Zoran T.

Zoran T.

In my career of a travel writer, planner, and itinerary creator, I’ve been researching and writing about various world destinations and travel companies, including cities, regions, specific countries, and cruise companies. Besides writing and sharing knowledge, I found great pleasure in meeting other people and acquainting myself with different cultures, traditions, and everything else that is closely related to the travel realm. After all, a great thinker once stated that “Who never traveled probably never lived,” which is why I think everyone should try hard to make their life worth living.
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The Best Tapas In Spain

Tapas are the specialties of Spain that conquered the world more thoroughly than Conquistadors did by the end of the Middle Ages. Tapas are delicious appetisers and snacks that come in many varieties based on their region of origin.   Although many eateries serve tapas as starters, a great many travellers and gourmands don’t manage […]

Top Things To Do In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a verdant corner of Central America. It boasts lush rainforests edged by the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rican beaches are excellent for surfing and diving, while the country’s forested areas are treasure troves of diverse wildlife.   When you pinpoint Costa Rica on the globe, it may appear small. Still, […]