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10 BEST Nude Resorts In The World [Nude Tips Included]


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Sarah Foley

Cypress Cove clothing optional resort
©Official photo from Cypress Cove Resort

Going on vacation means relaxing and shaking the stress away. It is also one of the best ways to spice up the old romance flames from weeping coals to blazing fire. And one of the best ways to do it? Go bare and nude! There are plenty of nude resorts dotted across the globe with top-of-the-line amenities you surely can enjoy in your birthday suit. From exciting resorts within the country to exotic nude beaches in Jamaica, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Leave your self-inhibitions at home, strip down to basics, and be free!


Here are some of the world’s famous nude resorts, ranging from the critically acclaimed to the remote ones. Plus, a first-time nude resort tip to guide you along the way! 



Cypress Cove Nude Resort & Spa – Florida, USA

Swaying palm trees on white sand with a backdrop of a wooden pier at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

©Official photo from Cypress Cove Resort


There is always something good about going au naturel on your vacation. Boosted confidence and self-expression, a deeper sense of freedom, and a higher dose of vitamin D for a healthier body, it’s an activity full of benefits. And when you choose to spend your nudist getaway with Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa, you’ll have a slice of a family-friendly nude lifestyle, as well as superior amenities to keep you relaxed and entertained for hours.


The resort is nestled on a whopping 300 acres of land, surrounded by a sparkling lake and wetlands. If you’re a first-time visitor and aren’t comfortable with going nude just yet, you’re free to use remote areas of the resort, such as the lakefront, to acclimate yourself as needed. When you’re ready, head on to the poolside to join the fun. The resort shelters two large pools and two jacuzzies if ever you opt to soak in heated waters.


Other amenities include a gym, boutique, spa, bar, and restaurant. Feeling active? You also can participate in sporting events including tennis, pickleball, and golf. While you don’t have to be a member to enter the resort, being one entitles you to a myriad of privileges such as discounts on daily admission and lodging. With all these facilities at hand, we’re sure you would have the time of your time in Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa. 


As a side trip, you may want to check out the best places to snorkel in Florida too!



The Natural Curacao- Willemstad, Curacao

View of the pool and lounge chairs on a balcony at The Natural Curacao

©Photo by The Natural Curacao on Booking.com


True to its name, The Natural Curacao is one of the most-adored naturist resorts in the world. Sitting on the temperate waters of the Caribbean sea, it is the only nude resort in Curacao that enables its guests to peacefully reconnect with nature while upholding utmost respect for one’s self, others, and the environment. The resort is primarily geared towards eco-friendly pursuits as it features solar panels and water recycling. So whether you’re a nature lover, an avid swimmer, a diver, or someone who prefers tranquil escape, The Natural Curacao is the ideal option. 


One thing you’ll love about the resort is its location. It quietly rests on an elevated spot in Willemstad, providing the best and most vibrant sceneries of colorful faunas and birds. As serenity embraces the place, you can attend their very own body and soul treatments such as Guided Meditations and Intention Sessions, Massages, and Coaching. 


Are you traveling with a friend who’s shy to wear his birthday suit? Not to worry, The Natural Curacao allows similar people to keep their clothes on as they bask around the resort. In other words, everyone is encouraged to be at their best self, with or without clothes. While this rule is true, day visitors are required to go nude. 


The day fee costs $15 USD per person. Make sure to book your stay a day ahead to secure your slot. 



Hidden Beach Nude Resort – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Aerial view of Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel

©Photo by Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel on Booking.com


Looking for a secluded place to shed your clothing? Look no further than Hidden Beach Resort. Located on a special spot in Riviera, Maya, this resort will take your breath away as it boasts 43-beach front suites laced with a stunning view of the Mexican Caribbean sea. It is also protected by an array of mangrove trees, so going au naturel here is perfectly safe and private. With stunning landscaped gardens and an exclusive tropical atmosphere, this is a paradise on Earth. 


