheese, wine, and love, the French are the embodiment of the joys of life done right. What’s there to hate? Paris, the capital of France is no exception. With an area of only 41 square miles and an estimated population of 2.1 million to date, you can expect to get friendly with […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Ocean Park, Hong Kong

An Overview Of Ocean Park, Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong, commonly known as Ocean Park, is a theme park that is home to an oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park. Situated at Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong, China, the impressive Ocean Park is one of the region’s premier tourist attractions.  From viewing […]

25 Amazing Things To Do In Hong Kong

A brief introduction to Hong Kong ‘Fragrant Habour’ or Hong Kong in Cantonese was once a sparsely populated area of farming and fishing villages. Since then Hong Kong has become the bustling financial centre that we have come to know and love today. With a population of over 7.4 million unique individuals each with their […]

Things to do in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is absolutely spectacular. Not only does it boast of being the capital of Sweden, but it is also widely regarded as the world’s most beautiful city. It has beautiful narrow cobbled streets, majestic historical buildings and acres of forests and greenery. Truly, Stockholm is a feast for the eyes.   If you are planning […]