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Best Nudist Hidden Gems Around The World


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Berri Deans



Welcome to the fascinating world of nudist hidden gems! If you are an adventurous traveler who seeks unique and unconventional experiences, then this article is tailor-made for you. In this article, we will explore some of the best nudist destinations around the world that have managed to stay off the beaten path. These secluded paradises offer stunning natural beauty, freedom, and a sense of liberation.


For those unfamiliar with naturism, it is a lifestyle and philosophy that embraces nudity and body acceptance. It promotes harmony with nature, fostering a sense of equality and respect among individuals. While nudism is often associated with designated beaches or resorts, these hidden gems offer a more intimate and pristine experience.


Each of these carefully selected locations provides a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to shed both their clothes and their inhibitions. Whether you are a seasoned nudist or just curious about exploring this unique way of life, these destinations offer unparalleled experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed and liberated.


From the stunning shores of Croatia to the breathtaking coasts of Brazil, we will take you on a journey to discover these hidden gems. So, pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure. Let us dive into the world of nudist hidden gems, where nature meets nakedness!


Valalta, Croatia

Located on the Istrian Peninsula, Valalta is a naturist paradise that offers a true escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by pristine nature and crystal-clear waters, this hidden gem is a haven for nudists seeking tranquility and relaxation.


Valalta features a picturesque campsite nestled along the Adriatic Sea, where visitors can set up camp or rent comfortable bungalows. The campsite offers a range of amenities including restaurants, bars, and shops to cater to every need. The beautiful pebble beaches provide an ideal setting for sunbathing and swimming in the nude.


One of the notable attractions at Valalta is the naturalist village, where visitors can find a variety of accommodation options, such as apartments and mobile homes. The village boasts a charming Mediterranean ambiance, with its cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and lush greenery.


While at Valalta, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the surrounding nature reserves and bike trails. You can also indulge in water sports like sailing, windsurfing, and snorkeling. The campsite organizes various outdoor activities and entertainment programs to keep guests entertained.


A highlight of a visit to Valalta is the nude boat excursion. Embark on a journey along the stunning coastline of Istria and discover hidden coves and secluded beaches where you can enjoy the freedom of being au naturel while surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Valalta is also known for its wellness facilities, including a sauna, massage services, and a fitness center. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or unwind in the sauna and rejuvenate both your body and mind.


When it comes to dining, Valalta offers a variety of restaurants that serve delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Indulge in fresh seafood, local delicacies, and fine wines while enjoying breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.


Overall, Valalta in Croatia provides a tranquil and welcoming environment where you can embrace the naturist lifestyle. With its idyllic setting, excellent facilities, and range of activities, this hidden gem is a must-visit destination for nudist enthusiasts looking for a unique and rejuvenating experience.


Red Beach, Greece

Greece is renowned for its stunning beaches, and Red Beach is a hidden gem that stands out for its unique beauty and nudist-friendly atmosphere. Located on the Greek island of Santorini, Red Beach is named after its distinctive red cliffs that provide a dramatic backdrop to the turquoise waters.


Accessed via a short hike along a cliffside path, Red Beach rewards visitors with a secluded and picturesque setting. The beach itself is a mix of red pebbles and sand, offering a striking contrast to the vibrant blue Aegean Sea. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, allowing nudists to enjoy the freedom of the water without any clothing restrictions.


Red Beach is known for its relaxed and accepting atmosphere, where visitors can feel comfortable baring it all. The unique geological formations provide natural alcoves and hidden spots for those seeking a more private sunbathing experience. It’s a place where you can truly connect with nature and embrace the freedom of being in the nude.


Aside from the beach itself, Red Beach offers breathtaking views of the surrounding cliffs and the iconic Santorini caldera. The rugged landscape and the azure sea create a captivating backdrop for memorable vacation photos.


While there are no specific facilities or amenities on the beach, visitors can find nearby taverns and cafes where they can enjoy delicious Greek cuisine. After a day of swimming and sunbathing, savor local delicacies such as fresh seafood, grilled meats, and traditional Greek salads.


It’s worth noting that due to its popularity and limited size, Red Beach can get crowded during peak tourist season. To fully experience its natural beauty without the crowds, consider visiting early in the morning or during the off-season.


