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Zoran T.

In my career of a travel writer, planner, and itinerary creator, I’ve been researching and writing about various world destinations and travel companies, including cities, regions, specific countries, and cruise companies. Besides writing and sharing knowledge, I found great pleasure in meeting other people and acquainting myself with different cultures, traditions, and everything else that is closely related to the travel realm. After all, a great thinker once stated that “Who never traveled probably never lived,” which is why I think everyone should try hard to make their life worth living.
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What To Expect From The Weather At Miami Beach, Florida

You don’t need to think hard to find excellent reasons to visit Miami Beach. Cocktails, girls in bikinis, and cruises are only a few things that instantly come to mind. Miami Beach has everything you need to have a pleasant vacation on the beach.   The Miami Beach weather has all the qualities of a […]

Your Guide To Deception Pass State Park, Washington

If you land on the official website of the US Washington State Parks, you will find the Deception Pass among over 200 parks on their list. As misleading as the name of the park is, the Deception Pass is the leading Washington State Park.    Open year-round, the Deception Pass State Park occupies the northern […]

What To Expect From The Weather In Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida, is a synonym of white-sand beaches along the emerald coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. Considering the weather in Destin, you may visit this attractive holiday destination to sip cocktails at the seaside resorts or have fun while enjoying water sports.   You can enjoy many other activities in Destin, including playing golf, […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

Carnival Breeze, a Dreams-class cruiser by Carnival Cruise Line, is a floating party hub. Sailing the Caribbean Sea, Carnival Breeze takes its passengers to cruises typically lasting between six and eight days. Unless you have serious work commitments, consider booking a 14-day trip to the Southern Caribbean Sea.   Moreover, you probably won’t get much […]

Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon: The Scenic Route

Even sparrows on a branch know about Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The former is a famous gambler’s paradise, while the latter is among the most scenic landscapes on Earth. So, when you decide you won enough money in Las Vegas, you may well consider investing some of it in a trip to the […]

Everything You Need To Know About Travelling With VivaAerobus

VivaAerobus Mexico is a low-cost regional airline owned by the company that founded Ryanair, a famous European low-cost airline.   If you’re looking to wet your skin in Cancun or become an actor/actress in Los Angeles without emptying your pockets, consider booking a flight with VivaAerobus.   Aside from flight services to a bunch of […]

The Best Tapas In Spain

Tapas are the specialties of Spain that conquered the world more thoroughly than Conquistadors did by the end of the Middle Ages. Tapas are delicious appetisers and snacks that come in many varieties based on their region of origin.   Although many eateries serve tapas as starters, a great many travellers and gourmands don’t manage […]

Earbuds You Need As A Frequent Traveller

Except for a destination, enjoyable travelling is a matter of a good companion. Suitable earbuds happen to be just that, although we seldom think of them that way.   We may like earbuds to let in some environmental sounds for us to be aware of the surroundings. On the other hand, we may prefer them […]

Top Things To Do In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a verdant corner of Central America. It boasts lush rainforests edged by the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rican beaches are excellent for surfing and diving, while the country’s forested areas are treasure troves of diverse wildlife.   When you pinpoint Costa Rica on the globe, it may appear small. Still, […]