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Top 20 Best Things To Do In North Island Of New Zealand


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Carine Rubio



New Zealand’s North Island is a destination filled with breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and a rich culture that will captivate any traveler. From the stunning beaches of the Bay of Islands to the geothermal wonders of Rotorua, there is no shortage of incredible experiences to be had in this dynamic region. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or a culture enthusiast, the North Island offers something for everyone.


Home to the vibrant city of Auckland, the North Island is a hub of urban excitement, with a bustling arts scene, world-class dining, and a lively nightlife. But it’s not just the cities that draw visitors to this part of New Zealand; the natural beauty of the North Island is truly awe-inspiring. From the majestic mountains of Tongariro National Park to the pristine beaches of Coromandel and the enchanting glowworm caves of Waitomo, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures and unforgettable experiences.


One of the highlights of the North Island is its rich Maori culture. Indigenous to New Zealand, the Maori people have a deep connection to the land and have preserved their traditions and way of life for centuries. Exploring Maori villages, experiencing traditional rituals and performances, and learning about their history and customs is an enriching and enlightening journey that should not be missed.


Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, indulge in adrenaline-pumping adventures, learn about ancient cultures, or simply relax on stunning beaches, the North Island of New Zealand has it all. Join us as we explore the top 20 best things to do in this extraordinary part of the country.


Visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are a mesmerizing natural wonder that should be at the top of any North Island itinerary. Located in the small town of Waitomo, these caves are famous for their magical display of tiny glowing creatures known as glowworms.


As you enter the caves, you’ll be greeted by a surreal sight – thousands of glowworms illuminating the darkness like a starry night sky. The glowworms, scientifically known as Arachnocampa luminosa, emit a blue-green light that creates a breathtaking glow on the cave walls and ceilings.


Guided tours are available to explore the caves and learn about their geological formation and the unique ecosystem that sustains the glowworms. You can take a boat ride through the underground waterways, allowing you to get up close and personal with these luminescent creatures.


The experience of floating in the darkness, only guided by the enchanting glow of the worms, is nothing short of magical. The silence and tranquility of the caves enhance the otherworldly atmosphere, an experience that will undoubtedly leave you in awe.


Make sure to bring your camera, as capturing the beauty of the glowworms is a must. Many tour operators offer photography tours where you can learn techniques to capture stunning images of these natural wonders.


Aside from the glowworm display, the Waitomo area offers various other activities for adventure enthusiasts. You can indulge in activities like caving, rappelling, and black-water rafting, where you can float through underground river systems.


Visiting the Waitomo Glowworm Caves is an unforgettable experience that showcases the unique beauty of New Zealand’s natural wonders. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply want to immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of the glowworms, this is a must-visit destination on the North Island.


Explore the Hobbiton Movie Set

If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping into the magical world of Middle-earth, a visit to the Hobbiton Movie Set is a must. Located near the town of Matamata, this iconic film set brings to life the fantastical realm of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies.


As you wander through the lush green hills of the Shire, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into the pages of Tolkien’s books. The attention to detail in the Hobbiton Movie Set is astounding, with meticulously crafted hobbit holes, charming gardens, and winding paths that make it feel like a lived-in community.


Guided tours take you on a journey through the 12-acre set, providing fascinating insights into the filming process and revealing behind-the-scenes stories. You’ll learn how the set was constructed, hear anecdotes about the cast and crew, and even get the chance to sample a pint of ale at the Green Dragon Inn, just as the hobbits would.


Photography enthusiasts will be in their element, as the picturesque scenery provides countless opportunities for stunning photos. From the famous hobbit holes to the iconic Party Tree, every corner of Hobbiton is a potential postcard-worthy shot.


Whether you’re a fan of the movies or simply appreciate beautiful landscapes, a visit to Hobbiton is an immersive and enchanting experience. The attention to detail, the stunning setting, and the warm hospitality of the guides make it a truly unforgettable destination.


Tip: To make the most of your visit, plan ahead and book your tour in advance, as the Hobbiton Movie Set is a popular attraction that can get busy, especially during peak travel seasons.


So, grab your walking shoes and embark on a journey to the land of hobbits – a visit to the Hobbiton Movie Set is an absolute must-do when exploring the North Island of New Zealand.


Take a scenic hike in Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of New Zealand’s most spectacular natural wonders. Located in the central part of the North Island, this national park is famous for its dramatic volcanic landscapes, pristine alpine lakes, and challenging hiking trails.


One of the most popular hikes in the park is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, often touted as one of the best day hikes in the world. This 19.4-kilometer (12-mile) trail takes you through awe-inspiring terrain, including steaming vents, ancient lava flows, and breathtaking vistas.


The hike begins at Mangatepopo Valley and follows a well-marked track that takes you past impressive volcanic formations, such as the iconic Mount Ngauruhoe, also known as Mount Doom from the “Lord of the Rings” films. As you ascend, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and emerald-colored lakes.


Highlights of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing include the stunning Emerald Lakes, known for their vibrant turquoise color, and the Red Crater, a volcanic crater that offers a surreal and otherworldly landscape. On a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Mount Taranaki in the distance.


