Yiew Jae-Lyn

Yiew Jae-Lyn

Jae-Lyn's love for travel and adventure has brought her across Europe, America, and Asia. Her favourite travel destination by far is Italy, a country saturated with rich culture, art, history, and of course, food!
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Hubei | Everything About This Province In China

Looking to vacation in China? Why not explore Hubei Province – the heart of the Middle Kingdom! Situated in the middle reaches of the famous Yangtze River, this tourist transport hotspot boasts 13 cities, with its biggest being Wuhan. It is home to a vast range of China’s ethnic minorities. Hence, Hubei’s reputation as a […]

Best Things To Do In Chengdu, China

Chengdu, a vibrant capital of the Sichuan province in Southwest China, is full of gems when it comes to major tourist sites. Once a silk brocade capital, today, the city is a major tourist hub for business, education, shopping, and sightseeing. They are famous for their cute, cuddly giant pandas, their relaxing teahouse culture, and […]

Best Things To Do In Tianjin, China

Unsure where to go this holiday? Well, this is why you should travel to Tianjin – ‘the place where the emperor crossed the sea’!   Always being compared to its neighbours, Beijing and Shanghai, Tianjin as one of the 9 central cities in China, is a large, thriving, yet more laid-back city. It is one […]

From Bangkok To Hua Hin: How To Get There?

Looking to kick off your shoes with a weekend getaway at the beach? Why not head down to Hua Hin – the seaside resort city of Thailand! With its sparkling waters and scenic white beaches, this tranquil coastal town is not only popular among the residents of Bangkok, but with tourists as well. Explore the […]

5 Best Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Time to soak up those much-needed vitamin Ds and head down to Sydney, Australia – The Harbour City! Known for its exquisite, glittering blue-green harbour, natural beauty brimming with lush greenery, and never-ending golden beaches, Sydney is a summer paradise. From tranquil bays and secret coves to top surf spots and bustling beaches, this picturesque, […]

15 Must-See Landmarks in New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re a big fan of the Netflix series ‘The Originals’ or the Disney classic ‘Princess and the Frog’, you know that the lively city of New Orleans is the epitome of fun! Known for its distinct Jazz music, Louisiana Creole cuisine, festivals and parades, it’s always a party in New Orleans. In this southern […]

10 Cozy Airbnb Austin Rentals To Consider For Your Trip

Unsure of where to go on your next vacation? Why not take a trip down to the fastest growing city in the U.S – Austin! An inspiring food paradise riddled with diversity; this southern city packs a punch when it comes to tantalizing your taste buds. From food trucks to good old barbeque, Austin delivers […]