A trip to Santorini is not complete without a visit to Red Beach. Whether you are an experienced nudist or simply curious about experiencing a clothing-optional beach, Red Beach offers a unique and memorable experience in a stunning Greek island setting. Discover the freedom of being one with nature at Red Beach and create unforgettable memories in this nudist hidden gem.


Wreck Beach, Canada

Tucked away on the western edge of Vancouver, British Columbia, Wreck Beach is a hidden gem that offers a one-of-a-kind nudist experience in a stunning natural setting. Spanning over 7 kilometers, this clothing-optional beach is renowned for its pristine beauty and vibrant community.


Wreck Beach is located at the base of a cliff, accessible via a series of steep trails and stairs. As you descend to the beach, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged coastline. The beach itself is a mix of sand, pebbles, and driftwood, creating a rustic and untouched ambiance.


What sets Wreck Beach apart is its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Nudity is not only accepted, but embraced as part of the beach’s culture. Visitors can feel free to shed their clothes and enjoy the liberating experience of being in the nude, without fear of judgment or harassment.


Wreck Beach is not just a place for sunbathing; it offers a range of recreational activities as well. From beach volleyball to paddleboarding, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active and have fun. The beach is also known for its vibrant community events, including drum circles, art exhibits, and even naked yoga sessions.


For those seeking a break from the sun, there are several shaded areas along the beach where visitors can relax, read a book, or have a picnic. The nearby wooded areas provide a tranquil retreat where you can reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding forest.


While there are no facilities directly on the beach, there is a clothing-optional cafe nearby that offers refreshments and snacks. It’s a great spot to grab a quick bite or cool down with a refreshing drink while enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of Wreck Beach.


It’s important to note that Wreck Beach is also a naturist-friendly beach, meaning that individuals who prefer to sunbathe without clothing are welcome, but it is not mandatory. Respect for others and consent are highly valued in this unique community.


Wreck Beach is more than just a beach; it’s a way of life. It offers a safe and accepting environment for individuals to connect with nature, embrace their bodies, and enjoy a sense of freedom. So, if you’re seeking a nudist experience with a strong sense of community, Wreck Beach is the perfect destination.


Gunnison Beach, USA

Gunnison Beach, located within the Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, is one of the most beloved naturist destinations in the United States. This clothing-optional beach offers a scenic retreat where visitors can shed their clothes and enjoy the freedom of being in nature.


Stretching over a mile long, Gunnison Beach is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Sandy Hook Bay. The beach features soft sand, calm waters, and stunning views of the surrounding natural landscape. Its location within a national park ensures that visitors can enjoy the serenity and beauty of the beach while also immersing themselves in a protected environment.


Gunnison Beach is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Nudity is accepted and respected, and visitors can feel comfortable and safe while embracing the naturist lifestyle. The beach attracts a diverse community of nudists, ranging from families to individuals of all ages, further emphasizing the inclusivity of the beach.


Facilities at Gunnison Beach include restrooms, outdoor showers, and a designated picnic area. Beachgoers can set up umbrellas, beach chairs, and blankets to create their own cozy spot along the shore. There are also lifeguards on duty, ensuring the safety of visitors while they enjoy the water.


If you’re looking for more than just sunbathing, Gunnison Beach offers various recreational activities. You can participate in beach volleyball games, take a leisurely walk along the shoreline, or even try your hand at fishing from the nearby Sandy Hook Bay.


When it comes to dining, outside food and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the beach itself, but a food concession stand is available nearby. Here, you can grab a quick bite, snack, or refreshing drink to keep you energized throughout the day.


Additionally, the Gateway National Recreation Area offers other attractions and activities to explore. Take a bike ride along scenic trails, visit the historic Sandy Hook Lighthouse, or embark on bird-watching expeditions in the surrounding nature reserves.


Whether you are a seasoned naturist or just curious about trying a clothing-optional beach, Gunnison Beach provides a tranquil and accepting environment where you can feel comfortable in your own skin. So, pack your beach essentials and head to Gunnison Beach for a liberating and unforgettable nudist experience.


Zipolite, Mexico

Situated along the stunning Oaxaca coastline in Mexico, Zipolite is a hidden gem that attracts nudists from around the world. Known for its laid-back vibe and beautiful golden sand, this rustic beach town offers a truly authentic nudist experience.


