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BEST Things You Can Possibly Do In Tainan, Taiwan

Known as the ancient capital of Taiwan, Tainan is the oldest city in the country. Though not the first destination to visit when Taiwan comes to mind, this laid back city oozes history and culture. Steeping foot in Tainan will transport you to a completely different time.    Getting To Tainan From Taipei There are […]

Best Things To Do In Zhangjiajie, China

Located northwest of Hunan Province and over 1,000 kilometres from both Shanghai and Beijing, lies the city of Zhangjiajie. Made famous by the movie Avatar, the city is home to mountains, springs, forests and caves.   A true nature lover’s paradise, here is everything you need to know for a trip to Zhangjiajie.    Getting […]

5 Best Beaches in Adelaide, Australia

Once considered a sleepy city, Adelaide has now transformed into the cosmopolitan coastal capital of South Australia. With a prospering entertainment scene, world-class food and wine, and deep history, Adelaide is a vibrant destination that provides.   Looking to move at a slower pace? Another popular attraction of Adelaide is its gorgeous beaches that are […]

6 Best Beaches in Gold Coast, Australia

Famous for its adrenaline-pumping theme parks and upbeat nightlife, the Gold Coast is also known for its stunning white-sand beaches and killer waves. With so much to explore, it is no wonder that this coastal city in Queensland, Australia is a favourite among surfers, families, honeymooners and more.    Best Time To Visit Gold Coast […]

Your Complete Guide to Tennessee Aquarium

For about 10,000 marine creatures and animals, the Tennessee Aquarium is a place they call home.     Located in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, the aquarium is made up of two buildings and an IMAX® 3D Theater which is housed in a separate building. Because of drawing hundreds of visitors daily, it is rated one of the […]

What You Need To Know About Japan’s Green Tea, Hojicha

Green tea has long been in Japanese culture for thousands of years. What was once an elixir savoured by royals and elites, is now widely enjoyed by everyone. Tea culture is huge in Japan, and they even practise tea ceremonies called (茶道, sadō or chadō), which translates to “the way of tea”.   These traditional […]

10 Under-The-Radar US Flea Markets You’ve Got To Visit

Shopaholics all know and love the many shopping boulevards and outlet malls in the United States. Even then, the stores and brands all slowly start to look the same – and things can get boring, fast. Why not switch it up and opt for a visit to one of the many flea markets located in […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Wagon Wheel Flea Market

What started out as a little yard sale that a husband and wife team set up to sell things they had bought and fixed up, is now a flea market with hundreds of vendors selling a variety of goods. On top of that, there are both indoor and outdoor areas, a food court, beer garden […]

Top 10 Travel Pillows For Your Next Flight

You may think you don’t need to bring a travel pillow onboard the plane – because what are headrests for right? Then, a couple of hours set in and you start to feel a stiffness in your neck and find it impossible to get some shut-eye. Here’s why you should bring a travel pillow for […]

10 Best Beach Resorts In USA For The Perfect Vacation

There’s nothing like a tropical vacation filled with sea, sun and sand to completely relax and rejuvenate you. Beach resorts are the ultimate gateway to a great holiday, especially one that doesn’t require much planning. With everything catered for you all in one place, you’ll feel like absolute kings and queens.    Why You Should […]