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30 Best Fall Vacations in the U.S.


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Angela Magsajo

Aerial view of Asheville covered in fall colors, one of the best fall vacations in the US.
Photo by Craig Zerbe on Adobe Stock

This year, make it a plan to hit the road and experience some of the best fall vacations in the US. The crisp air and cooler temperatures of fall are perfect conditions for outdoor activities. Take a trip to national parks across the most beautiful states in the country and marvel at the beauty of the warm-toned fall foliage. Beaches are also among the best places to go for fall break if you want to soak up some sun before winter sets in. It’s shoulder season for some of the best vacation spots in the US, so no worries about big crowds and price hikes!


If you have yet to decide on your fall break destinations, we’ve got you covered. Here are 30 of the best fall vacation ideas this 2022.

1. San Francisco, California 

Naval ship sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco during Fleet Week in October. 

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Page on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Autumn Moon Festival, Fleet Week, and other fall festivals.


Looking for the best family vacations this fall? How about a fall frolic through San Francisco? Unlike most fall destinations, the City by the Bay is relatively warm during this time of the year, so it’s the perfect destination for beachgoing and outdoor activities at the park.


Families also won’t want to miss out on all the spooktacular events at the San Francisco Zoo. Fall time also marks harvest season, so visiting nearby wine vineyards and pumpkin patches are also popular activities for fall vacations in San Francisco. You can also add the Autumn Moon Festival in September and Fleet Week in October to your itinerary.


Places to Stay: 

2. San Diego, California

Families walking towards the entrance of San Diego Zoo, one of the family-friendly spots to visit in San Francisco.

Photo by Andrewjames954 on Wikimedia Commons


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Halloween festivities and discounted deals for kids in October


If you frequent the Pacific Coast Highway, consider stopping by San Diego. America’s Finest City offers some of the best fall vacations in the US. Mild weather, uncrowded beaches, and fun-filled fall activities and festivities await you!


The city offers fantastic deals for kids during October, so San Diego is definitely the place to visit if you’re looking for the best fall vacations for families. For instance, San Diego Zoo which is one of the best zoos in the U.S., hosts an annual Halloween celebration featuring musical performances, wildlife encounters, trivia night, and plenty of sweet treats. 


Places to Stay: 

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

Painted skeleton masks and other Halloween themed decorations displayed on the balcony of one of the buildings in New Orleans during October.

Photo by Lynn Friedman on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities, oyster season, and sporting events. 


Weekend getaways in New Orleans during the fall season mean cool breezes and bustling crowds flocking towards seasonal festivities. This is the season when locals start preparing for Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities, sports fans head to stadiums or sports bars to watch football matches, and foodies hit up local restaurants to try sweet delicacies exclusive to the city (like pralines and beignets). 


September also marks the start of oyster season in the city, so don’t forget to check out some of the best oyster restaurants! All things considered, the Big Easy is without a doubt home to the best fall vacations in the world.


Places to Stay: 

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona 

Bird’s-eye angle of Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Photo by Sarah Howell on Pexels


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Pleasant weather for outdoor activities and fewer crowds. 


The Grand Canyon is among the natural wonders of North America and it is also one of the top national parks in Arizona. It’s a popular destination year-round, so it can get pretty crowded during peak season. Avoid sweltering temperatures and throngs of people by planning a trip around the fall months. Coupled with the mesmerizing scenery of fall foliage, the Grand Canyon in fall is ideal for hiking, horseback riding, and camping. Just note that once the sun goes down, temperatures can drop to freezing degrees, so be sure to pack extra layers if you’re staying the night to truly experience on of the best fall vacations in the country.


Places to Stay: 

5. Asheville, North Carolina

Fall foliage found in Asheville, North Carolina, one of the best fall vacation spots in the US.

Photo by Adri Marie on Pixabay


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Vibrant fall foliage and apple picking season. 


If you’re searching for the best fall vacations in the South, consider taking a weekend getaway at Asheville, North Carolina. Dubbed as “The Land of the Sky,” Asheville sits over 2,000 feet above sea level. Most trees that grow there are the type to display the most vibrant fall colors and foliage. In fact, you can experience the longest leaf peeping season in America right here at Asheville. Take a scenic drive through the city, or traverse hiking trails to marvel at the picturesque beauty of the over 120 tree species scattered across the area. You can even drop by one of the nearby apple orchards and pick your own apples!


