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10 BEST All-Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For A Stress-Free Holiday


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Nicole Olson

overview of the entire Beloved Playa Mujeres resort
©Photo from official Beloved Playa Mujeres’ website

There is no shortage of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, a destination that seems to have invented and perfected the all-you-can-eat-and-drink vacation. But in 2019, those resorts are no longer the same cookie-cutter style buffet-heavy destinations. Today, there’s an all-inclusive for every type of traveler. Whether you’re a family, group, honeymooner, or traveling solo, you’ll find a hotel catering directly to you. (There are even boutique all-inclusive hotels in Mexico).


So how do you make your choice?


Step away from TripAdvisor and start with our list of the best – and some of the most diverse- all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.



Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun

Aerial view of the best all-inclusive resort in Mexico — Fiesta Americana Condesa, Cancun

©Photo by runt45 from WikiCommons


Location: Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Best For: Families and Large group

Board: All-inclusive


The Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico located in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone. Fiesta Americana is a Central and Latin America staple, and the Condesa has been popular among families for years. Thankfully, it’s status as an old-faithful doesn’t show pon the property: the owners renovated all the rooms in 2017, so every room includes a rainfall shower, a comfy bed, and a minibar.


Be aware of the modern, open-concept bathrooms, though. They aren’t for the modest among us and encourage perhaps a bit too much family time.


Cancun’s restaurants are only a short taxi ride away, but there are 11 dining options at the Fiesta Americana, so you may never feel that you need to leave. And because the Fiesta Americana is a Latin-owned brand, it embraces Mexican culture, so you have the option to enjoy a range of Mexican cooking – not just tacos and burritos. Plus, the food overall is so good that you forget you went all-inclusive.


Why is the Fiesta American so great for kids? There’s a dedicated kids pool and children’s play area. Plus, your kids and teens each have their own spaces with the Fiesta Kids Club and the Teen Club. The hotel also boasts 507-rooms, so the kids are bound to make friends for the week.


Although the Fiesta Americana is a solid overall all-inclusive, we don’t recommend it for adults looking for a peaceful getaway. It is very much a firm-family favorite.



Fives Azul Beach Resort Playa Del Carmen

Aerial view of Playa Del Carmen

©Photo by Fives Azul Beach Resort Playa Del Carmen


Location: Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Best For: Families; groups

Board: All-inclusive


If you intend to head south from Cancun to the quieter resort area of Playa del Carmen, then you need to check-in to The Fives Azul Beach Resort.


The Fives Azul is the perfect antidote to the typical behemoth beach resorts that dot Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Although it is a large resort (634 rooms, 13 restaurants, and 9 bars), its design-forward and offers a personal touch. The hotel claims to “set a new standard” for all-inclusive, and it certainly succeeds.


In our opinion, the best part of the Fives Azul is the room design. Traditional resorts have two beds and a pull-out. Here, you can choose from suites with three bedrooms and rooftop decks to give everyone their own space.


If we had to boil it down to one distinct difference between the Fives Azul and other family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, it’s that the Fives Azul caters to adults as much as to children. You don’t need to give up elegance or luxury to be family-friendly.



Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort

aerial view of Kore Tulum Retreat and SPA Resort at night

©Photo from official Kore Tulum Retreat and SPA Resort in Tulum’s website


Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Suitable For: Adults

Board: All-inclusive


Tulum is having a moment. Ten years ago, it was a sleepy fishing village, and today, it is the premier destination for trendsetters from across the globe. The influence of the taste-makers means Tulum offers things you won’t find in other resort towns, including matcha bars and a Nobu pop-up.


Kore Tulum is one of the few all-inclusive properties in the town. Its waterfront-location is apparent from your room, and free bike hire makes roaming the hotel strip and its many delights easy. It’s the perfect mix for a solo traveler or couple who want the ease of an all-inclusive but don’t want to feel trapped in a labyrinth-like property.


Note: when we say waterfront, we mean this loosely. There’s no beach, but you can still reach the ocean. Otherwise, you can borrow bikes to enjoy the beach bars or take the property’s free shuttle to the El Paraiso beach club.


Like most hotels here, it’s boutique-sized (small): 94 rooms for adults only. Each room includes a rainfall shower and a separate bathtub (with jets).


