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Ice Fishing Around the World


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Ankit Sharma

Ice Fishing
Photo by Petritap on Wikimedia Commons

As thrilling as ice fishing is, not everyone can easily get around to it. This is especially true when it comes to finding places worthy of going for it. With so many risks and factors involved to make it a safe, enjoyable experience, you need a good spot as well.


Imagine ice fishing on a frozen lake that is not only huge but also has amazing surroundings! Add to that the option of accommodations in some places, or professional guidance among other factors. That would be some experience and truly worth remembering and catching the right fish and size.


Whether you are in it for the thrill of the experience or just as a hobby or even as something to kick back and relax, you need the right location.

Well, you can find various locations in your own country and if you are a traveler, here is a list of the best ice fishing spots around the world.


Best Ice Fishing Spots Around the World


United States

Ice Fishing, US

Photo from Pxhere


United States is home to several great ice fishing spots and lakes across the country. This is especially true in the case of the Great Lakes which it shared with Canada. United States has several of these lakes which are famous for the huge catches and stunning scenery around. Let’s have a look at the best of them:


Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is undoubtedly one of the best locations infamous for ice fishing in the US. It is a highly commercialised location and one famous for its walleye catches. The best thing about choosing Lake of the Woods lies in making a vacation/getaway of it.


You can choose to vacation here because of the houses and other accommodations around. Additionally, this site is also a good location to get the occasional look at the dazzling Northern Lights. All in all, it makes for a pretty amazing vacation spot as well as a good spot for ice fishing. You can also look into some other spots for ice fishing in the US.




lule river, ice fishing

Photo by Alexander Lukatskiy from Shutterstock


Lule River

In the country of Sweden, not only can you find unparalleled natural beauty, but also another great ice fishing spot.


Whether it is the green pastures or the snowy mountains, there is immense natural beauty to look out for in Sweden. This brings us to one such location known as Lule River.


There are also accommodation options alongside this amazing ice fishing destination as well as other comforts to look forward to. You can also look into other available options of getting bait, licensing, and more here. This is a wonderful spot in Sweden, and you can find plenty of salmon to catch here.




Ice fishing in Greenland

Photo by bradcoffin on Flickr


Greenland is the perfect destination for a chilly getaway and the same applies to ice fishing. The amazing natural beauty and frozen lakes are perfect for a thrilling adventure.



When you’re in Greenland, one thing you can expect is unparalleled majestic views and amazing natural features all around. Accessing Ammassalik is good for ice fishing and a unique experience in itself. Reaching this area is quite an adventure and you can be sure to catch some rare fish here.


It is possible to reach Ammassalik via dogsled and there are several tours and excursions to make this a wonderful experience. It is possible to catch halibut and huge Greenland Shark here. Another great thing about Ammassalik is the Arctic trips you can look into for further adventure. Ammassalik is going to be a once in a lifetime adventurous trip with so much to offer.



South Korea

river, ice fishing

Photo by Milk Factory from YouTube


South Korea has an amazing ice fishing festival that attracts huge numbers of people, nationally and internationally. The amazing experience is a great option for novices and experts alike.


Hwacheon Sancheoneo

Named after the famous trout of Korea, the Hwacheon Sancheoneo is a wonderful ice fishing festival organized in South Korea. You can reach the Hwacheon area and expect to experience ice fishing on a frozen river. The area is located about 120 km from Seoul and you can even expect subzero temperatures.


It is as thrilling of an experience as it is chilly. The Hwacheon Sancheoneo is one festival you should head to if you’re an ice fishing experience chaser. There are so many activities going on simultaneously at the same time in this festival that you would want to try them all.


The organisers even hold night fishing and make it possible to stay around the area in cozy accommodations. It is even a good idea to visit it during the Christmas holidays. That way you get the best out of holiday themed activities.




Ice Fishing in China

Photo by Alexander on Flickr


Heading to China for ice fishing is another great idea. This is because you can take part in another similar festival organized at Chagan Lake. As a fresh water lake, it has been one of the traditional locations in China for ice fishing practices. It is a ginormous lake which freezes over to make it a perfect location for ice fishing.


Similar to the Korean festival, the annual fest starts around mid December and goes on until January end. Here you can also see the local traditional practices on the first day of the festival. There is a lot of religious sentiment that links the people and fishermen to the lake too. Additionally, the lake is National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China.


Chagan Lake is present in the Jilian province of China. Another great thing about the Chagan Lake is the Mongolian fishing method put to use. This is something that is unique to the area.




Ice Fishing in Russia

Photo by lex_t on Flickr


Russians love ice fishing and because of this, you can head to practically any lake or river for an amazing time. The best part about Russia for ice fishing is the chilly temperatures and huge water bodies. The temperatures often dip to sub-zero, creating a thick layer of ice on the top. This attracts many Russians and international fishing crews for the fishing experience.