Places to Stay: 

6. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pumpkins lined in a row on top of haystacks at one of the pumpkin patches in Santa Fe Plaza, New Mexico during the fall season.

Photo alasam on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Cultural and culinary festivals, and relatively warm temperatures. 


On the hunt for the best fall trips for couples? New Mexico’s capital city offers the best couple vacations in the U.S.! And if you’re looking for hot places in October, you’ll be glad to know that Santa Fe experiences relatively warmer weather compared to other fall destinations


The city is home to a blend of cultures that come alive in the autumn season through various festivities and events. In September you have Fiesta de Santa Fe, which celebrates the city’s old Spanish and Mexican heritage. One of the event’s highlights is the Burning of Zozobra, a 50-feet effigy that symbolizes hardships. By October, it’s the start of the city’s annual harvest festival, during which you can make your own cider using a traditional apple press, go pumpkin picking, and learn how to make tortillas by hand. 


Places to Stay: 

7. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

A bear amongst the fall foliage found in Yellowstone National Park, one of the best fall vacations in the US.

Photo by Ania Tuzel Photography on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: More chances for wildlife spotting.


Many consider fall to be the best time to visit Yellowstone. During this time, the park is not only taken over by warm-toned trees, but elks as well. September marks the start of this animal’s mating season, so don’t be surprised to witness bull elks battling antler on antler for dominance. Bears are also particularly active in the fall as they forage to prepare for hibernation. Bighorn sheep, deer, moose, and pronghorns are also some of the close encounters to witness. What’s more, the thinning crowds allow you to visit the park’s famous attractions, such as its many hot springs, without throngs of other tourists. 


Places to Stay: 

8. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Ferris Wheel located along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

Photo by Mike Foote on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Festival season.


South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is the best place to visit in fall if you’re looking for the perfect blend of a relaxing beach holiday and an adventurous, fun-filled getaway. The fall months offer warm summer-like temperatures but without the summer crowd. It’s the perfect time to lounge by the sandy shores on your favorite beach blanket and take in the crisp salt air. 


Horseback riding along the beach, going on scenic kayak tours, golfing, and taking sunset cruises are just some of the best things to do during this season. Fall is a festive season here, with several music, food, history, and art festivities taking place at Myrtle Beach.


Places to Stay: 

9. Lake Tahoe

Fannette Island in Lake Tahoe during the fall season.

Photo by Jeff Hopper on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Vibrant fall colors and pleasant temperatures for outdoor activities. 


The list of things to do in Lake Tahoe in the fall is endless. The warm yet crisp weather is perfect for hiking, boating, biking, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities. Admittedly, swimming and camping may only be possible in September since temperatures get colder in the later fall months. By late September though, photographers flock to the lake to capture the vibrant fall foliage of cottonwood, willow, and aspen trees. We recommend hopping on a hot-air balloon for a bird’s-eye-view of the lake’s changing colors.


Places to Stay: 

10. Salt Lake City, Utah

Women dressed in German barmaid outfits holding pints of beer during Oktoberfest, one of the festivals in Salt Lake City during the fall months.

Photo from the Visit Salt Lake City official website


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Utah State Fairpark and Oktoberfest.


Salt Lake City is a great spot for having the best fall vacations in the US. A trip to the Beehive State’s capital city during the fall months means you get to witness the transition of the trees from colors of summer green to hues of autumn reds, golds, and browns. 


The weather around this season remains warm enough for outdoor activities too, such as strolling through public gardens and parks. Indulge in fried Twinkies while having a blast at the Utah State Fairpark in September. Or, enjoy delicious cold beer and tasty food every weekend of October during the city’s Oktoberfest festivities. Check out what are the best things to do in Salt Lake City for you and your family.


Places to Stay:

11. Zion National Park, Utah

Fall foliage against red sandstone rock formations in Zion National Park, one of the best fall vacation spots in the US.

Photo by Diana Robinson on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Milder temperatures, and the majority trails and facilities are still accessible and open. 