While the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a challenging hike that requires a good level of fitness, the rewards are well worth the effort. Remember to pack plenty of water, snacks, and suitable clothing, as the weather in the park can be unpredictable and change rapidly.


For those looking for a less strenuous option, there are several shorter hikes within Tongariro National Park that still offer stunning views and opportunities to explore the unique volcanic terrain. The Taranaki Falls Track, for example, is a 6-kilometer (3.7-mile) loop that takes you through beech forest to a beautiful waterfall.


Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just enjoy being surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty, a visit to Tongariro National Park is a must-do when exploring the North Island of New Zealand. The unique volcanic landscapes and the sense of adventure that comes with hiking through this extraordinary terrain will leave you with unforgettable memories.


Discover the geothermal wonders of Rotorua

Located in the heart of the North Island, Rotorua is a place of fascinating geothermal activity and Maori culture. Known as the “Sulphur City,” it is home to bubbling mud pools, steaming geysers, and natural hot springs that showcase the incredible forces of nature.


Wandering around Rotorua, you’ll be greeted by the distinct smell of sulfur in the air and the sight of steam rising from the ground. One of the best places to witness this geothermal activity is at the Whakarewarewa Thermal Village. Here, you can explore the geothermal valley, see the Pohutu geyser erupt, and learn about the Maori history and traditions of the area.


The thermal activity in Rotorua also provides opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. The city is renowned for its geothermal spas, where you can soak in natural hot pools and indulge in therapeutic mud treatments. A visit to one of the spas is the perfect way to unwind and experience the healing properties of the warm mineral-rich waters.


In addition to its geothermal wonders, Rotorua is a hub of Maori culture. You can immerse yourself in the traditions and customs of the Maori people through cultural performances, interactive experiences, and visits to authentic Maori villages. These experiences offer a unique insight into the rich heritage of the indigenous people of New Zealand.


For adventure seekers, Rotorua offers a wide range of outdoor activities. You can go ziplining through lush forests, take a thrilling jet boat ride on Lake Rotorua, or explore the mountain biking trails in the surrounding Redwood Forest. There’s no shortage of opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping.


Food lovers will also be in for a treat in Rotorua. The city is known for its unique volcanic cooking techniques, where food is cooked using geothermal steam and hot springs. Don’t miss the chance to try a traditional Maori hangi, a feast cooked in an underground oven, or sample local delicacies like smoked trout and Maori-inspired fusion cuisine.


Whether you’re fascinated by geothermal activity, eager to learn about Maori culture, or simply seeking adventure and relaxation, Rotorua is a destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience on the North Island of New Zealand.


Experience Maori culture in Whakarewarewa Village

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and vibrant culture of the Maori people by visiting Whakarewarewa Village in Rotorua. This living Maori village offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history, customs, and way of life of the indigenous people of New Zealand.


As you enter the village, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and a traditional Maori welcome called a Powhiri. This ceremony involves powerful haka performances, traditional songs, and heartfelt greetings that will leave you with a deep sense of connection to Maori culture.


While exploring Whakarewarewa Village, you’ll have the chance to witness traditional Maori practices firsthand. From learning about traditional carving techniques and flax weaving to experiencing the art of ta moko (Maori tattooing) and the creation of Maori food, every aspect of Maori culture is showcased in this vibrant village.


One of the highlights of the visit is the guided tour through the geothermal valley. You’ll witness the natural wonders of bubbling mud pools, steaming geysers, and hot springs that have been utilized by the Maori people for centuries. Your guide will explain the significance of these geothermal features and how they are integrated into daily life in the village.


Whakarewarewa Village is also home to the Māori Arts and Crafts Institute, where you can observe master carvers and weavers at work. You’ll gain insight into the intricate artistry and skills passed down through generations in creating traditional Maori crafts.


No visit to Whakarewarewa Village is complete without experiencing a traditional hangi meal. This unique cooking technique involves food being cooked underground over heated rocks, resulting in delicious and flavorful dishes. You’ll have the opportunity to savor authentic Maori cuisine and learn about the importance of food in Maori culture.


Whakarewarewa Village is a living testament to the resilience and pride of the Maori people. By visiting this cultural gem, you’ll gain a deep understanding and appreciation for their customs, traditions, and their intricate connection with the land and natural resources.


Experiencing Maori culture in Whakarewarewa Village is an immersive and enlightening journey that will create lasting memories and leave you with a renewed appreciation for the rich heritage of the indigenous people of New Zealand.


Enjoy the beaches of the Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is an idyllic coastal paradise located in the northern part of the North Island. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and over 140 stunning islands, it is a must-visit destination for beach and nature lovers.


With its warm climate, the Bay of Islands offers the perfect setting for a range of water activities. From swimming and snorkeling to kayaking and sailing, there are endless opportunities to get out on the water and explore the breathtaking coastline. The marine life in the Bay of Islands is abundant, so keep an eye out for dolphins, seals, and even whales.


One of the most popular beaches in the area is Paihia Beach, a vibrant and bustling beach town with golden sands and a charming waterfront promenade. Here, you can relax on the beach, enjoy a picnic in the shade, or indulge in water sports such as jet skiing or parasailing.


