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15 MOST Beautiful Indonesia Islands You Should Visit

It is no secret that Indonesia islands are drop-dead gorgeous. Annually, many tourists flock to visit the Indonesia islands for various reasons. Some are attracted by the allure of calming seas and peaceful beaches. Others are enticed by the idea of a thrilling island adventure.    When you think of the Indonesia islands, the most […]

15 Best Things To Do In Durban, South Africa

Thinking of a trip to South Africa? Cape Town and St. Johannesburg are undoubtedly popular with tourists. However, this time, why not venture to a lesser-known yet equally breathtaking city? Durban is a treasure trove of wondrous sights and fun activities waiting to be discovered. So, read on to uncover what South Africa’s third most […]

Best Things To Do In Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan – a bustling city home to approximately 2.81 million people. Located in central Taiwan, Taichung is the second-largest city in Taiwan. Filled with life and energy, travelers will instantly fall in love with the charms of this city.   First Things First: How Do We Get To Taichung From Taipei? Taichung is about […]

Best Things To Do In Changsha, China

When you think of China, the cities that come to mind immediately would probably be Shanghai or Beijing. Indeed, relatively little is known about Changsha in comparison.   This city is actually one of China’s best-hidden secrets. Although not traditionally perceived as a must-go tourist destination, Changsha offers a whole lot of fun for the […]

Best Things To Do In Guizhou, China

Situated at the southwestern part of China, Guizhou is home to a beautiful landscape of rugged mountains and peaceful waters. This picturesque city is one of China’s fastest-growing provinces. Today, over 34 million people call Guizhou their home, making this lovely city the 19th largest province in China. However, despite its fast growth, Guizhou still […]

Top 10 Must-Visit Cities in China

China – the world’s most populous country and the undeniable global manufacturing centre. However, despite her reputation of being an up and rising economic powerhouse, did you know that China is also a great vacation destination? Indeed, lots of cities in China are home to some of the world’s most breath-taking views, grand monuments and […]

7 Best Beaches in Melbourne, Australia

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Melbourne, Australia. This beautiful city is well-loved for many reasons, but one of its major attractions would definitely be its variety of lovely beaches. Indeed, when in Melbourne, you definitely can’t miss a visit to one of the many sandy Melbourne beaches.   Best Time to Visit Melbourne […]

Your Complete Guide to Osaka Aquarium

When you’re visiting the land of the rising sun, the Osaka Aquarium is not to be missed. Home to a jaw-dropping 30,000 creatures, this place is one of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums. Famous for its innovative manner of presenting its various marine creatures, this aquarium promises you a great time. Together with Osaka’s natural beauty, […]

15 Must-See Landmarks in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio – home to more than 1.5 million residents, this bustling city is the second-most populous city in Texas. San Antonio also has a rich history that permeates through every street and corner: Last year marked the 300th anniversary of San Antonio. There are lots to do and see in San Antonio. Here are […]

10 Best Castles In England You’ve Never Heard About

Want to do something fun this weekend but aren’t sure of where to go or what to do? Perhaps your weekends have slowly become a predictable routine: either fixating on Netflix from morning to dusk, or running errands and completing chores, almost on autopilot. This weekend, why not treat yourself to something different?   England’s […]