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Why Travelling With A Rolling Duffle Bag Is Cool


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Tabinda M.

1 - Why Travelling With A Rolling Duffle Bag Is Cool

In the world of travel, a duffle bag stands out as a popular choice of travel luggage. While there isn’t anything immediately exciting about travelling with a rolling duffle bag, its appeal is hard to deny. It offers a great deal of practicality. Great size and capacity, lightweight and several carry options make traveling easier. A duffle bag is a great alternative to large suit-cases and over-sized backpacks that can be hard to carry. Ever since its origin in Belgium, the duffel bag has undergone a lot of transformations. Duffle bags now come in all shapes and sizes with added convenience like wheels and handles.


What is a Rolling Duffle Bag?

Basically, just a duffle bag with wheels on it. A rolling duffle bag comes with wheels that allow you to transport your luggage with ease. At the airport, travelling with a rolling duffle bag has huge benefits.


Figure looking at the flight schedule

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You get amazing storage space which means you can stuff in twice the amount of luggage than you otherwise would with a suitcase or a backpack. You get multi-handle functionality which is perfect if you’re the solo travel kind. And with wheels on your duffel bag, you can roll it around the floor and move around with ease. Rolling duffle bags can be highly diverse depending on the material that is used to manufacture them. You can get a leather duffle bag or opt for one that is made out of parachute material. Regardless of your choice, travelling with a rolling duffle bag is definitely a good choice.


Racket up your Cool Factor with a Rolling Duffle Bag

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You have to admit, wheeled duffel bags can be cool to travel with and not just because they’re convenient. There is something instantly appealing about someone walking around the airport with a duffel bag slung across their shoulder, or perhaps even two-wheeled duffle bags sliding across the floor behind them. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about these duffel bags that make them so cool. Perhaps these duffle bags have just become a mark of a respectable traveler over the years. The iconic rugged and scruffy-looking shape of these duffel bags might be another significant factor.


If you’re the solo travel kind, walking along with a rugged rolling duffel bag in a sea of travelers with mini backpacks and rigid suitcases, you are bound to stand out. If you really want to racket up your cool factor as a traveler, perhaps its time you invest in a rolling duffel bag. There are many duffle bag brands worth checking out. But a few that truly make the top of the duffel bag industry include Patagonia, Shacke, Osprey and other popular names like Addidas Louis Vuitton. Canvas Duffle bag is another great brand that manufactures durable yet affordable duffel bags.


An Adidas duffle bag or a Louis Vuitton duffle bag can be a little more on the expensive price tag. However, if you don’t mind a hefty price tag, then an Adidas duffle bag or a Louis Vuitton duffle bag are both viable options.

7 Pros of Travelling With a Rolling Duffle Bag:


Generous Storage Space

Duffle Bag

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If you’re traveling on one of those cheap airline flights, you’ll find a great many restrictions on the hand luggage you can carry. In fact, it’s not just cheap airline flights that put these restrictions. Many descent flight options still have a lot of restrictions on the size and weight of the cabin luggage you can carry. Since there are specific cabin luggage requirements and a limit on the amount of hand luggage you can take in, a duffel bag makes it easier to carry several items without exceeding those requirements. Those who frequently air travel can avoid all the hassle of checking your bag by choosing to travel with a rolling duffel bag. A duffel bag generally has a very flexible structure overall which provides a handsome storage space particularly if you’re travelling with a great number of travel accessories. While a mini backpack makes for an excellent travel buddy, it certainly does not offer that kind of storage space. So duffel bags are the better alternative.



Amazing Organizing Capacity for Travel Accessories

Travel accessories

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Traveling accessories are a necessity. Even if you’re just making day trips to different places, you need traveling accessories as your travel buddy. A duffel bag, regardless of whether it is a regular leather duffle bag or a branded canvas duffle bag, will offer great organizational capacity. Duffel bags are designed with travelers in mind so you’ll find several pockets and compartments to store all your travel must-haves in your bag.



Light Weight & Easy to Carry Around

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These bags are light in weight and highly flexible in their structure. Unlike rigid suit-cases that weigh plenty on their own, a duffel bag can be extremely lightweight and easy to carry. And if you’re travelling with a rolling duffle bag, the task of dragging our luggage around becomes a piece of cake. Those extra handles on the bag also allow you to switch between carrying or rolling the bag on the floor, depending on your mood. 



Amazing Organizing Capacity for Travel Accessories

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Rigid suitcases with structured compartments can make it difficult to store awkwardly shaped items. Duffle bags have a very loose and flexible feel to them. This does not only make them a cool backpack that you can carry around easily but also allows you to easily stuff in any awkwardly shaped items you may be traveling with.



Highly Durable

Duffle bag on the ground

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Duffle bags come in diverse materials. Leather, parachute, and nylon are some of the most common materials. Regardless of your choice, these bags are designed to be highly durable with travellers specifically in mind. And rough use is common when travelling, even if it’s just day trips you’re making. These bags will long you a long time and can be used for years without any damages.



Multiple Carry Options

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Duffle bags offer multiple carry options that can make it easier to move the luggage around. You can buy a cool backpack style one, a rolling one, a shoulder strap style bag or a hand carry style duffle bag. Most of these bags feature at least two of these styles in a single duffel bag. Having multiple carry options can be great especially for lengthy traveling.



High-Quality Duffle Bag at a Reasonable Price

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A duffle bag comes without a hefty price tag. Most of them can be bought at a highly reasonable price. And if you’re a frequent traveler, this one-time investment would be excellent for you. They are high-quality luggage carriers that you can enjoy without breaking the bank. So if you’re considering investing in a rolling duffel bag for your next trip, don’t think twice! Get one and enjoy traveling. You won’t regret your decision.


Tourist Secrets on Packing a Duffel Bag…

Make sure you fold down the upper edges before you start packing your duffel bag. This will make it easier to reach the bottom of your bag. 

Put high-priority items at the top so you can easily access them. Pack all low-priority items at the bottom of the bag. 

Roll up your clothes to make good use of space. 

Put small items in your shoes and pack those away.