For a quieter and more secluded beach experience, head to the nearby town of Russell. This historic village boasts stunning beaches, including Long Beach and Oneroa Beach, where you can escape the crowds and unwind in the tranquil surroundings.


Don’t miss the opportunity to take a boat cruise or sail around the Bay of Islands, where you can explore some of the many islands that dot the coastline. Visit the iconic Hole in the Rock on Piercy Island, or embark on a dolphin-watching tour, where you can witness these playful creatures in their natural habitat.


In addition to its natural beauty, the Bay of Islands is steeped in history. Visit the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840, forming the basis of New Zealand as a nation. Explore the beautifully landscaped grounds, visit the carved Maori meeting house, and learn about the significance of this historical site.


With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural history, the Bay of Islands offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and exploration. Whether you’re seeking thrilling water activities, a peaceful beach retreat, or a glimpse into New Zealand’s past, the Bay of Islands is not to be missed.


Visit the stunning Cathedral Cove in Coromandel

The Coromandel Peninsula is home to one of New Zealand’s most iconic and breathtaking natural wonders – Cathedral Cove. With its striking rock formations, crystal-clear waters, and secluded golden beaches, Cathedral Cove is a must-visit destination on the North Island.


Accessible by foot or by boat, the journey to Cathedral Cove is an adventure in itself. If you choose to hike, you’ll embark on a picturesque trail through lush native bush, offering glimpses of the stunning coastline along the way. The hike takes you to the lookout point, from where you can marvel at the beauty of Cathedral Cove and its magnificent arched rock.


As you descend onto the beach, you’ll be greeted by the iconic rock formation that gives the area its name – a naturally formed archway that resembles the shape of a cathedral. This unique geological formation, combined with the golden sands and crystal-clear waters, creates a truly magical and surreal atmosphere.


Take the time to explore the beach, go for a swim in the refreshing waters, or even venture through the archway to discover the hidden gem of Mares Leg Cove. If you’re lucky, you may spot some dolphins or marine life swimming just offshore.


For a different perspective, consider taking a scenic boat tour or kayak excursion to Cathedral Cove. This allows you to fully appreciate the scale and beauty of the rock formations and enjoy a unique viewpoint of the beach.


Visiting Cathedral Cove is not just about the beauty of the landscape; it’s also about the tranquility and serenity that the place offers. Take a moment to sit on the beach and absorb the stunning surroundings, or explore the surrounding nature trails and lookout points for panoramic views of the coastline.


Remember to pack beach essentials, such as sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water, as there are limited facilities at Cathedral Cove. Additionally, the area is part of a marine reserve, so please respect the environment and be mindful of any guidelines or regulations in place to preserve the natural beauty of the area.


No trip to the Coromandel Peninsula is complete without a visit to Cathedral Cove. Its breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere make it an ideal spot for relaxation, exploration, and the creation of unforgettable memories on your North Island adventure.


Explore the vibrant city of Auckland

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, is a vibrant and dynamic destination that offers a blend of urban excitement, breathtaking natural beauty, and rich cultural experiences. Situated between two stunning harbors, this city is known as the “City of Sails” due to its strong ties to sailing and maritime activities.


Begin your exploration of Auckland by taking a stroll along the waterfront of the Viaduct Harbour, where you can admire the sleek yachts and enjoy waterfront dining options. The bustling atmosphere, lined with trendy bars, restaurants, and cafes, makes it a perfect spot to soak in the city’s vibrant energy.


For panoramic views of the city, head to the top of the iconic Sky Tower. This towering landmark offers 360-degree views of Auckland’s skyline, as well as the opportunity for thrill-seekers to take part in the SkyJump or SkyWalk, where you can experience the adrenaline rush of jumping off or walking around the tower’s edge.


Auckland is also known for its diverse culinary scene. From street food markets to fine dining establishments, the city offers a range of culinary experiences to satisfy every palate. Don’t miss the chance to taste traditional Maori Hangi, indulge in Pacific Rim cuisine, or sample fresh seafood from the nearby coastal waters.


The city is also a hub of cultural experiences, with numerous museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions to explore. The Auckland Museum, located in the Auckland Domain, showcases the country’s rich history, including Maori and Pacific Islander cultures, while the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is home to an impressive collection of both national and international artworks.


Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the natural beauty that surrounds Auckland. Just a short drive from the city center, you’ll find stunning beaches, regional parks, and picturesque islands to explore. Take a ferry to the tranquil and scenic Waiheke Island, known for its vineyards, art galleries, and beautiful beaches.


For a taste of the wild, visit the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, where you can hike through lush forests, discover breathtaking waterfalls, and enjoy panoramic views of the rugged west coast. Piha Beach, one of Auckland’s most famous surf beaches, is also a must-visit destination for beach lovers and offers the chance to witness powerful surf and black sand.


Auckland truly offers something for everyone, with its vibrant cityscape, stunning natural landscapes, diverse culinary scene, and rich cultural experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a taste of city life, Auckland is a destination that will captivate and leave a lasting impression on your North Island journey.


Take a journey through time at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington

No visit to Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is complete without exploring the fascinating Te Papa Tongarewa Museum. Known simply as Te Papa, this national museum is a treasure trove of history, culture, and natural wonders.