Although Kore is an all-inclusive, its size means you have two restaurants and a cafe, which all serve-up Mexican cuisine with a Tulum twist (think green juices). A shortage of restaurants is not a bad thing. If you make the drive to Tulum, you should explore it’s incredible and expanding food scene rather than hitting the buffet every day.



Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos

pool area of the Holiday Inn Resort San Jose Del Cabo during summer

©Photo from official Holiday Inn Resort San Jose Del Cabo’s website


Location: Los Cabos, Mexico

Best For: Families (who love excursions)

Board: All-inclusive


Heading to Mexico’s Pacific Coast and keen to explore more than just the beach? Book yourself a stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos.


The beachfront property sits between the beaches and the mountains and is large enough to provide a quiet section (adults-only), activities area (for everyone), and kids section featuring a playground a child-friendly pool.


Amenities at this all-inclusive resort are somewhat basic. Kids have the Chiqui Kids Club (for ages 5-12), and everyone can enjoy live entertainment at night. There are only two restaurants and a few bars. So if you want entertainment for older kids or even the whole family, you’ll need to leave the property.



Zoetry Rolandi Isla Mujeres

wide angle shot of the complete exterior of the Zoëtry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres Cancun

©Photo from official Zoëtry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres Cancun’s website


Location: Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Best For: Couples; honeymoons; spa breaks

Board: All-inclusive


If you love the idea of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico that won’t sacrifice your privacy, try Zoetry Rolandi Isla Mujeres.


It offers the ease of accessibility from Cancun and Cancun airport but without the crowds and the noise. The hotel itself includes just 35 rooms – all of which are oceanfront – with a spa and wellness focus. Relaxation starts at the port because the hotel picks you up in its exclusive 42-foot yacht. Both your arrival and departure yacht trips are complimentary.


The size of the resort means your dining options are limited to two restaurants and room service. However, the property promises a gourmet dining experience. Guests say the food is excellent from morning til’ night.


Isla Mujeres is secluded, and you’ll need to get taxis from the resort. If you want to get out, expect to spend up to $10 per taxi trip, and there’s only one taxi available for the entire island overnight.  The hotel will also arrange a golf car rental for your (for an extra fee), which is the best way to roam the island on your own.



Grand Sirenis Matali Hills Resort & Spa Riviera Maya

Pool side of the Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive resort

©Photo from official Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills Puerto Vallarta’s website


Location: Riviera  Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Best For: Families; couples; spa vacations

Board: All-inclusive


The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya is a hideaway from the resort zones of both Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Every room here is a suite and feels like an automatic upgrade.


The resort is quiet enough for couples and honeymooners but has enough amenities for kids. There are three pools, including a children’s pool as well as a lazy river and plenty of space for lounging. There are also 11 bars, which means you can always find a quiet place or a drink or join in on the party if you prefer.


Guests say the real winner at the hotel is the spa, which is award-winning and one of the best in the region. Visitors also say that the staff here is fantastic, and they transform the resort activities from hokey events into bonding activities.



Le Blanc Spa Resorts

Overview of the beach from the pool area of the Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun

©Photo from official Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun’s website


Location: Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Best For: Adults; Spa breaks

Board: All-inclusive


Le Blanc Spa resort has locations in both Cancun and Los Cabos, but we recommend the Cancun location, in particular. 


The resort is adults-only, which is a rarity in itself in Cancun, and it is also a design-forward and sophisticated resort that welcomes the jet-set.


Upon arrival, you are ushered into a semi-private lounge, so you don’t need to stand in an endless check-in queue. It’s rare to ask for another drink because the staff arrives to give you a refill just as your cup becomes empty. You can also request a butler, who will unpack your luggage, prepare a bath, and more.


The hotel also has an app that allows you to make reservations and place orders from the comfort of your bed or beach chair.


Le Blanc picks up a popular theme among other Caribbean resorts – wellness – and translates it into a Mexican idyll. The wellness packages include complimentary in-room aromatherapy, a concierge specifically for wellness, and exclusive in-room amenities. A full list of the amenities includes:

Bulgari soaps

Wellness TV channel

Sleep aid kits

120-minute spa package

Healthy cooking workshop

$1,500 resort credit for spa treatments


You can even upgrade from group yoga and meditation classes to private options for a fee.


