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Best Facebook Groups For Travelers You Should Be A Part Of!


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Julietta Hopkins



As a travel enthusiast, you know that planning a trip can be both exciting and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available online to help make your travel experience more enjoyable and streamlined. One such resource is Facebook groups dedicated to travelers. These groups offer a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, exchange valuable information, share travel tips, and inspire each other to explore new destinations.


In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best Facebook groups for travelers. Whether you’re a backpacker on a budget, a solo wanderer seeking companionship, an adventure seeker, a passionate foodie, or a digital nomad looking to connect with others in the same boat, there is a Facebook group out there for you.


Joining these groups not only enhances your travel knowledge but also gives you access to a community of travelers who understand your wanderlust and can provide valuable insights and recommendations. So let’s dive in and explore the top Facebook groups every travel lover should be a part of!


Backpackers Unite

If you love backpacking and exploring the world on a budget, the Backpackers Unite Facebook group is the perfect community for you. This group is a hub for backpackers from all over the globe to connect, share travel experiences, exchange tips, and seek advice.


Whether you’re looking for recommendations on affordable accommodations, packing hacks, or insider tips on offbeat destinations, the Backpackers Unite group has got you covered. Members of this group often share their personal stories, photos, and itineraries, which can inspire you to embark on your next adventure.


With thousands of active members, you can expect prompt responses to any questions or concerns you may have. The collective knowledge and experiences available within this group are invaluable, especially for first-time backpackers who may feel overwhelmed by the idea of long-term travel on a tight budget.


Additionally, the Backpackers Unite group often organizes meet-ups and group trips, providing an opportunity to connect with fellow backpackers in real life. These meet-ups can result in lifelong friendships and travel companions for future adventures.


By joining this group, you’ll gain access to a supportive community that understands the challenges and joys of backpacking. Whether you’re seeking advice on navigating visa regulations, finding the best street food, or simply want to share your travel stories, the Backpackers Unite Facebook group is where you’ll find a community of like-minded adventurers.


Solo Travelers Connect

Traveling alone can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be intimidating for some. That’s where the Solo Travelers Connect Facebook group comes in. This community is dedicated to solo travelers who are looking to connect with others and share their experiences.


Joining the Solo Travelers Connect group gives you access to a supportive and inclusive community of like-minded individuals who understand the unique joys and challenges of traveling solo. Here, you can find inspiration, ask for tips on solo-friendly destinations, and even find travel buddies for specific trips.


The group’s members come from all walks of life and have traveled to various corners of the world. They are eager to share their stories, provide advice on safety precautions, recommend hidden gems, and offer encouragement to fellow solo travelers.


One of the remarkable aspects of this group is the sense of camaraderie that exists among its members. Solo travelers often share their personal triumphs and challenges, providing a space for others to learn and grow from their experiences. It’s a place to find solace, gain confidence, and discover a sense of belonging in the world of solo travel.


Furthermore, the Solo Travelers Connect group occasionally organizes meet-ups and events specifically for solo travelers. These gatherings offer the opportunity to meet fellow adventurers and create friendships with like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploring the world independently.


So, if you’re a solo traveler seeking connection and want to be part of a supportive global community, join the Solo Travelers Connect Facebook group. Whether you’re looking for advice, inspiration, or simply a platform to share your solo travel stories, this group is your go-to destination.


Adventure Junkies

If your idea of traveling involves adrenaline-pumping activities and daring adventures, then the Adventure Junkies Facebook group is the perfect community for you. This group is filled with thrill-seekers from around the world who share a passion for adventure travel.


In the Adventure Junkies group, you’ll discover a wealth of information and inspiration for all types of adrenaline-fueled activities. Whether you’re into rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, hiking, or any other extreme sport, you’ll find like-minded individuals who can offer recommendations, share their experiences, and provide valuable tips.


The members of this group are always eager to share their thrilling stories and breathtaking photos. They can help you choose the best gear, recommend epic destinations for adventure activities, and even connect you with local guides or adventure tour operators who can help you make the most of your adrenaline-fueled journeys.


Moreover, the Adventure Junkies group is a great place to find travel buddies who are equally enthusiastic about adventure travel. If you’re planning a trip and looking for company to join you on your adrenaline-fueled escapades, this group can connect you with fellow adventurers who share your passion.


Additionally, the Adventure Junkies group often organizes meet-ups and group trips to specific adventure destinations. These trips provide a unique opportunity to bond with fellow adventure enthusiasts, explore uncharted territories, and create lifelong memories.