Te Papa offers a diverse range of exhibitions that immerse visitors in the rich heritage and stories of New Zealand. From the captivating Maori Galleries, which showcase the art, history, and traditions of the indigenous Maori people, to the innovative interactive exhibits that explore New Zealand’s geological formations, flora, and fauna, there is something for everyone at Te Papa.


One of the highlights of the museum is the exhibition on New Zealand’s unique natural environment. Learn about the country’s diverse ecosystems, including its native plants, birdlife, and marine species, and gain an understanding of the efforts being made to protect and preserve these precious resources.


Te Papa’s social history exhibitions take visitors on a journey through time, exploring the different stages of New Zealand’s development. From early Maori settlements to European colonization, from the nation’s involvement in wars to its struggle for women’s rights, the museum provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking exploration of New Zealand’s history and identity.


With a focus on interactive and immersive experiences, Te Papa offers visitors the opportunity to engage with the exhibits in unique and engaging ways. Touch-screen displays, virtual reality experiences, and hands-on activities bring the stories to life and allow for a deeper understanding of the culture, history, and natural wonders of New Zealand.


Te Papa also hosts temporary exhibitions featuring both national and international collections. These exhibitions cover a wide range of topics, from contemporary art and photography to cultural celebrations and scientific discoveries. No matter when you visit, there will always be something new and exciting to explore.


Make sure to leave some time to visit the museum’s gift shop, where you can find a wide range of unique and locally made souvenirs, crafts, and artworks. The onsite cafes and restaurants also offer a chance to refuel and relax while enjoying stunning views of Wellington Harbor.


Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about the rich heritage of New Zealand, a visit to Te Papa Museum is a must-do in Wellington. Immerse yourself in the stories, cultures, and natural wonders that have shaped this incredible country.


Marvel at the beauty of Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo, located in the heart of the North Island, is the largest lake in New Zealand and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, dramatic landscapes, and abundance of recreational activities, Lake Taupo offers a truly unforgettable experience.


One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of Lake Taupo is by taking a scenic boat cruise. Cruise operators offer a range of options, from leisurely sightseeing tours to adrenaline-pumping jet boat rides. As you navigate the pristine waters, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the surrounding mountains, lush forests, and the striking volcanic peaks of Tongariro National Park.


For those seeking adventure, Lake Taupo offers a variety of thrilling water activities. Try your hand at fishing for trout, as the lake is known as one of the best trout fishing destinations in the world. Alternatively, you can take part in kayaking, paddleboarding, or even try out kiteboarding or wakeboarding for a more exhilarating experience.


The lake is also known for its geothermal hot spots, such as the natural hot springs at the nearby Spa Thermal Park. Here, you can relax and unwind in mineral-rich waters, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The hot pools provide a therapeutic experience, perfect for rejuvenating both body and mind.


For hikers, the Great Lake Walkway offers a picturesque trail that follows the shoreline of Lake Taupo. The walkway is suitable for all fitness levels and provides stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. You can choose to do a shorter section or embark on the full 24-kilometer (15-mile) circuit for a more immersive experience.


As you explore Lake Taupo, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit some unique attractions, such as the Maori rock carvings on Mine Bay. Take a scenic boat cruise or kayak excursion to get up close and personal with these impressive artworks that adorn the cliffs of the lake.


With its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and diverse attractions, Lake Taupo is a destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply want to marvel at the awe-inspiring scenery, a visit to Lake Taupo is a must-do on your North Island itinerary.


Discover the art scene in Napier

Nestled on the eastern coast of the North Island, Napier is known for its stunning Art Deco architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and flourishing art community. As the art deco capital of the world, Napier offers a unique blend of history, creativity, and artistic expression.


Walking through the streets of Napier is like stepping back in time. The city’s art deco buildings, lovingly restored after a devastating earthquake in 1931, showcase the iconic architectural style of the era. Take a guided walking tour or explore at your own pace to admire the intricate details and elegant designs that define the cityscape.


Art enthusiasts will be delighted by the numerous galleries and studios that line the streets of Napier. The art scene in the city is diverse and dynamic, with a wide range of contemporary art, traditional Maori art, and local crafts on display. Explore the Napier Art Deco Centre to learn more about the city’s architectural heritage and the artists who played a role in its cultural development.


The ART DECO festival, held annually in Napier, is a celebration of the city’s rich history and art deco legacy. This event brings together locals and visitors from around the world for a week-long extravaganza of music, dance, vintage fashion, and heritage experiences. It’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in the art deco atmosphere and join in the festivities.


Aside from its art deco charm, Napier is also known for its thriving local arts and crafts scene. Take a stroll through the Napier Farmers Market or visit one of the craft markets held regularly in the city to discover unique handmade creations, from pottery and jewelry to paintings and sculptures.


To gain deeper insights into the artistic process, consider visiting the studios of local artists. Many artists in Napier open their doors to the public, allowing you to interact with them, learn about their creative journey, and purchase original artworks directly from the source.


When it comes to live performances, Napier doesn’t disappoint. The city boasts a vibrant theater scene, with regular productions ranging from local plays and concerts to touring shows. Check the schedule of the Napier Municipal Theatre, the heart of the city’s performing arts, to catch a show and immerse yourself in the performing arts culture of Napier.


Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of artistic expression, a visit to Napier is a must. Discover the unique blend of art deco heritage, contemporary creativity, and cultural experiences that make Napier a haven for art lovers on the North Island of New Zealand.


Explore the scenic landscapes of Mount Taranaki

Rising majestically from the surrounding plains of the Taranaki region, Mount Taranaki is an iconic volcano that offers breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures. With its perfectly symmetrical cone shape, lush rainforests, and stunning alpine landscapes, this majestic mountain is a must-visit destination on the North Island.


For hikers and nature lovers, exploring the trails around Mount Taranaki is an absolute delight. The Pouakai Crossing is a popular day hike that takes you through diverse landscapes, including lush sub-alpine forests, open tussock-covered slopes, and stunning viewpoints. On a clear day, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the mountain, the Tasman Sea, and the surrounding landscapes.


For a more challenging adventure, consider summiting Mount Taranaki itself. This requires more planning, preparation, and experience as it involves navigating steep and rugged terrain. However, the views from the summit are nothing short of spectacular, offering a sense of accomplishment and an unparalleled perspective of the surrounding landscapes.


The Egmont National Park, which surrounds Mount Taranaki, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. With its diverse range of flora and fauna, the park is a haven for birdwatchers and botanists. Keep an eye out for the native bird species, including the rare and elusive North Island kokako.


The Manganui Ski Area, located on the slopes of Mount Taranaki, offers opportunities to enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. The ski area is known for its stunning views and is a great spot for both beginners and experienced skiers.


For those seeking a more relaxed experience, take a scenic drive along the Surf Highway 45. This coastal route offers stunning views of the mountain as it winds along the rugged coastline, passing through charming towns and providing access to some of the best surf spots in the region.


When visiting Mount Taranaki, it’s important to respect the mountain and be prepared for changing weather conditions. The weather can be unpredictable, and it’s crucial to check the conditions and equip yourself with suitable clothing, food, and water. It’s also essential to adhere to any safety guidelines or restrictions in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Whether you choose to hike, ski, explore the national park, or simply marvel at the beauty of Mount Taranaki from a distance, this natural wonder offers a captivating and awe-inspiring experience for all who venture to its scenic landscapes.


Take a dip in the hot pools of Hanmer Springs

Tucked away in the picturesque South Island, Hanmer Springs is a charming alpine village known for its rejuvenating hot springs. Surrounded by stunning mountains and breathtaking landscapes, Hanmer Springs offers a tranquil oasis where visitors can relax, unwind, and soak in the healing mineral waters.


The natural hot springs in Hanmer Springs are renowned for their therapeutic properties. The mineral-rich waters are believed to have numerous health benefits, including stress relief, improved circulation, and muscle relaxation. Taking a dip in these soothing waters is the perfect way to soothe your senses and revitalize your body.


The Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa is the main attraction in the village, offering a range of thermal pools to suit every preference. From the cooler freshwater pools to the mineral-rich hot pools, there is a pool to cater to every visitor’s desired experience. You can indulge in a private thermal pool or join others in the communal rock pools, all while enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.


To elevate your relaxation, treat yourself to a spa treatment at the onsite spa. From massages and facials to luxurious body treatments, the skilled therapists will help you achieve ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.


Beyond the thermal pools, Hanmer Springs offers an array of outdoor activities. Explore the surrounding forests and hiking trails, where you can enjoy stunning views and reconnect with nature. For adventure enthusiasts, there are options for mountain biking, horse trekking, and even bungy jumping for an adrenaline rush.


The village itself is charming, with a range of accommodation options, cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. Take a leisurely stroll through the town, indulge in local flavors, and immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of this alpine retreat.


Whether you’re seeking relaxation, natural beauty, or outdoor adventure, a visit to the hot pools of Hanmer Springs is a must-do experience. Immerse yourself in the healing waters, embrace the serenity of the surroundings, and let the therapeutic properties of the hot springs rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.


Visit the historical sites of Russell

Nestled on the shores of the picturesque Bay of Islands, Russell is a charming and historically significant town that offers a glimpse into New Zealand’s colonial past. Known as the country’s first capital, Russell is steeped in history and dotted with well-preserved heritage buildings, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts.


One of the highlights of Russell is Pompallier Mission, a beautifully restored French Catholic Mission and printing house. Take a guided tour to learn about the early European settlers and the role of the Catholic Church in their lives. Marvel at the printing press used to produce religious texts in the Maori language and explore the tranquil gardens surrounding the mission.


Just a short walk from Pompallier Mission, you’ll find Christ Church, the oldest surviving church in New Zealand. Dating back to 1835, the church is a testament to the town’s early European settlers and provides insight into the religious history of the country. The peaceful churchyard is also the final resting place of many early settlers, including notable historical figures.


The Russell Museum is another fascinating place to delve into the town’s rich history. Housed in the old school building, the museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the stories of Russell, including tales of whaling, the impact of colonization, and the growth of maritime trade in the Bay of Islands.