We also love that Le Blanc offers comprehensive resort packages. Too many hotels still sell what they call “inclusive” package deals and then demand substantial fees for further essential services, like wifi or shuttles. Le Blanc offers promo offers like a $1,500 resort credit, which you can use both on-site and at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course down the road.


The hotel is also in the hotel zone in Cancun, so you can mix and match your wellness and party sides. You won’t feel cut off from the social side of the city.



Beloved Isla Mujeres

Panoramic shot of the all-inclusive resort — Beloved Playa Mujeres

©Photo from official Beloved Playa Mujeres’ website


Location: Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Best For: Couples; Honeymooners

Board: All-inclusive


Beloved Playa Mujeres bills itself as a “couples-only” five-star destination. Its location on Isla Mujeres guarantees privacy, but it goes above and beyond to ensure every couple feels they have the resort to themselves thanks to the personalized service.


Upon check-in, you’ll enjoy a lavish suite with clean lines and neutral colors. The rooms are massive and include both indoor and outdoor spaces. They don’t miss a beat on the couples’ experience: a walk-in closet, double vanities, and showers for two are all included. While here, you enjoy several smaller intimate pools plus outdoor hydromassage tubs. But if you want a private pool, you can book a plunge pool suite.


The food options are extensive, given the size of the hotel. You have a breakfast buffet, two a la carte breakfast and lunch options, and four options for dinner. There are also six bars and a lounge. Perhaps the standout feature is the unlimited international premium alcohol offered. Anyone who has previously visited an all-inclusive knows that the “all-you-can-drink” alcohol is never premium let alone top-shelf. So if you love a good cocktail, this is a real selling point.



UNICO Riviera Maya

Aerial view of the beautiful Unico Hotel Riviera Maya all-inclusive resort

©Photo from official Unico Hotel Riviera Maya’s website


Location: Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Best For: Adults; honeymooners; solo-travelers

Board: All-inclusive


The UNICO Riviera Maya claims to be a “new category” of all-inclusive. Rather than the traditional resort or the clean, design resort that could be anywhere, the hotel blends both design and wellness with the local culture.


Each room is spacious and includes pieces of modern Mexico. Look closely, and you’ll see it on the bed, on the walls, and in all the tiny details.


The food here is also an ambassador for the thriving Mexican culture. Rather than relying on group menus, UNICO brings in a guest chef at the Cueva Siete restaurant. You’ll enjoy the breadth of Mexican cuisine with new imagination and personality. There are also other options like Mediterranean and Asian restaurants. We love the cocktail program, which was created by a mixologist.



Marquis Los Cabos

Lounge area of the Marquis Los Cobos during sunset

©Photo from official Marquis Los Cobos’ website


Location: Los Cabos, Jalisco Mexico

Best For: Adults

Board: All-inclusive


The Marquis Los Cabos is a serious splurge, but if luxury is your preferred mode of travel, then the Marquis is worth your while.


The hotel is adults-only, and every room is a suite. It’s hidden away from the hubbub of Los Cabos and the weekenders. It lies where the desert meets the mountains, which makes it suitable for hiding away for a week or as a base for exploring the area.


Food is the hotel’s primary focus, and there’s not a buffet in sight. Instead, you can choose from five a la carte restaurants (four are included in the package) as well as delis and room service.


Every room includes a balcony, ocean view, and hot tub. If you upgrade to a casita, you enjoy the total privacy of an exclusive plunge pool. 


The activities here also stand out. Skip the karaoke and comedians found at the typical all-inclusive and instead enjoy live music, dance lessons, tequila tastings, archery, and movies under the stars. Based on guests reviews, everything is impressive, the staff makes the experience even sweeter. Both the concierge and restaurant teams provide personal service.


The only thing to note is that the beach directly in front of the hotel isn’t ideal for swimming because the currents are strong. Less confident swimmers or those looking to float need to walk about 20 minutes for calmer waters.


Enjoying All-Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches in Mexico. Not to mention, there are also plenty of things to do in Mexico aside from chilling out at the beach. But if you’re really a beach bum, these 10 all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are a must-visit! If you have time left, go visit the different cities in Mexico to get to know the local scene and culture more.