Hidden Beach Resort is one of the adult resorts in the world that comes with uncompromised high-quality services. Enjoy mouthwatering cuisines at their restaurant, chill at one of their bars, or have a massage to unwind your body. You also can bask in the sun and explore the perimeters of the resort in your birthday suit. Swimming in the gigantic pool is an incredible activity as well. Every day is a special day at Hidden Beach Resort. 




La Jenny – Le Porge, France

la jenny naturist resort - 10 BEST Nude Resorts In The World [Nude Tips Included]

©Photo by Hawksbill on Booking.com


Another well-known nude resort located in Gironde, France is La Jenny. It is a naturist village composed of over 700 cozy chalets with ideal amenities for your getaway. Nudity is the way of living and is required whether you’re at the pool, beach, or golf course. Simply put, you should be roaming around the estate in your birthday suit. And since La Jenny is family-friendly, you can tag along with your kids and they, too, can meander free in the nude. 


Additionally, the resort offers a myriad of activities for all types of guests. Adults can enjoy playing tennis or archery, relaxing in a sauna, or watching a local show. Kids, on the other hand, can have fun in the resort’s exclusive kids’ club. Don’t forget to sign up for their Club Card to unlock more entertainment! Visit their website for more information. You can also check out some of the best cozy resorts for your next trip!



Hedonism II – Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism II Negril Jamaica adults only clothing optional resort with an outdoor pool and pool bar.

©Official Photo from Hedonism II


For those who seek love and pleasure, head on to Hedonism II. It is the best-known swingers’ resort in the world that allows its guests to live out their fantasies no matter how wild they are. You are free to unleash your naughty side sans being pressured or judged. If you are new, the friendly and helpful staff are there to assist you in discovering your hidden hedonistic desires. Also, you can wear anything you want! Savor the lifestyle with fabrics on or totally strip down to none, it’s all up to you.


Located along Jamaica’s world-famous 7-mile beach, the resort lies on a stretch of white sands offering a spectacular experience of the fresh ocean breeze and picturesque velvet horizon. You’ll also enjoy world-class dining featuring their signature and special dishes. However, this activity requires some clothes on. Additionally, there are sporting events which you can attend such as tennis, and volleyball. You also can explore their waters through diving and snorkeling. 


To make things more interesting, the resort holds a sensual playroom called Romping Shop. Couples, single women, and invited single men are allowed to experience its secrets. Just make sure to avail of an appropriate pass for the staff to let you in. If the idea of going to Hedonism II excites you, what are you waiting for?



Couples Tower Isle – Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Couples Tower Isle Resort shines brightly during the evening as visitors dine.

©Official photo from Couples Tower Isle


Couples Tower Isle is one of the leading nude resorts in Jamaica that was once a playground for Hollywood celebrities. It caters to hearty travelers who wish to loosen up in an exclusive tropical atmosphere with luxurious amenities. Don’t strip off yet upon arriving at the resort, the real fun happens at Tower Isle. It is a small private island that is a short boat ride away from the main resort. There, nudity isn’t just an option. It’s a requirement, so be ready to show your bare bottoms upon stepping out of the boat. 


Couples Tower Isle stores a million adventures for their guests. You can snorkel among the reefs, windsurf through the foaming waves, watch the sunset on a catamaran, or just bury your toes on the soft sands while drinking your favorite vodka. You also can pamper yourself with the best Zen-inspired spa in Jamaica. Aside from these, the resort also offers luxurious accommodations in an elegant contemporary design.



Hawksbill – Antigua

White chairs and table framed by white fence facing the Caribbean ocean at Hawksbill by Rex Resorts

©Photo by Hawksbill on Booking.com


Hawksbill may not be as luxurious as the others on this list, but it promises a remarkable escapade you surely don’t want to miss. This all-inclusive resort maintains a 37-acre landscape garden perched at the beach, overlooking the vast blue sea of the Caribbean stretch. It’s the only nude resort in Antigua, and it offers plenty of activities to keep you company. You can go on boat tours and deep fishing. Play golf or tennis with your friends if you’re feeling sporty. Or revitalize your body by taking one of their massage treatments.


