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Beekse Bergen Zoo In The Netherlands – All You Need To Know


Modified: January 3, 2024

by Nora Hadi

Zebras at Beekse Bergen
Photo by Michael Jansen on Flickr

When you think of the Netherlands, visiting wild animals at a zoo might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Beekse Bergen Zoo and Safari Park have over 1,250 animals from 150 different species. This makes it the largest wildlife zoo in the area, not to mention one of the most diverse. 


At Beekse Bergen, you can get up close and personal with your animal kingdom favourites. See animals up close, including giraffes, zebras, lions, crocodiles and hippos. Watch them roam and swim about the grounds and rivers of the park, learn about their everyday lives as you take in nature at its very best. 


Located in the south of the Netherlands, ZooSite rated Beekse Bergen Best Wildlife Animal Park in the country. And having seen the huge amount of activities and wildlife experiences, it’s not hard to see why!


So, what makes this Netherlands zoo so unique and special? What activities are on offer at the safari resort? And how close can you really get to the animals? Read on to find out! 


How To Explore Beekse Bergen Zoo And Safari Park?


Tour The Grounds By Safari Bus

One of the best ways to see the animals is by taking the zebra-striped safari bus which runs regularly throughout the day. Choose from two very different routes, each of which takes around 45 minutes. During your bus safari, the rangers will tell you fascinating facts about the animals you meet, and you’ll be able to take in a lot of the park in one go.



Hop On A Boat Tour

Another popular activity at Beekse Bergen Zoo is to take the 30-minute boat ride which departs from the park’s entrance. You’ll get to meet all the animals living in, on or near the water. Animals including hippos, monkeys, yaks and crocodiles. A full commentary is given by English-speaking rangers about all the animals you come across along the way. The rangers will make sure you don’t miss a thing!



Drive Through The Park 

If you come by car, you have the option of exploring the lush forests and vast savannas of the park to see your favourite animals. A car safari will give you the chance to take in the park at your own pace and allowing you to stop whenever you want to. This way, you can spend more time seeing the animals you love. Experience exciting moments, such as the cheetahs creeping alongside your car, or inquisitive giraffes wandering over to say hello. And all from the comfort of your own vehicle!



Embark Upon An Adventurous Walking Safari

As well as the various modes of sightseeing transportation on offer, you can also choose to go on a walking safari. Plan your own route through the grounds and follow the adventure trails to learn more about the animals around you. The trail is safe and accessible for young and older visitors, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the park really is huge. Taking the boat or safari bus back after your walk is definitely a good idea. 


Giraffes at Beekse Bergen

Photo by bertknot on Flickr


Unmissable Activities At Beekse Bergen Zoo 


Let Loose At Speelland Beekse Bergen Fun Park

For some active fun for all the family, head on over to the neighbouring Speelland waterpark/funpark. With waterslides, pedalos, go-karts, bouncy castle and adventure playground, kids can play all day while you relax by the water – or join them! There is also an on-site café serving delicious fresh sandwiches, snacks and drinks, just in case you get a bit peckish.



Relax At The Beach

Located right next to the Speelland Fun Park is a beautiful white sand beach. Here, you can lay back in your sun lounger or take a cooling dip in the water. From here, you can easily keep an eye on your kids at the Speelland Fun Park while soaking in the sun and sipping on a refreshing drink. A perfect escape after a morning of animal-watching!



Watch The Animals Being Fed

Gather round to watch hungry tigers, gorillas, elephants, and sea lions devouring their daily meals at varying times throughout the day. Learn about the animal’s eating habits, meat eater and herbivore diets, and see first-hand how to feed a ravenous lion safely. 


Rhinoceroces at Beekse Bergen

Photo by -JvL- on Flickr


Where To Sleep At Beekse Bergen?


Sleep Surrounded By Animals At Rangercamp

Want to wake up in the middle of the safari park to the sounds of wild animals and African birds all around you? At Rangercamp, you can stay the night in the heart of the park in tents with comfortable beds. Experience the magic of storytelling beside an evening campfire. Start your day with a delicious breakfast before taking an early morning stroll across the grounds before the park is opened to the public. Follow this up with a delicious braai (barbeque) back at camp and an exciting game drive across the park. Rangerpark is the ultimate safari camping experience. 



Stay In A Zebra-Themed Lodge At Beekse Bergen Safari Resort

Is camping not really your thing? Stay at one of the various themed safari lodges and jungalows located on the grounds of the park itself. Wake up to giraffes at your window and zebras on your doorstep as you dive headfirst into life in the savanna. With a selection of African games, tasteful traditional furnishings and plenty of information about African tribespeople, you’ll really get the feeling of being on an African safari.



Spend A Magical Night In The Trees At Beekse Bergen Treehouse

For a truly unique experience that goes above and beyond expectations, you can choose to sleep in the treetops in your own private treehouse. The safari park’s fully furnished treehouse is made up of three bedrooms, a bathroom, a terrace and veranda. Equipped with television, hot water and WiFi connection, you’ll have everything you need and more at this treetop oasis at the edge of Bahari Beach. Watch the sun rise over the savanna as you take in the sweeping landscape before you. This is one sure way to feel like you’re king of the savanna. 


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