Zipolite is renowned for being one of the few official nudist beaches in Mexico. Here, nudity is not only accepted but embraced, creating a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere for naturists. The beach stretches over 2 kilometers, providing ample space for visitors to find their own quiet spot to relax and soak up the sun in the nude.


Aside from sunbathing and swimming, Zipolite offers a range of activities for those seeking adventure. You can try your hand at surfing the waves that roll onto the shores of the beach. Zipolite is known for its strong currents, making it a popular destination for experienced surfers.


When you need a break from the beach, explore the charming town of Zipolite itself. The narrow streets are lined with small shops, cafes, and restaurants where you can sample local delicacies. Don’t miss the opportunity to try mezcal, a traditional Mexican spirit made from agave, produced in this region.


Zipolite also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, attracting a diverse crowd of locals and tourists. These events celebrate the spirit of the town’s colorful culture, with live music performances, dance parties, and art exhibitions taking place on the beach and in the town square.


Accommodation options in Zipolite range from budget-friendly hostels to cozy beachfront bungalows. Many of these accommodations cater specifically to the nudist community, ensuring that privacy and comfort are prioritized.


It’s important to note that while nudity is widely accepted on Zipolite Beach, the town acknowledges the preferences of all visitors. There are sections of the beach where clothing is optional, as well as sections where clothing is more prevalent. This allows everyone to enjoy the beach according to their comfort level.


Zipolite is a unique destination that embraces the naturist lifestyle while offering the beauty of a traditional Mexican beach town. Whether you are an experienced naturist or a curious traveler seeking a different kind of adventure, Zipolite invites you to experience a truly authentic Mexican nudist getaway.


Maslinica Bay, Croatia

Croatia is home to many stunning nudist beaches, and Maslinica Bay is undoubtedly one of its hidden gems. Located on the picturesque island of Hvar, Maslinica Bay offers a secluded and idyllic setting for nudists to embrace nature and enjoy the freedom of being in the nude.


As you approach Maslinica Bay, the lush green hills and crystal-clear turquoise waters create a mesmerizing scene. The beach itself consists of small pebbles, providing a comfortable spot for sunbathing and relaxation. The calm and pristine waters of the bay are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, allowing naturists to enjoy the beauty of the sea without any clothing restrictions.


What makes Maslinica Bay truly special is its untouched and natural surroundings. Surrounded by pine forests and olive groves, the bay exudes tranquility and serenity. Take a leisurely stroll along the wooden boardwalk that winds through the woods, enjoying the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation.


Facilities in Maslinica Bay are minimal to preserve its natural charm, but there are basic amenities available such as showers and toilets. The beach is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, providing a comfortable place to relax and soak up the sun.


While the beach itself offers plenty of peaceful moments, Maslinica Bay is also within close proximity to the bustling town of Hvar. Take a short boat ride and explore the vibrant town with its charming streets, historical sites, and lively nightlife.


For those seeking a more active experience, there are plenty of water sports and activities available in the area. Rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the bay at your own pace, or even go on a boat tour to discover hidden coves and secluded beaches.


As the sun starts to set, find a cozy spot on the beach and witness the breathtaking colors of the sky reflecting on the calm waters. This serene setting creates a truly magical ambiance, perfect for romantic moments or simply reflecting on the beauty of nature.


With its natural beauty, tranquil atmosphere, and stunning surroundings, Maslinica Bay in Croatia is a must-visit destination for nudist enthusiasts. Experience the freedom of being one with nature, surrounded by the pristine beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the lush Croatian landscape.


Samurai Beach, Australia

Situated in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Samurai Beach is a hidden gem for nudists seeking a sun-soaked getaway in Australia. This clothing-optional beach offers a pristine and secluded setting, surrounded by stunning natural beauty.


Samurai Beach is part of the larger One Mile Beach and is known for its soft golden sand and clear turquoise waters. The beach is accessible via a short walk through the lush bushland, creating a sense of adventure and privacy. As you step onto the beach, you’ll be greeted by a serene and unspoiled coastal environment.


The beach is divided into two sections, one for clothed visitors and one designated as a clothing-optional area. This allows nudists to enjoy the freedom of being in the nude while respecting the preferences of other beachgoers. The friendly and laid-back atmosphere of Samurai Beach makes it an ideal destination for both experienced naturists and those curious to explore a clothing-optional beach.