Fall is the best time to visit Zion National Park. Not only does the park experience cooler temperatures and smaller crowds, but Zion is also at its most beautiful during this season because of fall foliage taking over the valley and canyons. If you are big on road trips and scenic drives, then do visit the Zion-Mount Carmel tunnel where you can admire the exquisite contrast of the fall colors against the park’s famous red rock formations. 


Don’t have a private vehicle? Take advantage of the park’s free shuttle system which remains operational from early to mid-fall. Other establishments, including the Human History Museum, remain open until the end of November. 


Places to Stay: 

12. Walt Disney World, Florida

Pumpkin carving shaped in the likeness of Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney World, with the Cinderella Castle in the background.

Photo by Steven Miller on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Halloween celebrations featuring beloved Disney characters. 


If you’re looking for family-friendly vacation ideas, then Disney World, Florida is not to be missed. Though families from across the country flock to Walt Disney World all year round, a trip to this iconic amusement park during fall is a different kind of magical. Kids will love celebrating Halloween alongside beloved Disney characters dressed up in their own very special Halloween costumes. 


Watch spectacular live musical stage shows by other Disney characters, and afterwards catch the park’s spellbinding laser and firework show that brings light to the night sky. Children can even go trick-or-treating at the different areas of the theme park!


Places to Stay: 

13. Yosemite National Park, California

Hues of yellows and orange in Yosemite National Park, one of the best fall vacations in the US.

Photo by Rakshith Hatwar on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Majority of the trails are still accessible for hiking and horseback riding.


The best time to visit Yosemite National Park is during the fall. Though the park is known for its evergreen trees, you can still find glimpses of the fall colors around mid-October thanks to the nearby maples, black oaks, and Pacific dogwoods.


But if your goal is hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing and other outdoor activities, fall is the perfect time to visit Yosemite. Although the weather can be a bit unpredictable, you can expect generally warm and sunny days with cold and chilly nights. 


Places to Stay: 

14. Savannah, Georgia

Street of Downtown Savannah, Georgia, one of the best fall vacations in the US.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Plenty of ghost hunting tours. 


Savannah offers some of the best fall vacations in the South. The fall months are the best time for sightseeing and exploring the city’s antebellum hospitality and charm. Stroll through the city square, parks, and cemeteries during the daytime. By nightfall, go on thrilling ghost tours or haunted pub crawls that will take you to the city’s creepiest houses, hotels, and other haunted locations for the extra Halloween vibes. Prepare for the fright of your life with The Savannah Underground, which puts you right front and center in some of Savannah’s darkest and most gruesome true tales. 


Places to Stay: 

15. Kauai, Hawaii

Aerial shot of the coast of Kauai, Hawaii, one of the best fall vacation spots in the US.

Photo by Andrea Izzotti on Adobe Stock


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Whale watching season.


Looking for warm, tropical places to visit this fall? Kauai, Hawaii in the fall months is the perfect time for outdoor activities without rubbing shoulders with other tourists. An epitome of natural beauty, Kauai is simply astounding. In fact, fans of the beloved Jurassic Park franchise will probably be familiar with the stunning scenery of the island since the north shore of the island served as the films’ backdrops. But there’s just so much more things to do in Kauai than ticking off your Jurassic adventure from your bucket list


Explore the island’s lush rainforest, visit its botanical gardens and cascading waterfalls, or take a boat tour to see the island from a different perspective. Want to swim alongside sea turtles? Early fall is your best bet since the waters are calmer. Meanwhile, if whale-watching is up on your itinerary, plan your Kauai trip around late fall in November.


Places to Stay: 

16. Acadia National Park, Maine

Fall colors in Acadia National Park, Maine during early fall.

Photo by Rachel C on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Plenty of leaf peeping opportunities and the annual Acadia Night Sky Festival. 


Acadia National Park is among the top leaf peeping destinations on the East Coast. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the park to witness the spectacular fall foliage that takes over the 47,000 acres of land. You’ll start to see fall colors throughout the park, and mid-October is generally considered as the best time for leaf peeping in the park.


