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Tabinda M.

Tabinda Mustershad is a Content-Creator and a Story-Teller. She has collaborated with several online blogs over the years and created content, both textual and visual, for a diverse number of audiences. As a Mass Communication major based in Islamabad, Pakistan, and a massive travel-enthusiast, she brings a unique yet bold voice to Tourist Secrets. She loves reading, writing and making lo-fi music in her spare time.
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Gangtok India: Your Guide To Sikkim’s Capital

Getting to visit a place you’ve never been to before is a blithesome experience. Visiting a site is way better than hearing about it.   Let’s face it. Listening to someone else drone on about their journey only gives you a second-hand account. And no matter how good of a visualizer you are, being there […]

Darjeeling Tea: 5 Reasons To Taste It In India

Darjeeling is known for many things, but most of all for its iconic tea with its inescapable refreshing floral aroma. The tea is grown in Darjeeling, which is one of the most popular hill stations in West Bengal, India. And, if you are planning to visit Darjeeling India, beware that there are no direct flights […]

Darjeeling, India: Everything To Know Before You Go

Queen of the Himalayas, Darjeeling, without a doubt has locales which will make your jaw drop, sunrises which will mesmerize you to no extent. It is the natural beauty of the hills and the charm of the past, which makes this place welcoming for the locals and tourists alike.   Darjeeling, one of the most […]

Rabat: 10 Things To Do In The Capital of Morocco

Located right on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat, the enchanting capital of Morocco is kind of a hidden gem. This North African jewel of a city is remarkable in its long religious and cultural history, exotic locations and breathtaking landscapes.   The city’s iconic historic attractions pull tourists from all over the world each year.   […]

10 Best Things To Do In Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, a former imperial city of Morocco, is an exotic tourist destination that marches to its own beat. The city offers a unique experience to those who visit by providing a wide range of options on things to do in Marrakech. Marrakech is kind of an oddball in the sense that it has a reputation […]

All About The 5 Best Bars in Dublin, Ireland

Are you planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland? Maybe you’ve just started researching the best places to visit in Dublin. Or maybe you’re already there with a confused mind. Either way, we are here to rescue you from wherever you currently are and drop you into the best bar in Dublin!    Dublin is famous […]

5 Reasons To Buy Moroccan Lanterns In Rabat

Moroccan lanterns are the most aesthetically pleasing piece of decoration you can own. They’re not your average lantern. Moroccan lanterns provide a perfect combination of rustic and ambient. Whether you hang one in your living room or sling one out on the porch, Moroccan lanterns will fit right in and offer just the right amount […]

5 Best Rattan Cane Products To Buy In Bali

Talk about heaven on Earth! Bali welcomes several tourists from all over the world to its heavenly boundaries each year. This Indonesian province is popular for its sandy beaches, luxurious beach resorts as well as for its varied landscapes comprising of tall mountains and rugged coastlines. All in all, Bali is a summertime dream and […]

10 Best Things To Do In Innsbruck, Austria

Sitting amidst the gorgeous Alpine Alps, the Austrian city Innsbruck is every skiing-enthusiasts dream. There are so many things to do in Innsbruck and it’s best to plan your trip ahead of time so you get the most out of it. Innsbruck is renowned for its winter sports facility and is, therefore, the perfect place […]

Austrian Food: 10 Tastes To Experience In Vienna, Austria

Austria is a beautiful country with snow-capped alps and lush green pastures that are a wonder to behold. And with cities like Vienna and Salzburg which stand at the intersection of the medieval and the modern, the country naturally has a great deal of touristic appeal. The country owes its magnetic charm to other factors […]