Due to its location within the Tomaree National Park, Samurai Beach offers more than just sunbathing and swimming. Nature enthusiasts can explore the surrounding bushland and enjoy scenic walks or bush hikes. Look out for native wildlife, including kangaroos and koalas, as you traverse the trails.


In addition to the natural beauty, Samurai Beach is also known for its adventurous water activities. Surfing, bodyboarding, and kiteboarding are popular options for beachgoers looking for a thrill. If you’re not into extreme water sports, you can still enjoy a leisurely swim or relax on the sand and soak up the Australian sun.


Facilities at Samurai Beach include toilets, outdoor showers, and picnic facilities. It’s important to note that as a pristine and protected area, there are no shops or eateries directly on the beach, so be sure to pack your own food and drinks for a day of exploration.


For those looking to extend their stay, there are camping options available near Samurai Beach. The nearby Samurai Beach Bungalows provide comfortable and eco-friendly accommodations for those wanting to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area.


Overall, Samurai Beach offers a unique and secluded nudist experience in Australia. With its stunning coastal scenery and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination for nudist enthusiasts and those seeking an escape from the ordinary. Discover the allure of Samurai Beach and enjoy the liberating feeling of being at one with nature.


Cap d’Agde, France

Located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of France, Cap d’Agde is a unique and vibrant destination known for its nudist-friendly atmosphere. This seaside resort town offers a complete nudist experience, with a dedicated nudist village and a range of facilities and activities.


One of the highlights of Cap d’Agde is its expansive nudist beach, which stretches over 2 kilometers. The beach is a mixture of soft sand and pebbles, providing a comfortable place to relax and soak up the sun. The calm and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea invite visitors to swim, snorkel, and enjoy water sports while embracing the naturist lifestyle.


Cap d’Agde is also home to the famous naturist village, a designated area where clothing is optional. The village is a self-contained community with numerous accommodation options, including apartments, villas, and campsites. The village boasts restaurants, bars, shops, and even a spa for indulgent relaxation.


One of the unique attractions in Cap d’Agde is the naturist port. Here, you’ll find yachts and boats owned and frequented by nudist enthusiasts. Take a stroll along the marina and admire the beauty of the boats or even set sail and explore the stunning coastline of the Mediterranean.


Cap d’Agde also offers a wealth of recreational activities for visitors. Play a round of golf at one of the nearby golf courses, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, or partake in a yoga or fitness class in the village. There are also opportunities for water sports, such as jet skiing and sailing.


In the evenings, Cap d’Agde comes alive with its vibrant nightlife scene. The village features various bars and clubs where you can socialize and enjoy evening entertainment. From live music to themed parties, there’s always something happening in Cap d’Agde to keep you entertained.


With its extensive range of amenities, lively atmosphere, and stunning natural surroundings, Cap d’Agde is a premier destination for nudists and naturists. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, excitement, or social interaction, Cap d’Agde offers it all. Immerse yourself in the liberating lifestyle of Cap d’Agde and create unforgettable memories in this nudist haven.


Playa El Torn, Spain

Tucked away along the stunning Costa Dorada in Catalonia, Spain, Playa El Torn is a hidden gem for nudists seeking the perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquility. This pristine beach offers a serene and comfortable environment for nudists to bask in the Spanish sun and enjoy the freedom of being in the nude.


Playa El Torn is known for its golden sand dunes, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush surrounding landscapes. The beach stretches over two kilometers, providing ample space for visitors to find their own secluded spot. The gentle slope of the shoreline and the calm waves make it a safe and enjoyable place for swimming and water activities.


This idyllic beach is well-maintained and offers essential facilities, including showers, restrooms, and a beachside bar serving refreshments and snacks. The beach also has lifeguards on duty, ensuring the safety of beachgoers as they soak up the sun and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.


If you’re looking to enhance your stay, Playa El Torn offers various amenities and activities. The dedicated naturist campsite adjacent to the beach provides accommodation options ranging from tents to bungalows, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience for all visitors.


The natural surroundings of Playa El Torn offer additional opportunities for exploration. Venture into the nearby mountains and discover hiking trails that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the region.


Playa El Torn is also located near the charming village of L’Hospitalet de l’Infant, where you can savor traditional Spanish cuisine in local restaurants and explore the local culture. Visit the weekly market to browse fresh produce and artisanal products or take part in traditional festivals and events.


