Tips For Driving In Japan

Do you dream of going to Japan to see the cherry blossom? Planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun in autumn to admire the vibrant colours of its mountains and forests? Fine dining at one of the most exquisite sushi bars in Tokyo? Pleasantly onsen-hopping away from hustle and bustle of the city. […]

8 Best Ski Resorts In Japan

Japan offers so much to the experienced traveler. The landscape is amazing, with scenes beautiful enough to match any other country. The food is famous worldwide. The cities are huge and exciting and contain every modern convenience and then some. And as if that wasn’t enough, Japan is becoming known as a popular skiing destination […]

A Complete Guide To Nishiki Market In Kyoto, Japan

Culture and food lovers travelling to Kyoto, Japan, will inevitably find themselves at some point or another at Nishiki Market. A five-block long covered marketplace, Nishiki Market is famous for its fresh food and local culinary delicacies.   Over 130 shops and restaurants line the marketplace’s walkways. These shops sell traditional home-cooked dishes, fresh produce […]

Understanding The Geisha Of Japan

Geisha are professional entertainers highly skilled in traditional arts, singing, playing the shamisen (traditional Japanese musical instrument), communication, and dancing. “Gei” means “art”, while “sha” means “person”.   They wear bright red lipstick, and notably wear elaborate kimono (Japanese traditional clothing), and oshiroi makeup (thick white facial makeup). They often wear a fully styled wig […]