Take a stroll along the picturesque waterfront of Russell, where you’ll find heritage buildings and charming cafes. The Duke of Marlborough, New Zealand’s oldest licensed hotel, is a must-visit establishment that has been serving guests since 1827. Step inside to experience the historic ambiance and enjoy a meal or a refreshing drink.


The Russell Wharf is another historical landmark, once a bustling hub for ships and trade. Today, it serves as a picturesque spot to take in the views of the bay, watch the boats come and go, and enjoy the serenity of the waterfront.


For a deeper understanding of the local Maori history, visit Okiato, just a short ferry ride from Russell. This is where the first formal agreement between Maori chiefs and the British Crown was signed, marking the beginning of the nation’s colonial era. Explore the Okiato Historic Reserve and learn about the significant role this area played in shaping New Zealand’s history.


Visiting the historical sites of Russell is like stepping back in time. From its beautifully preserved buildings to the stories that echo through its streets, this town provides a unique glimpse into New Zealand’s early years. Immerse yourself in the rich history, wander through the quaint streets, and discover the captivating stories that have shaped Russell into the charming town it is today.


Experience the adventure sports in Queenstown

Known as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown offers an adrenaline-fueled playground for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of the South Island’s stunning landscapes, this vibrant town is a mecca for adventure sports and adrenaline-pumping activities.


One of the most popular activities in Queenstown is bungy jumping. Take a leap of faith from the historic Kawarau Bridge, the world’s first commercial bungy jump site, or experience the exhilaration of the Nevis Bungy, which boasts a staggering 134-meter (440-foot) drop. With the breathtaking scenery as your backdrop, bungy jumping in Queenstown is an experience like no other.


For those who prefer to keep their feet on solid ground, Queenstown offers a multitude of other thrilling activities. Take a heart-pounding jet boat ride along the Shotover or Kawarau Rivers, maneuvering through narrow canyons and experiencing exhilarating spins and turns. Go off-roading on a quad bike tour, tackling rugged terrain and enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.


For an aerial adventure, paragliding and skydiving are popular choices. Float above the stunning landscapes, taking in panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu, the Remarkables mountain range, and the picturesque town below. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try tandem skydiving and experience the ultimate thrill of freefalling through the skies before gently gliding back to earth.


In the winter months, Queenstown transforms into a winter wonderland, with world-class ski resorts offering incredible snow sports opportunities. Hit the slopes at Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, or Cardrona Alpine Resort, where you can ski, snowboard, or try your hand at other snow activities like snowshoeing or snow tubing.


For those seeking a more leisurely outdoor experience, Queenstown is surrounded by breathtaking hiking trails. From the iconic Ben Lomond Track to the picturesque Routeburn Track, there are options for all fitness levels and interests. Immerse yourself in the stunning alpine scenery, discover hidden waterfalls, and enjoy the tranquility of these natural havens.


After an action-packed day, Queenstown’s vibrant town center offers a range of dining, shopping, and nightlife experiences. Sample the local cuisine in award-winning restaurants, browse boutique shops for unique souvenirs, or unwind with a drink at one of the many bars and pubs.


Queenstown truly lives up to its reputation as the adventure capital. With its stunning scenery, thrilling activities, and vibrant atmosphere, this town is a must-visit for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience in the heart of New Zealand’s adventure playground.


Explore the hidden gems of Kaikoura

Tucked away on the eastern coast of the South Island, Kaikoura is a coastal town that offers a wealth of natural beauty and unique wildlife encounters. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this hidden gem is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.


One of the main attractions in Kaikoura is the opportunity to witness marine life up close. Join a whale-watching tour and marvel at the majestic sperm whales that inhabit the waters off the coast. You may also have the chance to spot other incredible species, such as dolphins, seals, and seabirds. Kaikoura’s rich marine environment provides a unique and unforgettable wildlife experience.


In addition to whale watching, Kaikoura is renowned for its seafood. Indulge in fresh and delicious crayfish, also known as rock lobster, which is abundant in the local waters. You can feast on this delicacy at one of the local seafood restaurants or even enjoy a beachfront picnic with freshly caught seafood.


For those seeking outdoor adventure, Kaikoura offers a range of activities. Explore the stunning landscapes and dramatic coastal cliffs on hiking trails such as the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway. Take in panoramic views of the ocean and the towering Seaward Kaikoura Range as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area.


Another hidden gem of Kaikoura is the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Join a guided dolphin encounter, where you can enter the water and interact with pods of playful dolphins in their natural habitat. This experience offers a unique and unforgettable connection with these intelligent and graceful creatures.


For a truly unique adventure, consider taking a helicopter or scenic flight over Kaikoura. Enjoy stunning aerial views of the town, the mountains, and the coastline, providing a perspective that is truly awe-inspiring.


Immerse yourself in the local Maori culture by joining a cultural tour or visiting a Maori marae (meeting house). Learn about the history, traditions, and customs of the indigenous people of the area, gaining a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage that shapes Kaikoura.


As you explore Kaikoura, take the time to appreciate the tranquility and simplicity of the town itself. With its warm and welcoming community, charming cafes, and boutique shops, Kaikoura offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that adds to its unique charm.


Whether you’re seeking encounters with extraordinary marine life, breathtaking landscapes, outdoor adventures, or cultural experiences, Kaikoura has it all. Explore the hidden gems of this coastal town and create treasured memories of your journey through New Zealand’s natural wonders.