Any trip wouldn’t be complete without checking out the food on the table. Lucky for you, Hawksbill serves one of the best dishes in Antigua. You can dine at the Tamarind tree, an open-air buffet-style restaurant. Likewise, the Sea Grape Restaurant & Bar serves equally amazing food and drinks, provided with a stunning view of the coast.


Some of St. John’s attractions are also nearby Hawksbill. You can visit the famous Westerby Memorial or stuff your tummy with their local food such as lobster at Millers By The Sea or BeachLimerz. Peace and peacefulness is the main thing of the resort, perfect to calm your heart away from the rowdiness of cities. Make sure to read their rules before stripping off as they require guests to be fully clothes-on within the resort’s main premises.



Bali Au Naturel – Bali, Indonesia


Villas facing the pool surrounded by the jungle at Bali Au Naturel, one the best nude resorts in Bali, Indonesia

©Photo by Bali Au Naturel on Booking.com

Everywhere is a perfect place to live in harmony with nature. However, Bali, Indonesia – Land of the Gods – presents an unparalleled experience of igniting one’s zeal for the environment by going au naturel. Exquisite sceneries, long stretches of blue waters, calming breeze, respectful people, what more can you ask for? So if you’re planning your nude escape in Bali, Bali Au Naturel should be on top of your list. 


Nestled on the beach of Northern Bali, this resort combines a lush tropical vibe and contemporary amenities to aid its guests with great ease and comfort. The property offers rustic accommodations, including a gym room and two large clothes-free swimming pools. Water adventures such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, and dolphin-watching, are also available. You also can visit nearby historic temples and colorful markets to explore more of Bali. 


Bali Au Naturel is smaller compared to the others of its kind. Yet, it offers one of the best nude lifestyles in the world. Luxurious facilities, natural grandeur, and everything you need for a relaxing vacation are here. 


Sandy Bottoms Nude Resort – Canada

Illuminated tents at night in Sandy Bottoms Resort

©Photo by Sandy Bottoms Resort on Facebook.com


Looking for a swingers’ resort in Canada? Sandy Bottoms Resort is your place to be. Located in central Ontario, the resort is primarily tailored for daring couples and swingers searching to satisfy their pleasures and mingle with people with the same mindset. Don’t be surprised to see naked couples walking hand in hand as this is expected within the premises. However, nudity isn’t mandatory so you can keep your clothes on if you want to. 


The resort fosters a laid-back atmosphere ideal for a romantic night under the stars. Otherwise, you also can unleash your wild side and party the night away with rum in hand. Depending on your preference, you can choose among the countless themes offered by the resort and live out your desired escape. You have to be a member to book. Just make sure to book ahead of time as slots run out fast!  



Sunland Holiday Village – Nora Creina, Australia

Silhouette of Couple while holding hands on a sunset background

Photo by Andreas S on Pixabay


Sunland Holiday Village is among the top nudist beach in Australia, thanks to its resplendency and privacy. Here, you can enjoy the warm waters of the outdoor lagoon pool and bask in the sun without clothes. This resort never gets too crowded which is perfect, especially if you’re a shy-type nudist. Tucked away by a whopping 150 hectares of lush bushland, guests have the option to either stay indoors or camp out. You also can enjoy other facilities, such as a spa and a sauna for a complete package of relaxation. 


You can also check out other beaches while you’re in Australia!


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Area In Florida Has The Nudest Beaches And Resorts?

Almost all of Florida’s counties have nude beaches and resorts. The state is oozing with nudist beach resorts where you can tan au naturel sans the fear of crossing any public law. With a burst of year-round sunshine and a whopping 800 miles of coastline, you simply can’t get enough of warm waters, golden sands, calming sea breeze, and of course nudism. 