In addition, the crisp weather of fall makes hitting the trails of the park’s more strenuous hikes, including the Beehive Loop and Precipice Loop trails, more bearable. Visiting in late September also means you can participate in the annual Acadia Night Sky Festival, which celebrates the pristine beauty of the park’s star-filled night sky through a number of events. This ranges from stargazing events, poetry reading, and educational programs. 


Places to Stay: 

17. South Padre Island, Texas

Couple on horseback at the beach during sunset in South Padre Island.

Photo from South Padre Island Adventure Park official website


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Beach holidays, bird watching opportunities, and sandcastle making competition. 


The tropical weather of South Padre Island makes it an ideal destination for people still seeking a beach getaway even during the fall months


This tiny coastal town along the Gulf Coast offers plenty of fun and family-friendly things to do. For instance, you can go bird-watching and witness the spectacular fall migration or participate in one of the fishing tournaments. And while at the beach, catch the annual Sandcastle Days, a five-day event that showcases sand sculptors creating magnificent artworks. For families, dedicate a day to exploring South Padre Island Adventure Park and all its attractions, ranging from horseback riding, zip lining, parasailing, and many more! 


Places to Stay:

18. Napa Valley, California

Hot air balloon soaring above Napa Valley during fall.

Photo by Bel R on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Wine harvest festivals and scenic tours on hot air balloons.


Napa Valley is famous for being one of the best vacation spots for couples all year round. However, California’s wine region is particularly popular during the fall. The fall months are harvest season in Napa Valley, so there will be plenty of harvest parties that celebrate the occasion. Additionally, Napa Valley is among the best October vacation destinations for leaf peeping, since the hues of gold and crimson that shroud the landscape are at their peak between October and November. 


One of the best ways to take in the natural beauty of the landscape is onboard the Napa Valley Wine Train, which provides you scenic views, a glass of champagne, and a four-course gourmet meal for a romantic experience. You can also take to the sky on a hot-air balloon ride for a bird’s-eye-view of the valley. California’s Napa Valley is among the best fall vacations in the U.S. for couples.


Places to Stay: 

19. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Close-up of a moose in open grassland during autumn. 

Photo by Cora Leach on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Wildlife viewing, hunting season, and the Fall Arts Festival. 


Nestled between two of Wyoming’s national parks, Jackson Hole is often just a pit stop during a road trip between Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. However, this quaint mountain town boasts its own attractions that you shouldn’t put off seeing and experiencing. The calmer fall season means you can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities in perfectly mild weather conditions.

In early fall, you can still enjoy most summer activities, such as rafting and other water sports in the area. Other fall highlights include the Fall Arts Festival, wherein both local and international artists showcase their craft in an 11-day celebration. Jackson Hole’s hunting season likewise occurs during the fall months.


Places to Stay: 

20. Olympic National Park, Washington

Orca whale breaching the waters in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

Photo by Cavan on Adobe Stock


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventurers, especially whale watching and bird watching.


Olympic National Park is among the must-visit parks in Washington State if you’re on the lookout for the best place to travel during fall. The damp and cool temperatures make exploring the park’s rocky mountain range and trails more enjoyable than in the summer heat. 


Whale-watching season has likewise begun, specifically for gray whales traveling along the surrounding waters from October to November. Bird-watching enthusiasts can also spot Horned Larks, Sooty Grouse, American Pipits, and other migratory birds in the sky during this season. Moreover, since fall is elks’ rutting season, chances are you’d find bull elks locked in an exciting battle with their sharp antlers.


Places to Stay: 

21. Blue Ridge Parkway

Aerial shot of the fall foliage along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Scenic drives, camping, and ranger-lead programs. 


Renowned for its beauty, Blue Ridge Parkway is surely amidst the best fall vacations in the U.S. if you’re looking to go on a scenic drive. Nestled between the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this 469-mile route is popular among tourists for slow-paced road trips between Virginia and North Carolina. 

Besides simply connecting the two states, the parkway offers its own attractions. Sleep among the stars at one of the campgrounds, hike along the 369 miles worth of trails, and enjoy a light snack or meal with the family on one of the picnic grounds. Families with kids will want to participate in one of the ranger-lead educational programs that the parkway offers. Little ones can become a junior ranger or learn to identify different types of plants and animals found in the park through the TRACK Trail program. 