Discover the beauty of the Marlborough Sounds

Nestled at the top of the South Island, the Marlborough Sounds is a breathtaking and tranquil region that showcases the beauty of New Zealand’s coastal landscapes. With its network of deep, winding waterways, lush forests, and stunning marine life, this hidden gem is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat.


The Marlborough Sounds is a collection of drowned river valleys, creating a labyrinth of stunning fjords, bays, and islands. The area offers countless opportunities to explore its natural wonders. Take a scenic cruise or hire a kayak to venture deep into the sounds, discovering secluded beaches, marine reserves, and hidden coves along the way.


The sounds are home to an array of marine life, including dolphins, seals, and penguins. Join a wildlife tour to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. Spot dolphins leaping and playing in the waves, or catch a glimpse of a majestic seal sunbathing on the rocks.


For hikers, the Queen Charlotte Track is a must-do experience in the Marlborough Sounds. The 70-kilometer (43-mile) track traverses stunning coastal scenery, native forests, and panoramic viewpoints. Whether you choose to hike the entire track or tackle a smaller section, the views and serenity of the track are truly awe-inspiring.


Indulge in the local gastronomy and wine production for which Marlborough is famous. The region is renowned for its world-class Sauvignon Blanc, and you can visit vineyards for tastings and wine tours. Pair your wine with fresh seafood, including locally caught greenshell mussels and succulent seafood platters.


If you’re a nature enthusiast, immerse yourself in the Marlborough Sounds’ abundant birdlife. From native bushland to expansive wetlands, the region is home to numerous bird species, including the endangered South Island saddleback and the elusive kiwi. Take a birdwatching tour or explore the extensive network of walking trails to spot these extraordinary creatures.


Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by unwinding in one of the many tranquil bays or remote beachfront accommodations in the Marlborough Sounds. Allow yourself to be captivated by the peace and serenity of the surroundings, where you can truly connect with nature and rejuvenate your spirit.


Whether you’re exploring by land or by sea, the Marlborough Sounds offers an unforgettable experience of natural beauty, marine life encounters, and serene tranquility. Discover this hidden paradise and immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of one of New Zealand’s most stunning coastal regions.


Visit the picturesque town of Arrowtown

Tucked in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island, Arrowtown is a charming historic town that captures the essence of the country’s gold rush era. With its quaint streets, preserved heritage buildings, and stunning natural surroundings, Arrowtown offers a step back in time and a delightful destination for visitors to explore.


Stroll along the tree-lined avenues of Arrowtown’s historic downtown and immerse yourself in the town’s rich history. Visit the Lakes District Museum, housed in a former bank, to learn about the gold rush era and the town’s pioneering past. Discover artifacts, photographs, and interactive exhibits that bring Arrowtown’s fascinating heritage to life.


The main street of Arrowtown is lined with beautifully preserved heritage buildings that date back to the late 1800s. Explore the charming shops, boutiques, and galleries, offering a unique selection of local products, arts, and crafts. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample locally sourced food and wines at the town’s cafes and restaurants.


One of Arrowtown’s most famous attractions is the Chinese Settlement. During the gold rush, Arrowtown was home to a significant Chinese community. Explore the restored huts and learn about the lives of these early settlers who made their mark on Arrowtown’s history.


Nature enthusiasts will be enchanted by Arrowtown’s stunning surroundings. Take a leisurely walk along the Arrow River, offering scenic views of the surrounding mountains and the remains of the gold mining era. The river is also a popular spot for fishing, picnic spots, and a refreshing dip during the summertime.


For a more adventurous experience, explore the nearby hills and trails. The Arrowtown River Track offers a picturesque hike along the river, while the Tobin’s Track and Sawpit Gully Loop provide panoramic views of the town and its surroundings.


Arrowtown is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. Visit the numerous art galleries, showcasing the works of local and national artists. The town’s annual Autumn Festival celebrates the changing seasons and showcases live performances, arts, crafts, and music.


Whether you’re drawn to Arrowtown for its rich history, charming streets, natural beauty, or cultural experiences, this picturesque town offers an enchanting escape from the ordinary. Explore its heritage, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, and discover the timeless beauty that Arrowtown holds.


Experience the stunning beaches of the Abel Tasman National Park

Located at the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island, the Abel Tasman National Park is a pristine coastal paradise known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and untouched natural beauty. This idyllic destination offers a range of outdoor activities and the opportunity to experience the very best of New Zealand’s coastal landscapes.


The jewel of the park is its beautiful coastline, which boasts a series of secluded beaches and coves. The golden sandy beaches are framed by lush native forests, creating a picture-perfect backdrop for relaxation and exploration.


One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the Abel Tasman National Park is by hiking its famed coastal track. Meandering along the edge of the park, the track offers breathtaking panoramic views and access to some of the park’s most stunning beaches. Spend a day or two hiking, enjoying the sights and sounds of the native birdlife and the tranquility of the forested trails.


For those seeking a more leisurely experience, take a guided sea kayak tour. Paddle along the coast, exploring hidden coves, observing marine life, and basking in the natural splendor of the park. Guided tours provide insights into the unique flora and fauna of the area and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.


