15 Things To Do In Kobe, Japan

One of the ten largest cities in Japan, Kobe is an important port city in the country. It’s nestled between the sea and the Rokko mountain a few kilometers from Kyoto. Kobe may not be as popular as Kyoto or Osaka but the city boasts a few gems and interesting sights to discover when exploring […]

15 Things To Do In Providence, Rhode Island

Whether you want to take a break from everything or explore magnificent historical monuments, Providence is the place for you. The climate is perfect and the city amazing. Most of all the people here are very polite, especially the community on Federal Hill, and they’ll make you feel right at home.   There are a […]

15 Things To Do In Tallinn, Estonia

Visiting the capital of Estonia is a once in a lifetime experience. Although it still isn’t a popular tourist destination, Tallinn is a great multicultural city with many significant monuments of historical value.   Throughout history, Estonia was mainly under the influence of Russia, so don’t be surprised if some parts of Tallinn remind you […]

15 Things To Do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Few big cities offer as much diversity as Rio de Janeiro. Its extraordinary natural setting gives Rio some of the world’s best beaches. The surrounding mountains and hills also provide some of the most breathtaking city views.   The city’s old history and rich culture have provided Rio de Janeiro with interesting museums and a […]

Top 10 Things To Do In Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is a popular place for people to visit in the state of Ohio. As the capital of Ohio, it has a lot going for it, and you’ll find a variety of things to do when you stay in town. First of all, it’s home to The Ohio State University, which is much more […]

15 Things To Do In Houston, Texas

Houston is the most populated city in the American State of Texas. This incredible city consists of magnificent architectural structures, museums, green spaces and amusement parks making it a perfect vacation spot for the whole family. It truly has everything for everyone.   Founded in 1836, Houston has become one of the most visited cities […]

Beekse Bergen Zoo In The Netherlands – All You Need To Know

When you think of the Netherlands, visiting wild animals at a zoo might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Beekse Bergen Zoo and Safari Park have over 1,250 animals from 150 different species. This makes it the largest wildlife zoo in the area, not to mention one of the most diverse.    […]

15 Things to Do in Johannesburg, South Africa

Nicknamed as the modern El Dorado, Johannesburg has been widely regarded as a land of opportunity and opulence. As the largest South African city and one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world, Johannesburg is famed for its large-scale gold and diamond trade and its economic powerhouse status.   A modern and prosperous […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Madison, Wisconsin

While Madison, Wisconsin might not be the first destination that pops into your head when thinking about a great American vacation, it should definitely be on your shortlist. This charming state capital of Wisconsin has quite a lot to offer its visitors. There are plenty of cultural, historical, culinary, outdoor, and nature activities to enjoy […]

15 Best Things To Do In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Known affectionately as Philly, Philadelphia is a city rich with history, art and food.  Playing a significant role in American history, there is an endless list of historical sites and museums to bring you back in time. Furthermore, art lovers will be immersed in the fabulous art collections at various museums, awesome public art displays […]