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The BEST Things You Ever Want To Do In Eagar, Arizona


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Ankit Sharma

eager 0 - The BEST Things You Ever Want To Do In Eagar, Arizona

Located in the Apache County of Arizona, Eagar is a town as much as it is an experience. You can look forward to an amazing climate as well as stunning sights all around. As it is located at the base of the White Mountains, it does offer spectacular sights and a lovely climate. Eagar is mainly a town full of adventure and recreational activities. With the number of things to do and explore, it is perfect for a vacation or weekend getaway.


Today, we’ll looking at some of the places and activities to enjoy in the amazing town of Eagar, Arizona.


Best Time To Visit Eagar

The temperatures and occasional rainfall between the months of May through October make them the best for visiting Eagar. The overall weather is just right and perfect for you to go out and enjoy in a cool climate with just the right rain. In these months, you’re not cooped up inside because of excessive rain and sunshine.


Additionally, the town is good to celebrate all four seasons, especially winters with ice skiing among other activities. You can check more info about what to expect in the city here.


Getting To Eagar

Reaching Eagar is pretty easy and there are several roads and highways connecting the town to nearby cities. Springville is just 3 kms from the city and other cities connect to it via the connecting highways. The on-road location gives it an easy to reach location through all the major cities.


Exploring And Activities


Little Bear Archaeological Site

little bear, eagar

Photo by thecrazytourist.com


The town of Eagar is known for its archaeological sites. The prehistoric era plays an important role in its tourism and various excavations are going on to date. So much so, you can actually visit and even take part to some extent. Going to the Little Bear Archaeological Site is quite an experience and a must-visit on your Arizona list.


You get to know the history and works going on day to day on this site and so much more. Located near the X Diamond Ranch, you can visit and make see the century-old remains excavated. Restricted access to the excavation site is permitted and even school trips are often seen here.



Chill Away by The Big Lake

big lake, eagar

Photo by oakleyshark from YouTube


Big Lake is a must-visit as a relaxing site on your trip. The combination of sunset/sunrise along with a calm fishing experience is something to do after a long day of exploration. The best thing about Big Lake is its elevation and location right in the White Mountains. Fishing here can get you various trout catches such as apache, rainbow, and book.


There are plenty of amenities and services available as well. Ideally, the time to make a trip out here would be April through November. Although you do need a fishing license, it is a must-visit location. The natural beauty and the size of the lake would make for a perfect experience combined with its unique location.



Zuni Salt Lake

zuni salt lake, eagar

Photo by coloradocollege.edu


Much like the Big Lake, the Zuni Salt Lake is present at quite an elevation. However, it is not similar to the Big Lake in terms of the surroundings or even the depth and location. With more of an arid environment due to the New Mexico Desert, the lake is quite shallow. It is perfect for a bit of relapse into the mountains, but you cannot expect to fish here.


This shallow salt lake is also a sacred site to the native Zuni people here. It has quite an interesting history and is perfect for a lazy afternoon relaxing site. The Zuni Salt Lake is also on the National Register of Historic Places and quite an interesting travel experience.



R Lazy J Wildlife Ranch

bufallo, ranch, eagar

Photo by swanlandco.com


Yes, Arizona even has a wildlife ranch. The R Lazy J Wildlife Ranch is an amazing conservation sanctuary for several local species. You do have to book in advance to make sure you get a safari trip to explore it properly. There are species such as Water Buffalo, Watusi cattle among several others.


You can expect to see reptiles, small animals as well as herds of various cows and other species. Moreover, bird watchers can also expect to see several species here and see the diversity in both land and areal fauna. Cute little animals do flock to you for fruits and you can observe the wild ones at a safe distance as well.



Sunrise Park Resort

cable car, trees, eagar

Photo by Shelley Norris from Pinterest


If you’re in Eagar, you might as well get some mountain and ice adventure sports on your trip. Sunrise Park Resort is the perfect facility to get your adrenaline pumped up. Scattered across three mountains aka Cyclone, Sunrise, and Apache Peaks, it is as grand as it is adventurous. The experience is something you cannot miss as it is the only skiing facility that makes use of the amazing White Mountains of Arizona near the city.


During the winter months, the peaks and mountainsides are covered with snow. But, even after the snow has melted away it is still a good place to kick back and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the surroundings and the city.



West Baldy Trail

west baldy trail, eagar

Photo by azcentral.com


The white Mountains are probably the only natural area that you might spend up most of your time in. Whether it is snow activities and mountaineering or nature treks, you can do it all here. With great views all around and natural scenes to make take your breath away with the beauty, you cannot go wrong with the White Mountains.


Located half an hour from Eagar, you can easily get to the West Baldy Trail in the White Mountains. With streams running by your side, fir and pine trees all around, it gives a relaxing environment away from the city. The meadows and trees accompany you wherever you go.


It is, however, good to be cautionary of bears in the area. Keeping yourself prepared for any sightings and taking precautions is the best idea. There are also lands sacred to the natives which may not be accessible. You need to keep your eyes and ears open for everything here.



Butterfly Lodge Museum

museum, eagar

Photo by butterflylodgemuseum.org


This is another place in Eagar, Arizona present on the National Register of  Historic Places. These days it is in use by the Fores Service, nevertheless, it makes for an interesting trip. It is primarily a little lodging constructed back in 1913 for monitoring the forest area around. Its construction materials give it a rustic and sophisticated look.


Nowadays, programs and local events take place in this area to make use of the Butterfly Lodge Museum. It is not strictly a museum per se with timepieces, but more of a reminiscent building of the previous century. Overall, with its new renovations and additions, it is a place worth visiting for the nature-loving person. The insides are cozy and give ample protection from the elements as well. You can look into it more here.



Horse Riding at Lazy B Arena

horse, arena, eagar

Photo by arizonawhitemountainadventures.com


The natural areas in Eagar give plenty of options for trails, treks, and other nature activities. On the same lines, you can look into Horse Riding at the Lazy B Arena. Another great choice would be the Hannigan Meadow Lodge. With nature all-around anywhere you go in Eagar, you can engage in horse riding too.


With the White Mountains being a perfect ground for experts and novices alike, it is a thrilling experience in the surreal scenery in the region. Additionally, there may be several factors to consider before going out namely the weather and wild encounters. Being a nature-centric area, you can expect bears to be present in the White Mountains.


Final Words


Eagar, Arizona is a city that is big in its activities but not as big in its area. You can find plenty to do and even staying options are pretty cool. Springerville is right next door to this town and navigating between both towns is easy. Lying under the foot of the White Mountains, they offer amazing views and even more amazing activities. With so many monuments and buildings acquiring their spots in the National Register of Historic Places, it is just as exciting for the people who love museums and natural spots.


Moreover, there are plenty of other spots such as dinosaur parks, various museums, the town has a rich and interesting history. You can easily stay here for a week and not get bored with the number of activities and places to explore. The restaurants and local culture is just as interesting as its historic monuments and worth exploring inside out. The natural look and feel of the surroundings is the main attraction here and with the super clean air, you can be away from the reminders of your metro city life as well. Staying here is surely going to bring you amazing memories as well as make you want to revisit as well.