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8 Best Ice Fishing Places In The US


Modified: January 3, 2024

by Ankit Sharma

Ice Fishing
Photo by themoscowtimes.com

If you find yourself looking for something new to do, here are so many places in the US to go fishing in. There are several places for ice fishing as well to look forward to! In the US, you can expect several amazing locations to catch the offbeat fishing practice and get some quality catches.


So if you are looking to vacation in a chilly part of the country or just interested in some ice fishing, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some amazing ice fishing places in the US:



Lake Of The Woods

Lake Of The Woods, Ice Fishing

Photo by Wikipedia.org


Located in Minnesota, Lake of the Woods is one of the best ice fishing spots you can find. Additionally, there are several accommodation options present around the lake. You can plan a holiday as well as just go for the purpose of experiencing some ice fishing thrill.


There are plenty of fish to look out for in this area, such as Northern pike, saugers, walleyes, crappies among others. You can easily have amazing catches of any of these if you have some experience with fishing. Moreover, the locals and professionals around would even be willing to help with finding the best spots for the best catches. And if you are looking to get into ice fishing as a first-timer, more experienced fishers will be willing to help you.



Lake Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg, Ice Fishing

Photo by Ockert Botha on Flickr


If you are in hunt of some walleye fishes, and maybe even going for your first ever ice fishing, Lake Winnipeg is the perfect choice. This lake is best for catching huge walleyes easily up to 24-26 inches in size. The experience is especially great and motivating for novices. This is because it is easy to get some amazing catch here with the easiest and bare minimum bait.


Lake Winnipeg offers amazing and big greenback walleye catches. If you are looking for a challenge, the spot near the mouth of Red River is perfect for experienced people.



Devil’s Lake

Devil's Lake, Ice Fishing

Photo by devilslakewisconsin.com


Located near Northern Dakota, the Devil’s Lake is perfect for ice fishing. The opportunity to catch walleyes, perch, northern Pike and even freshwater shrimp is amazing. Additionally, the long winters over this lake are an added advantage for catching the opportunity of ice fishing for long.


The best thing about going for an ice fishing experience in Devil’s Lake is the huge catches there. There is even the option of staying around this area in addition to getting professional guidance for fishing.



Leech Lake

Leech Lake, Ice Fishing

Photo by wikipedia.org


Leech Lake is a great option for catching a variety of fish and having a great experience with fishing overall. Located in Minnesota, Leech Lake presents the opportunity to catch different kinds of fish such as walleye, burbot, panfish, and even perch. For an ice fishing location, it is a great experience for experienced and novice fishers alike.


Even the eelpout are available to fish for amazing catch sizes during the night. Ice fishing on Leech Lake is a great experience and something you should look into at least once. Moreover, you can also hire a guide for the best fishing tips as well as stay around the lake for a getaway experience.



Lake Erie

Lake Erie, Ice Fishing

Photo by greatlakestoday.org


Lake Erie is another great choice for having an amazing time ice fishing. But, there is also a big disadvantage to this location. The basin is shallow and as of recently, the waters have been affected by huge masses of algae among other deposits. On the other hand, you can still get good catches of walleye, perch, as well as bluegills.


Additionally, you also have the option to go to the nearby Presque Isle Bay. Your experience at this lake mainly depends on the season and the deposits present. Whether it is the ice fishing or staying around this lake, you are sure to love your stay near Lake Erie.



Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan, Ice Fishing

Photo by destination360.com


Lake Michigan is perhaps the best location for ice fishing in the US. Additionally, the sights and opportunities for fishing are amazing and you can look forward to a thrilling experience. The bays of this lake are an additional bonus that serve as great fishing spots as well as getting amazing views.


You can expect the bays to be overflowing with walleye. Additionally, you can expect whitefish as well in this area and overall the area is teeming with steelhead fishes in the Milwaukee Harbour. There are Chicago Harbours as well adjoining Lake Michigan which serve as great fishing spots for perch.


Lake Michigan is a huge water body and the size and variety of your fish-catching experiences largely depends on its bays and harbours.



Antero Reservoir

Antero Reservoir, Ice Fishing

Photo by denverwatertap.org


Surrounded by the Rockies, the Antero Reservoir is a chilly area in general and perfect for an amazing ice fishing experience. Generally speaking, it has a large variety of trout among several others presenting a perfect opportunity to catch various fishes.


Colorado has another lake called Chambers Lake which is another great spot for ice fishing. The best part about choosing Colorado reservoirs is the natural scenic beauty all around. This makes for an amazing getaway experience as well. Moreover, you can even catch salmon at the Chambers Lake which is a big plus of this location.



Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago, Ice Fishing

Photo by vrbo.com


Located in Wisconsin, Lake Winnebago is a great location for ice fishing and even better for an overall experience. You can catch various fish such as walleye, perch among several others. The sturgeon is the prized souvenir you can go for in this lake. There are even sturgeon seasons organized over Lake Winnebago.


With sturgeon hunting an annual fest, it is best to go during the hunting season. The huge sturgeon as a prize is something to aim for and you get bragging rights as well as a prize.


Last Reminder

The best thing to do before heading over to any of these lakes is to check the season and weather for each of these. Ice fishing as a practice is something to enjoy as long as you do it responsibly and keeping sustainability in mind. You can take fishing lessons if you are a novice or hire a guide on the spot for the best personalised experience. So pack your gear and jackets and plan your getaway to any of these amazing locations!