Joining the Adventure Junkies Facebook group is not only a way to gain access to valuable information and advice; it’s also a chance to be part of a community that understands your cravings for excitement and thrills. Whether you’re a seasoned adventure traveler or just starting to explore the world of adrenaline-fueled experiences, the Adventure Junkies group will fuel your passion and inspire you to push your boundaries.


Budget Travel Tips

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing experiences or compromising on the quality of your trip. In fact, with the right knowledge and resources, it’s possible to explore the world while keeping your expenses to a minimum. That’s where the Budget Travel Tips Facebook group comes in.


This group is a treasure trove of information for travelers looking to make the most of their budget. Members of the Budget Travel Tips group share their insights, hacks, and recommendations on how to save money while traveling without compromising on the experience.


From finding the best deals on flights and accommodations to learning how to score discounts on attractions and meals, the Budget Travel Tips group offers a plethora of tips and tricks to help you stretch your travel budget. You’ll discover budget-friendly destinations, learn how to create a travel itinerary that won’t break the bank, and even find ways to earn money while on the road.


One of the great aspects of this group is the active engagement and support from its members. You can post your specific budget travel questions and receive personalized advice from experienced budget travelers. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to find affordable transportation options, cheap eats, or free activities, the members of this group are always ready to lend a helping hand.


In addition to practical advice, the Budget Travel Tips group also provides a platform for travelers to share their success stories and travel experiences on a budget. This can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for those who aspire to travel without breaking the bank.


By joining the Budget Travel Tips Facebook group, you’ll become part of a community that understands the thrill of finding a great deal and the satisfaction of exploring the world on a tight budget. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your travel dreams a reality without emptying your wallet, this group is a must-join!


Wanderlust Inspiration

If you’re craving inspiration for your next travel adventure or simply want to immerse yourself in the wanderlust-inducing beauty of the world, then the Wanderlust Inspiration Facebook group is the perfect place for you. This group is a haven for travelers who seek to ignite their wanderlust and explore the hidden gems of the world.


In the Wanderlust Inspiration group, you’ll find stunning photographs, breathtaking travel stories, and captivating narratives from fellow travelers who have embarked on incredible journeys. From pristine beaches and majestic mountains to bustling cityscapes and remote villages, the group members share their adventures from every corner of the globe.


The beauty of this group lies not only in the visuals but also in the stories that accompany them. Members often share personal anecdotes, cultural insights, and recommendations for off-the-beaten-path destinations that are sure to spark your imagination and motivate you to plan your next trip.


Furthermore, the Wanderlust Inspiration group encourages active engagement among its members. You can share your own travel stories, ask for advice on destinations you’re considering, and even participate in photo challenges or storytelling contests. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow wanderers, exchange ideas, and learn from shared experiences.


One of the unique aspects of this group is the positive and supportive community that exists within it. Members are always ready to cheer each other on, provide encouragement during travel planning, and offer words of wisdom to those who are seeking inspiration or overcoming travel-related challenges.


By joining the Wanderlust Inspiration Facebook group, you’ll surround yourself with a community of passionate travelers who understand the allure of exploration and the transformative power of travel. So, if you’re yearning for wanderlust-inducing inspiration, breathtaking imagery, and engaging conversations about travel, this group is a must-join!


Digital Nomads Tribe

Are you a digital nomad or aspiring to become one? If so, the Digital Nomads Tribe Facebook group is the perfect community to connect with like-minded individuals who have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle. This group serves as a hub for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who have chosen a location-independent career.


Joining the Digital Nomads Tribe group provides you with a platform to network, exchange valuable insights, seek advice, and share the challenges and triumphs of living and working as a digital nomad. Members of this group come from various industries and backgrounds, offering a diverse range of knowledge and experiences that can be immensely valuable to your own journey.


Within the group, you’ll find discussions on topics such as finding remote job opportunities, managing work-life balance, dealing with the logistics of traveling while working, and even creating passive income streams. Whether you’re seeking advice on the best co-working spaces, recommendations for digital nomad-friendly destinations, or tips on building a successful online business, the Digital Nomads Tribe community has got you covered.


Moreover, the group fosters a sense of camaraderie among members. Digital nomads often organize meet-ups in different cities around the world, creating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and forming lasting connections with fellow remote workers. These meet-ups not only provide a chance to socialize but also offer support and understanding from others who are living a similar lifestyle.


The Digital Nomads Tribe group is also a valuable resource for staying up to date with the latest tools, technologies, and trends that can enhance your remote work experience. Members often share their favorite productivity apps, travel hacks, and strategies for achieving a healthy work-life balance while constantly being on the move.


