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Epic Guide: World’s Best Nude Beaches On Your Virgin Visit


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Thalia O.

Bird's eye view of Little Beach, a nude beach in Maui, Hawaii.
Photo from Adobe Stock

Ever wanted to get buck naked and swim in the ocean? A lot of people around the globe think nude beach it’s the way to go, so why not take the plunge!


Throw away those inhibitions, find yourself a nude beach, and get a tan with no lines! But before you rush out the door, you should know there are some big do’s and don’ts.


So, read on to make sure you do not commit any faux pas that can get you in trouble.


Etiquette & Tips For Your Virgin Visit To A Nude Beach

Sandy toes on a beach

Photo by Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash

So, we have already alluded to the fact that there are a few tips and etiquette for the nude beaches the world over.


Most of these are simply common sense. But when some people get around naked people, common sense goes straight out the window… much as their tops did.


So here are a few key points to know. This is so you don’t feel uncomfortable or make anyone else feel uncomfortable.


Sticking to these tips and simple rules of etiquette you can make your first nude beach experience even more memorable than it will already be!


Sand In Places You Never Dreamed You’d Find Sand 

On a normal trip to the beach, you get sand in a lot of stuff. But when you have no barriers to entry, it is way worse. Just expect it!

In fact, if you don’t take a shower or a dip in the ocean, you may have a rough walk back to your hotel or apartment.


Places You Most Definitely Would Like To Avoid Getting Sunburned

A tan with no lines is the dream of many people. But there really are some places that you do not want a sunburn. The best tip is to make sure you have some sort of sunscreen readily available. This is especially true if you are fair-skinned. Or use a low SPF on those delicate areas.


That way, even if you get a little sun, you may still get a tan. No one wants to walk back to their accommodations looking like a lobster.


Remember To Please Only Post Your Own Pictures on Social Media

Look, you are excited to be on a nude beach. Maybe you want to be able to show all your friends that you finally did it!


However, that doesn’t mean that the couple behind you want all their goodies in your photo album. So, when taking pictures just be alert and considerate to your fellow naturalists. They don’t want to be strewn across your social media.


We Are All Blessed With The Same Goods!

You know what you are getting into! There ARE going to be naked people. There ARE going to be things swinging around. And there ARE going to be bits exposed to viewing that are not typically visible.


Remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you not to stare at people different from you? Well, these people don’t want you to be ogling all the stuff that God gave them.


That’s just rude. So, try not to stare it may be hard being your first time but make a concerted effort.


Slippers on rocky beach

Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash


Are Beach Towels Mandatory?

No, they are not a requirement to gain entry. But having a nice large beach towel will make the whole experience a lot more comfortable. Plus, it will be a lot less sandy (see the first tip). So, bring a nice large towel so that you can lay out in comfort.


Location, Location, Location! 

You do not want to strip down only to realize that you are not on a nudist beach. That could be embarrassing and expensive. You could get fined if caught nude on a non-nude beach. Also, make sure you understand the beach guidelines.


It Is No Place To Indulge In Sexy Times

If you are hitting the nude beach with your partner, you may feel some sort of way. I mean you both are nude in this beautiful setting. But save that for when you get back to your room.


Any sexual activity or excessive display of public affection is a big no-no. It could be uncomfortable and offensive to your fellow beachgoers.


There are a few beaches that are no holds barred… But once again, make sure you know the rules of the beach. And if the rules say no funny business, simply keep it in your pants until you are alone.


Always Be Prepared

This may seem like a weird tip. But when heading to your first nude beach, always bring a bathing suit. Some beaches are clothing optional and if you get a little self-conscious you have something to wear.


Plus, you do not want to have to get dressed in those regular clothes for the walk back to where you are staying. Especially after getting all that sun. Or maybe you want to grab a bite of dinner after laying out!


Most restaurants frown upon nude dining. So this will help you make sure you are ready for any scenario that may pop up.


Watermelon on beach towel on a summer

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


Come Prepared With Ample Supplies

Nude beaches tend to be a little more secluded than normal beaches. This means that there is often a trek to get to the location. No one wants to have to keep running back and forth for important supplies like water and snacks.


So, when you are getting your gear together make sure you bring necessities. Things like water, snacks, and toilet paper will help make your day great.


These few tips will set you up for your first trip to a nudist beach. Now you just need to find one. Here are a few of the best nude beaches from across the globe.


Here Are 5 Of The Best Nude Beaches From Around The World 

There are many choices to choose from when you are looking for a good nudist beach. Here are 8 of the best from across the world.



Spiaggia Di Guvano – Cinque Terre, Italy

Nude Beach, Etiquette, Tips, Spiaggia di Guvano

Photo by William Helsen from Wiki Commons


Everyone wants to go to Italy and this beautiful pebble beach just happens to be in one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Italy.


Spiaggia di Guvano beach is amenity free. So, when setting out through that abandoned railway tunnel that you go through to get there, just keep that in mind.



Praia Massarandupió – Bahia, Brazil

Nude Beach, Etiquette, Tips, Praia Massarandupió

Photo by Fred Schinke from Flickr


Located two hours by car from Salvador, you find a beautiful coconut palm-lined beach that is a stunning beauty. You can surf, swim or simply lay out on the rolling dunes that surround this spectacular piece of shoreline.


One thing to note is that Praia Massarandupió is roughly a 1km walk from the parking lot to the beach so make sure to wear good shoes and pack a good lunch.



Neve Midbar – North Dead Sea, Israel

Nude Beach, Etiquette, Tips, Neve Midbar

Photo by Regina Shanklin from Pixabay


Neve Midbar beach is a rarity in the Middle East. A resort located on the northern shores of the Dead Sea this beach is the only spot where public nudity is lawful.


Neve Midbar Beach offers seclusion and the ability to float in the famous Dead Sea. Plus, the black mud from the Dead Sea is a great way to soothe your skin after getting just a bit too much sun.



Playa Zipolite – Oaxaca, Mexico

Nude Beach, Etiquette, Tips, Playa Zipolite

Photo by Alejandro Linares Garcia from Wiki Commons


This beach was made famous by the movie,” Y Tu Mamá También”. Though nudity is not legal in Mexico, Playa Zipolite beach has a stretch of nude beach that was created in the 1960s. Hippie’s from both Mexico and the U.S. wanted a place that is “clothing-optional”.


Surrounded by cliffs in a serene location, Playa Zipolite and is a stunning location to visit.



Black’s Beach – La Jolla, California

Nude Beach, Etiquette, Tips, La Jolla, California

Photo by Levi Clancy from Wiki Commons


Black’s Beach has been the go-to spot for naturists in California for half a century. The beach has a frame of stunning cliffs that make up Torrey Pines, which is known for great surf and stunning sunsets.


Black’s Beach is located close to the University of San Diego and is reachable by trails that lead down the cliff. Black’s Beach is a must for any naturist that is visiting San Diego.


To Conclude…

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap and visit your first nude beach. By using the tips and tricks in this article you are sure to have the best time.


Nude beaches may be scary and intimidating at first. But once you have taken the chance to see what they are all about you will find that it really isn’t that frightening at all. The people are friendly and after a few times, you will find yourself not even noticing that they are naked.

Be the first to find out more nude beaches around the world here. You’ll love it for sure!