The beaches of the Abel Tasman National Park are perfect for sunbathing and picnicking. Find a secluded spot on the shore, unwind with a book, or simply bask in the beauty of your surroundings. The crystal-clear waters are also ideal for swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, or even diving to explore the underwater wonders of the marine reserve.


Don’t miss the chance to visit the iconic Split Apple Rock, a granite rock formation that has been shaped by the elements over thousands of years. This natural landmark is a popular subject for photographers and is fascinating to see up close.


As you explore the park, keep an eye out for the charismatic fur seals that can be spotted lounging on the rocks or frolicking in the water. These curious creatures are a delight to observe and are often seen sunning themselves on the beaches.


The Abel Tasman National Park is also home to a diverse range of bird species. Listen for the melodious songs of the native bellbirds and tui as you traverse the serene forest trails, and keep an eye out for the colorful flashes of the native parakeets and the impressive sight of the New Zealand falcon soaring overhead.


Whether you prefer to hike, kayak, relax on the beach, or immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the coast, the stunning beaches of the Abel Tasman National Park offer an unforgettable experience in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful coastal regions.


Explore the vibrant cultural scene in New Plymouth

Situated on New Zealand’s west coast, New Plymouth is a city that embraces art, culture, and creativity. This vibrant destination offers a rich tapestry of artistic expression, a lively festival scene, and a strong connection to nature, making it an excellent place to explore the cultural side of the North Island.


One of the main attractions in New Plymouth is the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre. This contemporary art museum showcases a diverse range of contemporary art exhibitions, film screenings, and interactive installations. It is also home to the Len Lye Centre, dedicated to the work of Len Lye, a pioneering New Zealand artist renowned for his innovative kinetic sculptures and experimental films.


For the outdoor enthusiasts, a visit to the Pukekura Park is a must. This 52-hectare botanical garden is a haven for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike. In addition to its beautiful walking trails and stunning gardens, the park hosts the annual TSB Festival of Lights, a renowned summer event that features dazzling light displays, live music performances, and outdoor cinema screenings.


New Plymouth is also home to the TSB Showplace, a performing arts venue that hosts a wide range of concerts, theater productions, and dance performances throughout the year. From local productions to international touring acts, the TSB Showplace offers a diverse program of entertainment for all tastes.


The coastal walkway is another highlight of New Plymouth’s cultural scene. This 12.7-kilometer (7.9-mile) promenade stretches along the coastline, offering stunning views of the Tasman Sea and Mount Taranaki. The walkway features a collection of contemporary sculptures, adding an artistic element to the natural beauty of the walk.


The city is also known for its annual WOMAD (World of Music, Arts, and Dance) festival, a celebration of world music, culture, and art. This vibrant festival brings together musicians, dancers, artists, and performers from around the globe, creating a dynamic and multicultural atmosphere.


When it comes to cuisine, New Plymouth’s food scene is thriving. The city is home to a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars that offer a mix of international flavors and local produce. From fine dining to street food markets, there is something to satisfy every palate.


For those interested in history, a visit to the Puke Ariki Museum is highly recommended. This innovative museum combines art, history, and cultural exhibits to provide insights into the region’s past. From Maori heritage to the European settlement, the museum offers a comprehensive understanding of the area’s rich history.


With its vibrant art scene, cultural festivals, natural beauty, and culinary delights, New Plymouth offers a unique and enriching cultural experience on the North Island. Immerse yourself in the city’s creative energy, explore its art galleries and museums, and embrace the lively cultural scene that enhances New Plymouth’s dynamic atmosphere.



The North Island of New Zealand is a destination that offers a captivating blend of natural wonders, rich cultural experiences, and vibrant cities. From the stunning glowworm caves of Waitomo to the Hobbiton Movie Set, Tongariro National Park, Rotorua’s geothermal wonders, and the Bay of Islands’ picturesque beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


The region’s indigenous Maori culture is deeply intertwined with the land, and experiencing it in places like Whakarewarewa Village provides a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the country’s heritage. The North Island’s cities, such as Auckland and Wellington, offer a vibrant urban scene with diverse culinary options, art galleries, museums, and a rich cultural tapestry.


Outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise with the wide array of adventure sports and activities on offer. From hiking through stunning landscapes like Mount Taranaki and the Abel Tasman National Park to indulging in water sports in Kaikoura and exploring the Marlborough Sounds’ picturesque coastlines, the natural beauty of the North Island is truly captivating.


As your exploration of the North Island unfolds, you’ll encounter hidden gems like the historic town of Arrowtown, the rugged beauty of the Marlborough Sounds, and the vibrant cultural scene of New Plymouth. These lesser-known destinations offer unique experiences and a chance to venture off the beaten path.


Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, cultural immersion, or a combination of it all, the North Island of New Zealand delivers. Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, dive into the rich cultural heritage, relax on breathtaking beaches, and embrace the warmth and diversity that the North Island has to offer.


So, grab your sense of adventure and set out to explore the wonders of the North Island. From the iconic attractions to the hidden treasures, this region will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for New Zealand’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The North Island is waiting to be discovered, so embark on your journey and let the magic of this extraordinary destination unfold.