Nora Hadi

Nora Hadi

Nora is extremely passionate about globe-trotting and she loves to pen down her marvellous experiences. Due to her penchant for travelling, she has jotted down her adventures and life-changing moments in various online blogs. Apart from travelling, music and reading makes her happy and smiling!
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A Complete Guide To Nishiki Market In Kyoto, Japan

Culture and food lovers travelling to Kyoto, Japan, will inevitably find themselves at some point or another at Nishiki Market. A five-block long covered marketplace, Nishiki Market is famous for its fresh food and local culinary delicacies.   Over 130 shops and restaurants line the marketplace’s walkways. These shops sell traditional home-cooked dishes, fresh produce […]

Osaka Castle in Japan – All You Need to Know

If you’re travelling to Osaka in Japan, visiting Osaka Castle should be at the top of your to-do list.    Here’s why!    This spectacular oriental-style castle located in the Chuo-ku ward of Osaka is not just a magnificent sight for tourists. Its intricate architecture and tranquil atmosphere are pretty good reasons alone to visit. […]