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7 Reasons To Pick The Window Seat For Air Travel


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Lara Calleja

photo 1487119998088 a65531a3ae5c - 7 Reasons To Pick The Window Seat For Air Travel

Making the best out of your flight is important; therefore choosing the window seat rather than the aisle seat for your one or ten-hour flight is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Window seat on an airplane is the supreme experience on board, so it’s highly suggested to go for that option.


After all, traveling is all about exploring, having fun and switch-off for a while from daily routines. Like it or not, flying is the most basic means to get there and is a crucial part of the experience. 


Here are seven reasons why window seat always wins over an aisle seat



Oh, Heavens! The View

View of snow capped mountains from an airplane

Photo by Camp0412 on Unsplash


Let’s start with the obvious. The most thrilling part of the flight is looking at the world from above, just right through your window. And how can you do that? By booking yourself the window seat. If you chose the aisle seat instead, you only get to see the chaos happening inside the airplane.


The scenery from up above never ceases to amaze; seeing all the buildings, different countries, and mountains getting smaller and smaller as you rise to higher altitudes. It’s even more breathtaking to get to see the skyline and the rays of sunlight seep through the window. The most positively surreal experience of it all is seeing yourself just above the many clouds below. It’s almost angelic. And when do you get to have such a chance if not from an airplane?


You certainly cannot savor this experience from the middle of the aisle seat. Choosing the window seat means choosing the best possible view and getting the utmost visual experience out of it.



You Can Shut Off The Noise

Reading a Book in The Airplane's Window Seat

Photo by Mpumelelomacu on Unsplash


Choosing an aisle seat over a window seat means having to take it all in (not in a good way). It’s either the baby on board screaming or its the other people shouting from one side of the airplane to the other.


Sitting on an aisle seat means that you have to hear every trolly pass-by and every onboard passenger walking up and down the aisle for whatever reason; from getting their headphones which they forgot to pull out from their duffle bag, to go chat with their friends situated at the other end of the plane. In short, the aisle seat is not the best seat to switch off and relax. 


But on the other side of noise, the window seaters on their window seat cushions, have the luxury to shut off from it all, and just sit back to read a book or take a nap in the utmost peace and quiet. So again, why go for the aisle seat?



You Feel Like Royalty 

Window Shade on an Airplane

Photo by Blucjy on Unsplash


Shall it be light or shall it be darkness? Having the sole access to the window shade, the window seaters decide which lightning suits them best. The aisle seat is too far from the window to decide on the shutter’s fate.


But still, if someone wants the shutter up or down, they have to ask permission from the person on the window seat, the window’s shutter commander for the entire flight.


Do you want to feel even more royal than that? Then find an excuse to momentarily exit your abode, maybe to go to the restroom or get something from your rolling duffle bag, and all hail, all will rise to make way for Their Majesty.



To Enjoy The Peace

Watching the sky from Airplane Window Seat

Photo by Punttim on Unsplash


Well, imagine. The plane reached a safe altitude, the seat belts can be unbuckled. The middle seater or aisle seater feels relaxed and starts reading a book or watching a movie on a device. Suddenly, the person sitting next to them wants to get up for whatever reason.


Imagine you are the one sitting on the aisle seat. You have to remove all of your stuff which stands in the way. Your neighbor finally makes it to the aisle and you sit back. But no! You can’t get too comfy again; they will be coming back to their seats in a few minutes. This can happen up to 4 to 5 times in a matter of every few hours. 


Seaters of the Window Seat? Nah. They are undisturbed. Minding their own peace and quiet. With the aisle seaters probably looking enviously at them. 



Can Rest Better

Sleeping in Peace on The Window Seat of An Airplane

Photo by 16orchard on Unsplash


Let us be honest. Being in an airplane vessel means you cannot move much around. So having space is definitely high-value here.


Having the window seat means having more space to lean and rest. So grab your Trtl Travel Pillow or your cosy jumper, and lean over the window. That leaning position along will put you into a resting position in no time. Your row-neighbours will look at you and wish they’d rather booked a window seat instead.



To Get The Best Shots For Your Insta

Aerial Photo from your Window Seat Airplane

Photo by Agnisyulia on Unsplash


As much as we don’t like to admit it, social media has become a big part of our lives for most of us. So imagine. You are not on the aisle seat where the view outside the plain barely exists. No, you’re on the best seat of your row, the window seat. 


You will be right atop earth and you will see wonders. As corny as it may sound, taking some cool shots from the other side of the sky to share on your social media channels, is another way to kill time during your flight.


So for the cool shots, grab the best seat.




To Save Your Face From Flying Objects 

Airplane Seats

Photo by Kaysha on Unsplash


Let’s put it this way. The aisle seat is literally asking to be hit at some point. Literally, it can be anything; from kids running around, or standing-up adults who talk with extravagant hand gestures, or small but still annoyingly frequent elbow-hits from your dozing-off neighbour. Passengers on the window seat do not know the meaning of such mishaps and are happily and safely seated in comfort. Probably dozing off peacefully as they watch the blue sky



So book yourself the window seat when you air travel and enjoy some comfort, peace, and quiet; maybe listening to that favourite song as you watch the colours of the sunset from up above.


You deserve the treat.