The Best Beach Umbrellas For The Beach Bum In You

“The Best Beach Umbrellas for the Beach Bum in You” is locked The Best Beach Umbrellas for the Beach Bum in You
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The last thing you want is a sunburn after a long day on the beach. That’s why you need the best beach umbrellas as your must-haves while getting your beach bum on. Having your fun time in the sun ruined by the suns unprovoked attack can be a drag.


To avoid this from happening again, you need to do make sure to fend off the sun’s harmful rays. That means having the proper equipment like sunscreen and a great beach umbrella.


Best Beach Umbrellas For You, Beach, Sand, Umbrella
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With the right umbrella, you can lounge on the sand and enjoy a good book while sipping a cool beverage with little to no worries. But which is the best beach umbrella for you?


In this guide, we’re going to break down some of the best beach umbrellas for the beach bum in you. Plus, we will also give a great look at what makes a good beach umbrella. So that when you set out on your very important mission, you’re armed with the tools you need to get the job done.


What Makes A Good Beach Umbrella?


Knowing what to look for in a beach umbrella when you’re on your search is crucial. This’ll ensure that you find the right beach umbrella for you and your needs. Some factors must be considered, which you could use when making this decision.

Best Beach Umbrellas For You, Umbrella, Good Umbrella
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The Power of UPF

Remember that sunburn we were just talking about? Well, that’s the main reason you wanted an umbrella. So the most important thing to look out for is how well a beach umbrella protects you from those harmful rays. That means checking out your umbrella’s UPF (Ultraviolet Protection) rating.


If you have fair skin, you may want to go with a higher UPF. Note that though these ratings are intended to give you an idea of how much protection you’re getting, they don’t protect you from the length of time in the sun so remember to apply sunscreen as well.


Check The Weatherproof and Material

You want to make sure that your investment lasts a long time. In choosing the best beach umbrella, pay attention to the construction and weatherproofing details. Making sure that your umbrella can endure the harsh salty air and the effects of sun will let you get the biggest bang for your buck.


What’s Your Umbrella Type?

The next thing you can consider is the type of umbrella you are looking for.


Beach umbrellas have three main types. Unless you’re opening a beach resort, we suggest that you opt for the portable style. If you’re looking to install one in your backyard pool, then there are also the commercial and all-around styles to consider.


Does Size Matter?

When you think about the size, you need to think of two things.


One: will it be big enough to give you the protection you are looking for? Two: you need to think about its size and how you will be transporting it to the beach location of your choice.


Ideally, most people feel that an umbrella between 6’ and 9’ is perfect. But if you don’t have the car space or the umbrella isn’t compact enough, then you may have to look for another option.


Best Beach Umbrellas

Best Beach Umbrellas, Beach Bum, Umbrella, Beach
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Now you know what to look for, let’s look at some of the best beach umbrellas available today.



EasyGo Umbrella Giant Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella, EasyGo Beach Umbrella
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You want a fun umbrella that has all the great attributes you need to keep you safe from the damaging sun rays and be durable as well? Then this easy to find umbrella from EasyGo is perfect for you. This is the Wal-Mart umbrella you see on display.


Available both at the retailer as well as online. This umbrella is a great choice.



  • Easy to install by yourself
  • Comes with a built-in tilting function


    • Issues with arriving broken
    • Color fades with long term use



Tommy Bahama Stripe 7.5′ Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama Stripe Beach Umbrella, Beach Umbrella
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This nicely designed beach umbrella from Tommy Bahama offers a great UPF and is vented so that you will be able to take advantage of the cool breeze. This umbrella is available through their online market.


With this umbrella, you will indeed look stylish while shielding yourself from the sun’s rays.



  • High UPF (100)
  • Easy to install and pack up
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Venting does not hold up well in high winds
  • Only comes in one design



Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella

Beach Umbrellas, Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella
Photo from SKLZ website


If you’re looking for a compact foldable beach umbrella that offers a lot of protection then you may want to check out the Sport-Brella All-weather Umbrella. Designed for the individual that wants some me time, this umbrella is great for any individual looking to spend a little time getting to that book they’ve been meaning to read.



  • Great UPF protection (50+)
  • Easy to set up
  • Great price


  • The size does not work with full-size chairs (low chairs are perfect)



Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor, Beach Umbrella
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This another selection from Tommy Bahama is a great choice for the beach bum that looks to hang out for extended times. After all, once you find the perfect spot you don’t want to lose it so setting up this umbrella that comes with some amazing features like a built-in tilt function would be a smart choice.



  • It is lightweight and constructed of durable materials
  • A carrying case is inv=cued for easier transport
  • Equipped with a sand anchor for better stability


  • Extremely windy days will affect the umbrella performance
  • Area of coverage when open is not suited for a lot of people



Sunbrella 6.5′ Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella, Sunbrella 6.5' Beach Umbrella
Photo from Umbrella Source website


This simple but elegant beach umbrella from Sunbrella is made of durable material and is planted in the sand with a wooden pole. This umbrella will ensure you have a nice shaded area to lay in while you work on that tan.



  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Durable and lightweight


  • No UPF rating
  • Not as easy to transport as other models



Beach Brella “Las Brisas” Designer Umbrella

Beach Umbrella, "Las Brisas" Designer Umbrella
Photo from

Beach Brella brings us the next entry to check out. With a stylish yet simple design, you get a lightweight and easy to transport umbrella for your beach getaway. It has a wide coverage and is great when it comes to protecting your skin from that sun.



  • Protection against the sun (UPF 50+)
  • Comes with stylish carrying bag
  • Adjustable height (3-6’)


  • Design is not for everyone



AMMSUN Outdoor Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella, AMMSUN Beach Umbrella
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Our next beach umbrella is a quality option that offers great functionality and is perfect for keeping you safe from the sun. The team at Ammsun has delivered one of the best options for the beach but on a budget.



  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Great protection from the sun (UPF 50+)
  • Affordable price


  • Carrying straps, a tendency to break



Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

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Our last entry from Impact Canopy is a durable well-made option for the beach lover in all of us. It is built to withstand the elements and can even handle the high winds you often experience when spending a day at the beach.



  • High quality and durable carry bag
  • The bag includes a shoulder strap for easier transport
  • Super durable frame
  • Sun protection (50+ UPF)


  • Super light and may not handle wind as good as marketed


And those are the best beach umbrellas you could choose from! Find the right one for the beach bum in you.

Best Beach Umbrellas, Beach Bum, Umbrellas, Beach
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Final Thoughts

In the end, the decision of which umbrella to go with lies on your preference. We hope that with this guide you are a little more ready to make that choice. After all, no one wants to waste time trying to decide which umbrella is the best for them.


All you really want is to get packed up, climb in the car, and head out to see the beauty of those sandy beaches and hear the crashing of the waves.


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