Tip: Want to witness the fall colors at their peak? Visit the parkway between mid- to late October.


Places to Stay: 

22. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Black bear roaming Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the best fall vacations in the US.

Photo by skiserge1 on Adobe Stock


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Gorgeous fall colors, outdoor activities, wildlife spotting and flowers bloom.


Another one of the best fall vacations in the U.S. within the south is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Straddling the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, this over 500,000-acre national park is home to some of the most gorgeous fall colors in the south. Generally, though, the park’s most vibrant displays of the fall colors and wildflower blooms occur between mid-October and early November. If you’re lucky, you might also catch sights of bears by the rivers. 


During this season, the park experiences balmy days with clear skies, making it a great time to climb up hills, hike up trails, visit cascading waterfalls, and go horseback riding. You can also rent a bicycle and pedal your way through the park’s vast landscape. If you want more thrilling activities, consider going on zipline canopy tours or riding alpine coasters. 


Places to Stay: 

23. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Two equestrian riding horses in the fields of Shenandoah Valley during fall.

Photo from the Visit Shenandoah Valley official Facebook page


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Horseback riding, stargazing and wildlife spotting.


Starting from September to October, Shenandoah National Park is home to gorgeous fall foliage. It’s among the top vacation spots in the U.S. where you can witness the transition of leaves from different shades of green to autumn colors in the cooling weather.


There’s a whole myriad of ways to experience the natural beauty of Shenandoah. Visit one of the waterfalls, go horseback riding, ride a bike, visit the backcountry, climb up rock formations, or spend the night under the stars. The fall months are a great time for stargazing too! Furthermore, the season is your last chance to spot black bears and other wildlife before they retreat to their dens for winter hibernation. 


Places to Stay: 

24. Bar Harbor, Maine

Aerial shot of Bar Harbor, one of the best fall vacations in the US.

Photo by mandritoiu on Adobe Stock


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Fall foliage, apple picking season, whale migration, and birdwatching opportunities. 


Maine’s Bar Harbor is a top destination for romantic, relaxing weekend getaways for couples. But it’s when the fall season rolls in that’s considered the best time to visit this quaint town, when the big tourist crowds are already heading home. 


Immerse yourself in the town’s foliage season by taking a scenic boat tour along the shoreline of Bar Harbor. Be sure to schedule your trip around from mid-September to early October since that’s typically considered as the peak foliage viewing window. Meanwhile, for those who want to participate in birdwatching or catch the whale migration, it’s best to visit from September to late October. 


Places to Stay: 

25. Door County, Wisconsin

Close-up shot of apples ready for picking from one of the apple orchards in Door County, Wisconsin.

Photo by drkfiber on Flickr


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Outdoor camping, and harvest season. 


Whether you’re looking for family-friendly fall getaways or romantic vacations in the U.S., a trip to Door County is one of the best fall vacations in the U.S. that caters to all.


Visit one of the five state parks or 19 county parks to connect with nature. Or, head to one of the beaches and lakes to soak up some sun before the temperatures drop. Family fall camping trips are likewise an amazing way to spend time in Door Country, whether you’re roughing it in a tent, renting a cottage, or staying in your family RV. Explore the many quaint small towns by the lakeside and get to know the local scene. Harvest season also means you’ll find farmers’ markets packed with fresh produce from local farms and orchards.


Places to Stay: 

26. Black Hills, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore National Monument at Black Hills, South Dakota, one of the best fall vacations in the US.

Photo by Sophia Simoes on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Spectacular fall foliage and hot-air balloon rides.


The Black Hills are probably most known for being home to Mount Rushmore. But this mountain range has so much more to offer than just that. The millions of acres of lush forest and mountain lands are the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts. It can get crowded, so it’s best to schedule your visit around the fall to avoid both the summer crowds and winter chills. 


During this season, you’ll have a pleasant time exploring the many rock formations, canyons, open grasslands, and blue lakes. Meanwhile, history lovers will also love exploring the historic Old West towns and learning about Native American culture. Finally, a trip to the Black Hills during the fall months isn’t complete without marveling at the picturesque views of the fall foliage. There are plenty of ways to do this, but a hot-air balloon ride is surely one of the best. 


