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9 Best Nude Beaches In Jamaica You Never Knew It Existed


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Thalia O.

Woman sunbathing alone on a beach in Jamaica
Photo by Netfalls on Adobe Stock

Taking a trip to the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica is on many traveler’s bucket lists. After all, who doesn’t want to lie under the warm summer sun while you attain a perfectly tanned body? Without a doubt, one of the best places for that dream beach getaway is in Jamaica. Although you can still enjoy world-class amenities at different Jamaica hotels, why not go all the way and stay at a nude beach in Jamaica?


If you feel daring and want to stay at a topless beach, look no further! In this guide, we are going to explore some of the best nude beaches in Jamaica. Many resorts also come with clothing-optional beaches near them. Below we have carefully handpicked some of the best options for your all-natural Jamaican getaway.


(Take note that prices per night depend on the season and are subject to change without prior notice.)

1. Couples Negril

Aerial shot of Couples Negril resort

Photo from Couples Negril Booking.com Page

Address: Norman Manley Boulevard, N/A Negril, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 455 USD per night (minimum of 3 nights)


The Couples Negril, an adults-only retreat with a private beach, provides island seclusion complete with a lovely treehouse spa. With its focus on honeymoon packages such as private beachfront candlelit dinners, it’s the ideal place for couples looking for romance.


Its romantic adults-only theme also extends to a secluded space for nude bathing at its beach. This exclusive part of the beach aptly named the au naturel beach, is for sunbathers that prefer the natural method as opposed to having many tan lines in weird places. Additionally, this section of the beach includes a jacuzzi that offers you privacy for the most part.

2. Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

View of the resort and pool area in Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

Photo from Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica Booking.com Page

Address: Salt Coppers, Runaway Bay, Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 656 USD per night


Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica is an excellent option for travelers who are looking for a little less party and a little more relaxation. This all-inclusive resort provides its guests three dinners and unlimited local drinks, as well as plenty of entertainment and fun classes. Moreover, it definitely has one of the best nude beaches in Jamaica.


The beach itself is located at the western end of the private beach. Furthermore, the area is delineated by a tall fence that marks its boundaries. Like its main beach, the nude beach has a good stretch of fine sand along with loungers and beach umbrellas. If you’re looking for a nude beach in Jamaica that offers a little extra privacy with amazing inclusions, the Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica resort may be an ideal option for you.

3. Couples Sans Souci

Couples Sans Souci nude beach in Jamaica

Photo from Couples Sans Souci Booking.com Page

Address: A3 White River Bay, 0000 Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 429 USD per night (minimum of 3 nights)


Couples Sans Souci is another all-inclusive resort in the Ochos Rios part of northern Jamaica. Like Couples Negril, its facilities and activities center around couples, with packages like honeymoon parties for fellow honeymooners. A place of pure relaxation, this luxurious resort even has a mineral grotto and mineral spring pool.


For nudists though, the resort’s main draw is its wide expanse of sand for nude bathing. This means plenty of room to sprawl out, unlike other Jamaica resorts that don’t give you as much land to lie on. Moreover, the area also includes a swimming pool that goes right up to the sandy shores. But take note that while other resorts have a clothing-optional policy that allows guests to wear clothes if they prefer, the beach area in this resort prohibits clothing altogether. That said, if you are looking for a fully nude beach in Jamaica, Couples San Souci is a great option.

4. Hedonism II

Clear waters at Hedonism II's shores

Photo from Hedonism II Facebook Page

Address: Negril, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 390 USD per night (minimum of 3 nights)


Hedonism II is a swinger-friendly nudist resort located on a small piece of shoreline along the Seven Mile Beach, tucked away from the rest of the area. It offers a plethora of activities that will make your couple’s retreat a little spicier, complete with two beaches that are connected to the resort. One is referred to as the prude beach and the other is called—you guessed it—the nude beach in Jamaica. The Prude section is clothing-optional while the other fully encourages its guests to bare it all.


Both nude and clothing-optional beaches have similar amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs, beach grills, and bars. Additionally, guests can stay in the clothing-optional or nude rooms with the choice to enjoy the view of the lush gardens or pristine sea. That way, all guests can enjoy the resort’s facilities depending on their levels of comfort. With all these options, Hedonism II is a great all-inclusive resort with one of the best topless beaches on the island.

5. Couples Tower Isle

Couples Tower Isle aerial view

Photo from Couples Tower Isle Official Website

Address: Tower Isle, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 409 USD per night (minimum of 3 nights)


Couples Tower Isle prides itself on being Couples Resorts’ flagship resort and one of the first all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. It was also a frequent hangout of Hollywood celebrities and other A-listers in the 50s, offering all-inclusive rates with competitive perks. However, what makes this one of the best nude resorts in the world is that on top of its top-notch facilities the resort offers a unique nude experience. Instead of having a designated beach or section, it has a whole island for nude bathing.


