Australia & South Pacific

With the rising urban culture and irresistible attractions, you get everything under the Sun here. A far away destination but worth every penny you shell for the natural wonders, pristine beaches and jaw-dropping glaciers.

Top Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

Are you planning a trip to Sydney in Australia? Follow our guide for the best things to do in Sydney which covers all the must-visit attractions. Sydney is known for many specialities. Firstly, it is known to the world for its entertainment and nightlife. Secondly, the other parts of Sydney are well known for its […]

Things To Do In Perth, Australia

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is a city steeped in history and culture. Whilst it is known for being quieter and more laid back than other Australian cities, such as Sydney or Melbourne, that in no way implies the lack of activities to keep yourself entertained.   If you’re looking for a holiday […]

The Most Important Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand

  Auckland is the largest and the most diverse city in New Zealand. Having more beaches than any other coastal cities in the country, Auckland lives up to its nickname – “The City of Sails”.  Auckland has endless things on offer – from volcanos, islands and diverse Beaches to wildlife, wineries, adrenalin activities and hiking […]