Here are some of the best places in Florida with renowned nude beaches:

1. Haulover, Beach – Miami

2. Blind Creek Beach – Fort Pierce

3. Playalinda Beach – Titusville

4. Apollo Beach – Hillsborough

5. St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park – Martin County 


Which Of The Sandals Resorts Have Nude Beaches?

heart shaped bridge connecting floating villas to the resort

©Official photo from Sandals South Coast Jamaica


For more than three decades, The Sandals Resorts are reputed to render superior beach experiences atop the Caribbean waters, including Jamaica, The Bahamas, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua, and Saint Lucia. They provide world-class beachfront settings along with outstanding amenities that undoubtedly stood out among the rest. 


As of late, they make sure to cater to everyone’s thriving vacation preferences such as nudismHowever, you can’t just go all-bare to any of The Sandals Resort. They only have one resort that allows guests to chill in their birthday suits and that is Sandals Jamaica Royal Caribbean.


Sandals Jamaica Royal Caribbean has a designated area for those who prefer nudism. But if someone gets offended and asked you to cover up, you may have to do so since The Sandals Resorts has recently just started embracing the “no clothing policy.” It may take quite some time before guests process the rule. 


Who Typically Stays At Nude Resorts?

While nude resorts are frequented by older people ages 30 onwards, they are certainly not the only ones chilling in their birthday suits these days. As a general rule, you have to be at least 18 years old. However, younger visitors from all walks of life are starting to choose a nudist getaway rather than a typical beach vacation. They believe that experiences like this provide a different wording from their monotonous lifestyle and enable them to be daring and bold. 


Majority of people who opt to stay in nude resorts desire to have a great time mingling with other people. Some aim to even their body tans. Luckily, many properties offer day and night activities to keep their social spirits going. Also, some nudist couples spend their honeymoon in bare places. Don’t be surprised to see numerous facilities geared for them. 


What Should You Do At Nude Resorts?

a sign warning people about nude bathers in the area

©Photo by Mike Goad on Flickr


1. Always Sit On A Towel

As a rule of thumb, you are required to wander around the place with a towel. So in case you’re tired from standing and decided to have a drink on the bar, you can spread the towel on the stool and rest. After all, nobody wants to sit on a sweaty chair from a bare bum. It’s all about hygiene, and being considerate to the maid staff and cleaning crew.


2. Avoid Gawking

We know it’s a bit overwhelming to witness a sea of naked bodies strolling around the area, especially for first-time nude resort goers. It’s okay to look, given we have eyes that see. What’s inappropriate is to stare at someone’s clothless body. It seems hard at first but you’ll get used to it pretty soon. After all, you’re naked too.


3. Do Not Take Pictures

Nobody wants to be photographed in their birthday suits, believe us, most especially if you’re a stranger to them and you’re capturing them without their permission. Besides, the resort might block your cameras upon checking in so it’s ideal to leave them at home, as much as possible. But if you have to bring one and the resort allows it, leaving them in your sounds good.


4. Groom

You’re naked. Everyone will have a glimpse of your body whether you like it or not. And so, it’s better if you trim some hairs down to look more presentable. But if you prefer, chilling with a fuzz of hair, it’s cool. Your body, your rule. 


5. Lewd Acts Are Prohibited

The common misconception of people have about nudist resorts is that guests have the freedom to go dirty when they get all hottie. Guess what? That’s a big no-no and might get you in trouble. While it’s normal to get a hard-on, especially during cold days, flaunting it is unfitting. So if you ever find yourself trapped in the situation, hit the waters or go back to your room. 


What Information Do Nude Resorts Take When Booking?

Typically, nude resorts will ask for your personal information such as name, address, and contact information. If you’re booking in a swingers’ resort, however, they’ll get to know whether you’re single or married, or whether you’re bringing along your spouse with you. If not, they may not allow you to enter the resort unless you’re invited by another guest (for single men.)


The Takeaway

Whether you’re looking for a crazy holiday while nude or just planning to relax and get tanned all over, these nude resorts simply have it all! If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why don’t you try nude hiking in these places, too?