From the main beach, let loose and bare it all at the private au naturel island. Also called Nude Island, guests can enjoy the small pool, a bit of sandy shore, and a swim-up bar. Like other resorts, the island is not clothing-optional, but rather, clothing prohibited. That said, the minute you step off that boat, you’ll have to disrobe and enjoy your au naturel adventure.

6. Bahia Principe Runaway Bay – Adults Only

Resort area and nude beach in Bahia Principe Runaway Bay

Photo from Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Booking.com Page

Address: Salt Coppers, Runaway Bay, Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 208 USD per night


If you’re looking for an adults-only getaway with amazing all-inclusive offers, Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay is the resort for you. Located near the massive Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica complex, the resort is known for its larger portion of the beach, offering powdery shores and a relaxed ambiance. However, its nude beach is a favorite for its concealed location.


Past the soft sands of Runaway Bay Beach, the nude beach in Jamaica offers a secluded escape for those wanting to lay bare under the sun. Tall fences provide much-needed privacy so you won’t have to be worried about anyone else taking a peek as you perfect your tan. Take note that the au naturel beach may be rocky for some travelers so it’s best to wear appropriate footwear when crossing to this side of the resort.

7. Sunset Beach Resort, Spa & Waterpark

Sunset Beach Resort, Spa & Waterpark is a family-friendly resort with a secluded nude beach in Jamaica

Photo from Sunset Beach Resort, Spa & Waterpark Booking.com Page

Address: 1 Sunset Drive, Freeport, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 282 USD per night


When many people think of nude resorts in Jamaica, frolicking 20-somethings that want to parade around in the buff are usually the people that come to mind. However, Sunset Beach Resort, Spa & Waterpark is a family-friendly resort with a secluded and private nude beach. But don’t worry! The area is marked well with signages so that anyone not wanting to take part in walking around nude won’t end up in the area. With that, you can enjoy a peaceful naked sunbathing without your kids stumbling into the beach.


The nude beach in this family resort is also ideal for the shy traveler, with plenty of well-spaced tall sand mounds for one to sunbathe in private. And if you’re not yet comfortable with being fully nude, there is also a topless beach for you to dip a toe in. Other than the beaches, the all-inclusive resort also provides a whole range of dining, activities, and entertainment, including dedicated areas just for kids.

8. Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel All Suite Resort & Spa

Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel as seen from the sea

Photo from Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel Booking.com Page

Address: Norman Manley Blvd A1 Negril Westmoreland Jamaica, Negril, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 496 USD per night


Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel All Suite Resort & Spa is a nice boutique hotel with an outstanding view of the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. This adults-only all-inclusive resort is clothing-optional and has many great amenities that make it worth looking at. You can book one of the 26 suites that look out onto a private alcove area of the bay. Additionally, you can access the other two nearby resorts, Royalton Negril and adults-only Hideaway at Royalton Negril.


Experience a memorable vacation at the Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel and take advantage of its luxurious all-inclusive offers. Enjoy butler service, hors d’oeuvre served at the poolside, and access to amenities at the nearby resorts. Although nudity isn’t required at the pool, its beach however is perfect for travelers who want to go bare. If you’re looking for a nude resort with a laid-back environment and world-class services, Grand Lido Negril is your best option.

9. Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

Pristine white sand at the nude beach area in Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

Photo from Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa Booking.com Page

Address: The Point, Lucea (Hanover), Lucea, Jamaica
Price: Starts at 404 USD per night


Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive luxury resort that has several pools, restaurants, and even shopping areas within its complex. Its rooms range from basic suites with ocean or garden views to more upscale villas with a private pool. Although it is a family-friendly environment, tucked away in its own secluded little stretch of beach is a clothing-optional area for nudists. Furthermore, the resort also has a topless swimming pool.


Overall, staying at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa is an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Kids can enjoy fun activities at the water park and guests can indulge in a relaxing massage at the spa. In addition, its secluded beach cove is easily one of the best places for those looking for a private nude beach in Jamaica.

Discover the Best Nude Beaches in Jamaica

Whether you are a first-time au naturel sunbather or a seasoned naturist, there is no doubt you’ll feel comfortable at these nude resorts. Not only will you have access to some fantastic nude beaches, but these resorts have so many great amenities. That being said, your stay will leave you with many unforgettable memories. So why not pack your suitcases and head out to a nude beach in Jamaica? Remember, you don’t have to pay for that swimsuit, because it’s time to work on that line-free tan!


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