Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall is a professional writer with more than 70 published books. A native of Germany (a genuine 'seehas' from the Bodensee region), she has lived and worked in many countries, including England, Mongolia, China, Mongolia and Nepal. She has put down roots in her favourite country, Bulgaria, where she grows fruit in her permaculture orchard, writes creepy horror stories, and goes for long walks in the countryside, accompanied by her dog and three cats.
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13 Bulgarian Food You Must Try Before You Die

Welcome to the culinary paradise of Bulgaria!   Meals in Bulgarian restaurants feature fresh, basic ingredients. Thanks to Bulgaria’s sunny climate and fertile soil, fruit, and vegetables grow in abundance – sweet mulberries, big juicy tomatoes, tasty bell peppers in many varieties – and they find their way into traditional dishes.   Meat (beef, pork, […]

Get The Most Out Of Your Stay In Yambol, Bulgaria

Yambol (also spelled Jambol, and in Bulgarian, Ямбол) is a city in the south-east of Bulgaria, blessed with almost year-round sunshine. It is the capital of the Yambol Province, a region bordering on Turkey. For many travelers, Yambol is a place to spend a few days on their way from central Europe through the Balkans […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Munich Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest in München (Munich), Bavaria, is not only the biggest of Germany’s annual beer festivals but also the largest folk festival in the world. Every September and October, more than 7 million visitors flock to this 16-day party. So don your dirndl, drink Bavarian beer and join the singing and schunkeln.   Now here’s […]

12 Best Things To Do In York, England

The city of York is one of the best places to explore England’s history, especially the Roman, Viking, mediaeval and Victorian periods. Old buildings, museums, tours and exhibitions invite you to vivid experiences of the past. Take a romantic river cruise or a spooky bus tour, roam the old streets, or journey back in time. […]

Best Things To Do In Kent, England

The county of Kent in the southeast of England is the gateway to Britain. If you arrive from the European continent, Kent will be your first English experience.   Expect To See Green Visitors are often struck by the lush green landscapes with hedgerows and sheep pasture, dotted with oasthouses (hop kilning towers). Picturesque villages […]

Make The Most Out Of Your Stay In Sofia, Bulgaria

Located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. Many travellers often stop here for a short time before journeying on through Bulgaria and other Balkan states.   If you’re in Bulgaria’s largest city for a short visit, we have compiled a list of attractions for you to explore – […]

Best Things To Do Around Lake Constance

Lake Constance (Bodensee) is Europe’s largest lake. Its shorelines in three countries – Germany, Switzerland and Austria – offer varied scenery with forests, vineyards and mountain views, as well as a wealth of historic and cultural gems, water sports and relaxing leisure activities.   We’ve gathered some insider suggestion to help you explore the attractions […]

The Best Things To Do In London

Culture, history, arts, entertainment and finance make London one of the world’s best-loved cities. We’ve collected our favourite attractions in – including insider tips for your visit and what to do in London for free.   Are you ready to explore London?   1. Ride The London Eye   This giant cantilevered observation wheel offers […]