Carlos Penalba

Carlos Penalba

I'm a freelance travel writer and photographer, and the author of the travel memoir, The Year I Became a Nomad: A Journey Through Asia on a Quest for Freedom, Love and Happiness. My photos have been published amongst others by NatGeo Traveler, Condé Nast Traveler, and Doctors Without Borders.
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15 Things To Do In Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia is one of the liveliest countries in Latin America and Bogotá, it’s capital, is a fantastic city to discover. Full of history, Bogotá’s streets are the perfect example of how a colonial town founded by the Spaniards has evolved into the modern metropolis that it is today.   Bogotá was founded as the capital […]

15 Things To Do In Lima, Peru

Lima is one of the oldest cities established by the Spanish conquistadores in the South American continent. It was Francisco Pizarro who, in 1535, made the decision of turning Lima’s current location into an ideal place for a new settlement. His reason was that it sits next to the sea and is also high enough […]

15 Things To Do In Gibraltar

Gibraltar might be small with only 6.7 square kilometres of land, but it’s quite unique in its own way. It’s a British Overseas Territory on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, which some may consider it a historical anomaly in modern Europe. It was during the War of Spanish Succession that Anglo-Dutch forces captured Gibraltar […]

15 Things To Do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Few big cities offer as much diversity as Rio de Janeiro. Its extraordinary natural setting gives Rio some of the world’s best beaches. The surrounding mountains and hills also provide some of the most breathtaking city views.   The city’s old history and rich culture have provided Rio de Janeiro with interesting museums and a […]

10 Castles In Germany You Should Visit

German castles are famous for their imposing presence. Some these castles sit on hilltops overlooking the surrounding area while others are hidden away in the woods.   In the German language, there are two words for castle: Schloss and Burg. Schloss refers to residential palaces while Burgs refers to fortified castles. However, the difference is […]

10 Castles in Spain that you should visit

For 780 years, Spaniards fought to expel the Muslim invaders that had taken control of most of the Iberian peninsula. That period, from 711 to 1492, is called La Reconquista, a time where the battles to control and defend the land were constant.    It was during La Reconquista that most of the castles that […]