Cultural outings aside, Playa El Torn offers a relaxed and inclusive environment where you can fully embrace the naturist lifestyle. The accepting and respectful atmosphere makes it a popular destination among nudist enthusiasts from around the world.


Playa El Torn is a true nudist oasis in Spain, combining natural beauty, comfort, and a warm welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned naturist or a first-time nudist, this hidden gem offers a rejuvenating and liberating experience by the sparkling waters of the Costa Dorada.


Abric Beach, Brazil

Tucked away in the beautiful coastal region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Abric Beach stands out as a hidden gem for nudists seeking a tropical paradise. This secluded beach offers a serene and welcoming environment where visitors can embrace the naturist lifestyle and enjoy the beauty of Brazil’s coastline.


Abric Beach is located within the Grumari Nature Reserve, surrounded by lush greenery and pristine natural landscapes. The beach itself features soft golden sand and calm turquoise waters, creating a perfect setting for sunbathing and swimming in the nude. The undisturbed and tranquil atmosphere makes it an ideal place to relax and connect with nature.


Being a designated nudist beach, Abric Beach offers a safe and accepting environment for those looking to fully embrace their naturist lifestyle. Nudity is the norm here, allowing visitors to feel comfortable and free while enjoying the warm Brazilian sun and the refreshing breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.


As a secluded beach, Abric Beach does not offer many facilities. Visitors are advised to bring their own food, drinks, and beach essentials. However, this simplicity contributes to the untouched beauty and serenity of the beach, creating a truly authentic experience.


While at Abric Beach, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding natural wonders. The Grumari Nature Reserve boasts hiking trails that lead to stunning viewpoints, allowing you to appreciate the breathtaking coastal scenery and observe native wildlife.


Adjacent to Abric Beach is Prainha, another stunning beach known for its picturesque beauty. Spend a day exploring Prainha’s rugged cliffs, clear waters, and pristine sands. It’s a perfect complement to your nudist beach experience, offering a variety of activities such as surfing and beach volleyball.


To fully enjoy Abric Beach and its surroundings, consider staying in nearby accommodations in the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca or Recreio dos Bandeirantes. These areas offer a range of hotels, guesthouses, and vacation rentals, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay during your visit to the beach.


Abric Beach provides a tranquil and authentic naturist experience in Brazil. Surrounded by breathtaking nature and a warm and accepting atmosphere, it invites nudist enthusiasts and those seeking a unique beach experience to enjoy the freedom and beauty of this hidden gem on the stunning Brazilian coastline.



Exploring the world of nudist hidden gems around the globe has given us a glimpse into the diverse and awe-inspiring naturist destinations that await adventurers seeking unique and liberating experiences. From the pristine shores of Valalta in Croatia to the untouched beauty of Abric Beach in Brazil, each of these hidden gems offers a special blend of natural beauty, acceptance, and tranquility for nudist enthusiasts.


Whether you’re a seasoned naturist or simply curious about embracing the nudist lifestyle, these destinations provide a safe and inclusive environment where visitors can feel comfortable shedding their clothes and connecting with nature. From secluded bays to hidden beaches, these spots offer freedom, relaxation, and the opportunity to bask under the sun in a more natural and uninhibited way.


While each destination showcased here has its unique charm, there is one common thread that unites them all: a warm and accepting atmosphere. Nudist communities in these hidden gems prioritize respect, inclusivity, and a sense of camaraderie, allowing both locals and visitors to feel welcome and comfortable in their own skin.


From the panoramic views of Red Beach in Greece to the vibrant nightlife of Cap d’Agde in France, these hidden gems go beyond just offering a place to swim and sunbathe. They provide a lifestyle and philosophy that promotes body acceptance, harmony with nature, and the freedom to be oneself without judgment or social constraints.


So, whether you’re looking to relax on a secluded beach, engage in water sports, connect with nature through hiking trails, or immerse yourself in vibrant communities, these nudist hidden gems offer something for everyone. They are a testament to the beauty of embracing naturism and the liberation that comes from enjoying the natural world in its purest form.


It’s time to pack your bags, leave your inhibitions behind, and embark on a journey to these remarkable destinations. Experience the adventure, freedom, and sense of harmony that await in the world of nudist hidden gems.