Yakutsk Ice Fishing

If you are going to Russia for an ice fishing escape, it is a good idea to head over to Yakutsk. The location is best for ice fishing during the months of November and April. The temperatures can go way down freezing point to -30 degrees Celsius and even -55 degrees Celsius.


There are options to keep yourself warm and cozy around the area mostly as tents. It is a must to wear thick winter clothing to protect yourself from frost bite and hypothermia. Other than these basic precautions, Yakutsk is a pretty amazing place to choose for an ice fishing experience.




Ice fishing in Canada

Photo from Pxhere


Canada is one of the coldest countries with several cities and lakes staying frozen for the better part of the year. As a huge part of Canada lies above the Arctic circle, there is an avast number of ice fishing spots. The great lakes, as well as countless other rivers and water bodies, freeze over in winters. Because of this, Canada is home to some of the best ice fishing locations on our list.


Lake Diefenbaker

Located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Lake Diefenbaker is one of the best places to go for ice fishing. The best part about Lake Diefenbaker is the fish diversity and the numerous fishing spots. You can even enjoy the amazing scenery all around and the lake is pretty huge too.


At Lake Diefenbaker, you can expect to get a good sized catch of several fish given its diversity. Whether you want to catch pike, walleye, burbot, sturgeon or any other type, it is a good ice fishing spot. Going for a good trophy sized catch is very much possible here too. The ideal time to visit the location would be January through February.


Eagle Lake

If you are looking for something other than a winter wonderland with nothing else in sight, Eagle Lake is a great option. Ice fishing at Eagle Lake is a great experience and combined with the stunning natural beauty becomes a perfect getaway too. Visiting in the winter season guarantees you a great ice fishing experience.


The lake is also known for the huge fish catches that even entered world records. You can expect to catch walleye, norther pike, smallmouth bass, among several others. You can even expect to have professional guidance if you are a first timer.




Ice fishing in Norway

Photo by Nomad and Villager on Flickr


Norway is another great country that lies more on the cooler side of climate. With the Arctic climate, there are some ice fishing spots in Norway worth visiting.



Because of the temperatures, the layer of ice that forms over the lake is quite thick in Norway. Drilling holes anywhere can give great results in general. The town of Gjovik has the largest lake you can find in Norway, known as Mjosa Lake. The town has several other water bodies too but Mjosa is the main attraction for ice fishing enthusiasts.


With the natural beauty and climate of Norway, it is also a great getaway experience to go for ice fishing at Lake Mjosa. You can even stay at the accommodation options and hire drilling equipment on site. More details are available here.




Ice fishing in Finland

Photo by talas on Flickr


Finland is one of the best locations to choose for an ice fishing adventure. The cold and amazing weather along with immense natural beauty is unparalleled. Because it is also an Arctic climate country, you can expect the temperatures to go way below freezing point. The overall weather and environment combined with the facilities around water bodies make it a perfect ice fishing visit. You might even require a license to fish in Finland.



So many water bodies such as ponds, lakes and rivers flow around the Finnish city of Levi. The best thing is, all of them are amazing spots for ice fishing. You definitely need a fishing license as well as a receipt with your name on it to be able to fish in this area.


You can find the fishing management payment details here. The license and other requirements are to be checked on site locally. Since there are plenty of water bodies in Finland, there are rules and regulations regarding each. For more details, you can check here.




Ice fishing in Iceland

Photo by Dave Hebb on Flickr


Iceland is a great location with numerous cities in the southern part ideal for ice fishing. The natural beauty, as well as the chilly climate, are big factors is making Iceland to our list of best ice fishing spots in the world. The best part is the lively environment and great cities which are as good as having a wonderful winter vacation.


The ideal time to visit Iceland is February through the end of April. Like South Korea and China, there are several ice fishing contests also going throughout the country during these months. You can check more details about your fishing booking and planning here.


The best part about ice fishing in Iceland is the waters and the catch size. Additionally, you can expect to catch Trout and Salmon across several spots around the country. With the sun overhead at “midnight”, it is quite a great ice fishing experience to catch in Iceland.


Since there is not one singular spot or ideal spots of attraction, you have to research where you might find the catch you are looking for. Here is a guide to read up on.


Final Thoughts

With so many ice fishing spots around the world and each offering their own kind of climate, natural beauty, fish size, variety, it is hard to choose one. However, the most important part of ice fishing is not the location but your safety and preparedness to brave the cold climates. The above guide captures the essence of what each country has to offer and what you can take away and plan for a great ice fishing trip!