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Darya L.

I am a film researcher and translator who has lived, studied, and worked on three continents. I've travelled more than 30 countries and tasted hundreds and hundreds of unique local dishes. The world is full of flavors and I'm on my way to taste them all!
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Best Things To Do In Hordaland, Norway

On the western coast of the land of the Vikings lies the Hordaland region. It is the third-largest county in Norway and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.   The mainland mostly consists of fjords, mesmerizing and breathtaking picturesque landscapes. Peaceful meadows are hugged by mighty and grievous mountains, and around […]

Your Complete Guide To Kalbarri National Park, Australia

One of the true gems of Western Australia is Kalbarri National Park. Spilling over the edge of the Kalbarri city into the surrounding desert this park has numerous fascinating attractions. Bizarrely shaped canyons and creeks, mighty cliffs and the mesmerising view of the Indian Ocean are bound to take your breath away.   Some lucky […]

Best Things to Do In Kalbarri, Australia

On the edge of the Mild West region in the mouth of the Murchison River lies a small town of Kalbarri. This place is an entrance point to the exploration of the fascinating natural world of Australia. Coarse cliffs, breathtaking shores, spectacular creeks, and many other natural wonders create a mesmerising and bizarre world that […]

Things To Do In Croatia

Somewhere on the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, you will find a small country with a big heart. Croatia is ready to impress its visitors with versatile sights.   From the mesmerising Adriatic Sea to the breathtaking views of the mountainside, this country is full of marvels. It’s easy to be so enchanted by […]

Things To Do In Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa is the most popular travel destination in Ukraine. Flanked by the waves of the Black Sea on the south of Ukraine, Odessa is a port city and seaside resort with a tumultuous history.   The Greeks, Tatars, Turks, Ukrainians, and many other ethnic groups all left traces on Odessa’s history. This cultural diversity forged […]

Tips For Planning The Perfect Eurotrip

A Eurotrip has been something like a badge of honour for experienced tourists. It lives on numerous bucket lists like an unattainable dream. With some wise planning, you can have the perfect Eurotrip within your budget. Here we’ll talk about planning in a nutshell – papers for travelling, the best ways to move between European […]

What To Expect From The Weather In Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is an oasis amidst California desert. What makes this desert resort city a popular getaway destination for Californians and travellers is its weather. Besides the iconic places, the weather in Palm Springs, California has lured some celebrities away from the busy streets of dusty LA to a slower lifestyle.   Palm Springs boasts […]

How Should I Get To Block Island: Ferry Or Flight?

You will find Block Island drifting in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean about 13 miles away from the mainland of Rhode Island. Even though the island is barely 10 square miles wide, it is home to a little over 1000 residents.   During the holidays and peak seasons, this number is multiplied by 3 […]

Things To Do In Roatan, Honduras

The tropical paradise of the Honduran island Roatán stretches for 77 km in the Caribbean basin. The narrow strip of land, with less than ten kilometres across its widest part, rests on Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.   This ancient coral reef is a world’s wonder. It is the largest coral reef in the Caribbean Sea and […]