15 Things To Do In Lima, Peru

Lima is one of the oldest cities established by the Spanish conquistadores in the South American continent. It was Francisco Pizarro who, in 1535, made the decision of turning Lima’s current location into an ideal place for a new settlement. His reason was that it sits next to the sea and is also high enough […]

15 Things To Do In Luxembourg

Visiting this small but culturally enormous country will take your breath away so many times, that will make it seem like your trip here was much shorter than it was. Its rich history, incredible fortresses, museums, and nature will make you come back, and this is just the beginning of everything that this country can […]

10 Best Things To Do In San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan has no resorts or sandy beaches but it’s still one of the most visited places in Puerto Rico. Old San Juan has an incredible history and breathtaking architecture which makes this travel destination an enchanting location in the Caribbean.   If you want to experience an island paradise, there are San Juan beaches […]

15 Things To Do in Ibiza

When one first thinks about Ibiza, the image of youths stumbling out of bars and clubs onto a busy street and promptly throwing up in a gutter comes to mind. Despite its notorious infamy for its eyebrow-raising nightlife, many people forget that this tiny Spanish island floating in the Mediterranean is a naturally gorgeous place. […]

Top Things To Do In Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the capital of the US state of New Mexico sitting in the shadow of a mountain range. It abounds with Spanish colonial and native Indian structures. Brimming with art venues, Santa Fe is an attractive destination for visitors cherishing outdoor and indoor activities.     Known as “The City Different” among the […]

15 Must-See Landmarks in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eclectic. Vibrant. Colourful. These are 3 words that encapsulate the very essence of Buenos Aires. The capital and largest city in Argentina has been opening its arms to millions of tourists every year.   Known for its Latin spice, eclectic European architecture and rich cultural life, Buenos Aires is the most visited city in South […]

Arundel Castle: All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

Owned by the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk and dating back to 1067, Arundel Castle sits on a hill in the quaint town of Arundel in West Sussex. The castle has a fascinating history and has resided within, the Dukes of Norfolk and their ancestors for over 850 years. It underwent a full restoration in […]

Dover Castle: All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

Dover Castle in Kent is a fascinating place with a long, eventful history. Situated at the shortest sea crossing of the English Channel, it has served as one of the country’s major strategic sites from the Roman invasion to the Cold War.    Dover Castle played an essential role in the Second World War. The […]

Best Places To Visit In Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and stereotypically known for Guinness, leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Besides having lots of drinking taverns, Dublin is one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland, teeming with rich culture and history.   Gaze at the majesty of Christ Church Cathedral and guzzle down pints in Temple Bar. Listen […]