Nora Hadi

Nora Hadi

Nora is a multilingual world traveler and freelance writer who has visited over 50 countries to date. Her passions apart from adventuring include learning different languages, photography and taking cute photos of dogs she comes across during her travels.
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Jordaan In Amsterdam – Everything You Need To Know

What comes to your mind when you picture Amsterdam? Is it the eye-catching lights of the Red-Light District? Maybe it’s the numerous coffee shops selling marijuana every time? Or maybe it’s the picturesque canals, large handlebar bicycles and tiny streets that you envisage.   If it’s the latter you’re after, you’ll definitely want to pay […]

Beekse Bergen Zoo In The Netherlands – All You Need To Know

When you think of the Netherlands, visiting wild animals at a zoo might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Beekse Bergen Zoo and Safari Park have over 1,250 animals from 150 different species. This makes it the largest wildlife zoo in the area, not to mention one of the most diverse.    […]

A Complete Guide To Nishiki Market In Kyoto, Japan

Culture and food lovers travelling to Kyoto, Japan, will inevitably find themselves at some point or another at Nishiki Market. A five-block long covered marketplace, Nishiki Market is famous for its fresh food and local culinary delicacies.   Over 130 shops and restaurants line the marketplace’s walkways. These shops sell traditional home-cooked dishes, fresh produce […]

Osaka Castle in Japan – All You Need to Know

If you’re travelling to Osaka in Japan, visiting Osaka Castle should be at the top of your to-do list.    Here’s why!    This spectacular oriental-style castle located in the Chuo-ku ward of Osaka is not just a magnificent sight for tourists. Its intricate architecture and tranquil atmosphere are pretty good reasons alone to visit. […]