If you’re a digital nomad or have aspirations to become one, joining the Digital Nomads Tribe Facebook group is a wise step to connect with a supportive community of individuals who are navigating the same path. By sharing knowledge, experiences, and encouragement, this group empowers digital nomads to thrive in their chosen lifestyle.


Travel Photography Enthusiasts

For those who have a passion for capturing the beauty of the world through their camera lenses, the Travel Photography Enthusiasts Facebook group is a thriving community to be a part of. This group is a gathering place for photography enthusiasts who want to share their travel photos, learn from each other, and improve their photography skills.


In the Travel Photography Enthusiasts group, you’ll be inspired by the stunning visuals shared by fellow members. From breathtaking landscapes and iconic landmarks to vibrant street scenes and intimate portraits, the group showcases a diverse array of travel photographs captured by talented photographers.


As a member of this group, you can not only seek inspiration but also receive constructive feedback on your own photographs. Whether you’re a beginner looking for guidance and tips or an experienced photographer looking to refine your craft, the group’s supportive community is always willing to offer advice, share editing techniques, and provide insights on composition, lighting, and storytelling.


In addition to individual feedback, the Travel Photography Enthusiasts group often conducts photography challenges and contests. Participating in these can be a great way to challenge yourself, receive recognition for your work, and learn from others who share their techniques and creative approaches.


Moreover, the group is an incredible resource for finding photography opportunities during your travels. Members often share hidden locations, lesser-known viewpoints, and photo-worthy spots that may not be commonly found in travel guides. This insider knowledge can help you capture unique and memorable moments during your adventures.


Being a part of the Travel Photography Enthusiasts Facebook group also allows you to connect with fellow photographers, share your experiences, and create meaningful connections within the photography community. You can join discussions, attend local meet-ups, or even collaborate with other photographers on future projects or photo walks.


Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, the Travel Photography Enthusiasts group offers a welcoming and inspiring space to showcase your work, learn from others, and immerse yourself in the world of travel photography. So, if you’re passionate about capturing the beauty of the world through your lens, this group is a must-join!


Sustainable Travel Community

As responsible travelers, we understand the importance of preserving the environment and supporting local communities. If you’re passionate about sustainable travel practices and want to connect with like-minded individuals, the Sustainable Travel Community Facebook group is the perfect platform for you.


In the Sustainable Travel Community group, members come together to share their experiences, insights, and tips for traveling in an environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible manner. This community is dedicated to minimizing the negative impact of travel while maximizing the positive contributions we can make to the places we visit.


Within the group, you’ll find discussions on various topics related to sustainable travel, such as eco-friendly accommodations, responsible wildlife tourism, ethical volunteering opportunities, reducing plastic waste, supporting local artisans, and much more. Members share their firsthand experiences, offer advice, and recommend initiatives or organizations that prioritize sustainability.


Joining the Sustainable Travel Community group not only allows you to gain valuable knowledge but also provides you with a supportive network of individuals who share your passion for sustainable travel. You can seek guidance on responsible travel practices, ask for recommendations for eco-friendly destinations, or connect with others who are interested in collaborating on sustainable travel projects.


The group is also an excellent resource for staying updated on the latest advancements and initiatives in sustainable travel. Members often share articles, news, and events related to sustainable tourism, giving you the opportunity to broaden your understanding and engage in meaningful discussions.


Furthermore, the Sustainable Travel Community group encourages members to take action and make a positive impact. Whether it’s participating in beach clean-ups, supporting local conservation projects, or promoting sustainable travel through social media, members can collaborate on collective efforts to create positive change in the travel industry.


By joining the Sustainable Travel Community Facebook group, you become part of a community that believes in the transformative power of travel while respecting the planet and its inhabitants. Whether you’re seeking advice, sharing your sustainable travel stories, or looking for opportunities to contribute to a more responsible travel industry, this group is an essential connection for sustainable-minded travelers.


Foodies Around the World

For those whose love for travel is closely intertwined with their love for food, the Foodies Around the World Facebook group is an absolute haven. This community brings together food enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, providing a platform to share, discuss, and celebrate the diverse culinary experiences that travel has to offer.


In the Foodies Around the World group, you’ll find a delectable array of posts showcasing mouthwatering dishes, recipes, food markets, and dining experiences from various cultures and destinations. Members eagerly share their gastronomic adventures, providing a feast for the eyes and inspiring others with new flavors and dining possibilities.