Places to Stay: 

27. Lake Champlain

Close-up shot of a pumpkin at one of the pumpkin patches in the Lake Champlain region, one of the best fall vacation spots in the US.

Photo from the Country Dreams Farm official Facebook page


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Harvest season for fresh apples and pumpkins.


Looking for fall vacation ideas along the East Coast? The Lake Champlain region offers some of the best fall experiences! Straddling the borders of the United States and Canada, this lakeside community is home to several farmlands where you can pick fresh apples and pumpkins, on top of other fruits and vegetables. This is perfect if your idea of the best fall vacations involve revisiting fall flavors. 


Visit a local orchard or farm and harvest your own produce to take home. Afterwards, indulge in some freshly baked apple donuts or a slice of pumpkin pie, paired with a glass of hot apple cider! And we can’t talk about visiting Lake Champlain without mentioning boating. While the cooling temperatures may be too cold for taking a dip in the water, the crisp autumn air is fantastic for cruising down the shoreline of the freshwater lake.


Places to Stay: 

28. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Bull elk eating grass near the roadside of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Photo by MelissaMN on Adobe Stock


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Most attractions and facilities are still open and accessible. Wildlife spotting opportunities. 


Grand Teton is one of the Wyoming national parks you should visit if you’re on the hunt for the best place to travel during fall. This is especially true if you plan on spending a day leaf peeping. After all, the groves of aspen trees spread across the acres of land make for a spectacular sight during the fall months. Wildlife is still active during this season. Elk and moose, in particular, can be seen roaming around the grounds for their annual mating season. Come October, you’ll catch bison, elk, pronghorn and the other animals that call the Grand Teton home migrating to their wintering grounds.


Places to Stay: 

29. North Cascades National Park, Washington 

Kayaker on Ross Lake at North Cascades National Park, Washington.

Photo by K Lee Corey on Unsplash


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Less people along popular spots, more chances of spotting elusive wildlife, and tail end of boating season. 


With its jagged peaks, forested valleys, cascading waterfalls, and hundreds of glaciers, Washington State’s North Cascades National Park is home to breathtaking views. And the autumn months just bring out the natural beauty of the alpine landscape even more. The park is among the best places to visit in October in the U.S.


One of the best ways to take in the stunning landscape of the park is on a scenic drive along the valleys of Skagit, Okanogan, and Stehekin. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even spot elusive creatures such as gray wolves, fishers, and wolverines. That will truly make for one of the best fall vacations in a lifetime. Anglers will also be glad to know that fishing in Diablo and Gorge Lakes, plus some portions of Lake Chelan, is permitted all year round. Planning on boating in Ross Lake? Schedule your trip around September since that’s the tail end of boating season.


Places to Stay: 

30. Rocks State Park, Maryland

Kilgore Falls in Rocks State Park, Maryland, surrounded by autumn colors.

Photo by flownaksala on Adobe Stock


Reasons to Visit in Fall: Rock climbing, camping, and fishing opportunities. 


Rocks State Park is one of Maryland’s state parks you should add to your list of places to visit in the fall. Spread across 855 acres, this rocky forest land is home to plenty of hiking opportunities and water-based fun that will surely satisfy any adventurous soul. Go rock climbing atop the King and Queen Seat, a 190-foot throne-like rock formation. Afterwards, go fishing for trout in the waters of Deer Creek. If you visit in early fall, the waters may still be warm enough for you to go wading, tubing, canoeing and even camping. The park’s bow hunting season also takes place around the fall months. Finally, you can also enjoy a quiet picnic next to Kilgore Falls, while surrounded by fall colors. Definitely one of the best fall vacations if you ask us!


Places to Stay: 

Best Fall Vacations in the U.S. This 2022

The thinning crowds, milder weather, and discounted deals make autumn the best time to visit popular vacation spots. Be it a family beach trip or a romantic getaway in the mountains, you’ll never run out of the best places to travel in fall in the U.S. Plus, there’s no denying the stunning vision that the bright colors of fall brings! From leaf peeping and apple picking to vineyard trips and beach festivals, the best fall vacations in the U.S. are anything but bland. Plan your trip here.