One of the highlights of this group is the opportunity to discover hidden culinary gems while traveling. Members often offer recommendations for local food spots, street food markets, and must-try regional specialties that you might not find in guidebooks. It’s a chance to dive into the authentic flavors of a destination and uncover the local food scene.


Besides sharing tempting food photos and recommendations, the Foodies Around the World group is a place to connect with fellow food lovers who share your passion for culinary exploration. Engage in conversations about food traditions, exchange recipes, seek advice on cooking techniques, and swap stories about memorable dining experiences from your travels.


It’s not just about indulging in food conversations, though. The group also provides a space to learn about the cultural and historical significance of different cuisines. Members often share fascinating insights into the traditions and stories behind beloved dishes, giving you a deeper appreciation for the culinary heritage of various regions.


Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just beginning to explore the world of culinary delights, the Foodies Around the World Facebook group offers a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates the intersection of travel and food. Join this group to immerse yourself in a world of delectable flavors, connect with fellow food enthusiasts, and embark on a culinary journey around the globe.


Travel Deals and Discounts

Traveling can be an expensive endeavor, but with the right deals and discounts, you can save money and make your dream trips more affordable. That’s where the Travel Deals and Discounts Facebook group comes in. This community is dedicated to sharing the latest travel promotions, exclusive deals, and discount offers to help you get the most bang for your buck.


In the Travel Deals and Discounts group, you’ll find members who specialize in finding and sharing incredible travel deals from various airlines, hotels, tour operators, and booking platforms. From discounted airfares and hotel packages to travel coupons and limited-time promotional offers, this group is a treasure trove of money-saving opportunities.


Members actively share and discuss deals they’ve come across, allowing you to stay updated on the latest promotions and discounts available. Whether you’re planning a spontaneous getaway or a well-planned vacation, the Travel Deals and Discounts group can help you find the best prices and offers for your desired destinations.


One of the significant advantages of this group is the collective knowledge and experience of its members. You can seek advice on how to maximize savings, learn about lesser-known booking strategies or loyalty programs, and even ask for personalized recommendations based on your travel preferences and budget.


The Travel Deals and Discounts group is also a great place to share your own findings and contribute to the community. If you stumble upon a fantastic travel deal or have insider tips on budget travel, sharing it with the group allows others to benefit and creates a reciprocal exchange of money-saving strategies.


Furthermore, the group members often collaborate and share exclusive discount codes or referral links that can result in additional savings for everyone involved. This collaborative approach helps to support fellow travelers and build a supportive community that values affordability and making travel accessible to all.


By joining the Travel Deals and Discounts Facebook group, you’ll gain access to insider information, exclusive offers, and a community of savvy travelers who understand the importance of stretching your travel budget. So, if you’re looking to save money on your next adventure, this group is a valuable resource that you shouldn’t miss!



Being a part of travel-focused Facebook groups can greatly enhance your travel experience. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, advice, travel tips, or simply want to connect with fellow adventurers, there is a Facebook group out there for you. In this article, we’ve explored some of the best Facebook groups for travelers, each catering to a specific interest or need.


From backpackers looking to connect with like-minded individuals in the Backpackers Unite group to solo travelers seeking companionship in the Solo Travelers Connect community, these groups offer a sense of belonging and a wealth of information that can enhance your travel adventures.


If you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, the Adventure Junkies Facebook group is the perfect place to connect and share your exhilarating experiences. On the other hand, if you’re a budget-conscious traveler, the Budget Travel Tips group provides invaluable advice and insider hacks to help you make the most of your travel budget.


For those seeking travel inspiration, the Wanderlust Inspiration group immerses you in the captivating beauty of the world, while the Sustainable Travel Community allows you to connect with like-minded individuals committed to responsible and sustainable travel.


Photography enthusiasts can find their tribe in the Travel Photography Enthusiasts group, exchanging tips, showcasing their work, and connecting with others who share a passion for capturing the world’s beauty through their lenses.


For digital nomads, the Digital Nomads Tribe group is the ideal platform to connect with fellow remote workers, share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate on projects. And finally, food lovers can indulge in the Foodies Around the World group, sharing culinary experiences, discovering hidden food spots, and connecting with others who appreciate the intersection of food and travel.


Last but not least, the Travel Deals and Discounts group provides a valuable resource for finding the best travel promotions, discounts, and insider tips to make your travel more affordable.


In conclusion, joining these Facebook groups not only expands your knowledge and connections within the travel community but also enhances your travel experiences by tapping into the expertise and experiences of like-minded individuals. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join these communities and make the most of your travel adventures!