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Scotney Castle: All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Verona Atieno

scotney castle 2370212 1280 - Scotney Castle: All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

Just like Rome, Scotney Castle was never built in one day. Located in Kent, England, it was first put up for defense reasons in 1378. Consequently, it was constructed with watchtowers at each of its corners. Much later in the year 1580, a new addition surfaced. It was the south wing which adjoins the tower. The wing was beautifully designed in Elizabethan Style. The handy work of William Darrell. He was the English Member of Parliament for Downton Constituency in the year 1572.


After that, 1837 bore forth a manor house on the eastern range. This new house was done with stones extracted from the old castle. A mere circular and moated tower is all that is left of the initial structure. It stands majestically at the center of the gardens in the estate. And the resultant view they both bear is spectacular.


Main Attractions At The Scotney Castle

The Castle

For starters, you could go for the priest holes. The Catholic priests would hide inside them. This was in 1958, a period when they were being persecuted by Elizabeth I. Otherwise, the castle comprises of two houses. As mentioned above, the romantic moated ruins of the initial castle on the lower end. And the new 1837 house built in Elizabethan Style on the upper end. There are trails to guide you around the castle.


Then there is a wilderness camp and several camping sites for visitors who wish to indulge. Lastly, there is a natural playground waiting for those who want to flex their muscles a bit. Kids really love it.


Hops Farm

You wonder why? The farm still adheres to the traditional method of harvesting hops. It is done through picking. Additionally, it is the only operating hop farm under the National Trust. And generally one among the few remaining ones, which are still operational in Kent. Because of this, Scotney Castle’s hop farm stands out.


Hop into the Scotney Castle to learn more about hops farming. The best time to capture this? During the month of September. It is the harvesting season for hops. This little excursion is highly likely to end with a toast of ale. These are finely brewed in the farms’ oasts using these same hops.


The Gardens

garden, scotney castle

Scotney Gardens


These picturesque gardens are not your usual kind of gardens. They occupy approximately 20 acres out of the total 770 acres of the castle. It is kind of partitioned into several sectors.


The Walled garden is scenic on the western side of the new house. In 1840, it acted as a kitchen garden. Vegetables and fruits would be grown here for use in the castle. Up till now, fruits are still grown. Some herbs and vegetables are also there. However, the produce is either sold or used in the castle`s tea room. Inside the garden, there are spectacular flowers too. They are a continuation of the ones which were used during the time of Mrs. Hussey.


Every fortnight Wednesday, important talks are held in the Walled Garden. They are aimed at improving visitors` knowledge of farming of vegetables and fruits.


The Old Castle

old castle, scotney castle

Photo by DeFacto on Wikimedia Commons


The old castle ruins cast a fairytale-like atmosphere. It is created by the surrounding rhododendrons and azaleas. They are quite outstanding considering they naturally sprung up. On the walls, the English roses and Wisteria bring a whole new twist whispering beauty. The beds of herbs further mark it all up. Always adopting new colours with each coming season.


How To Get To Scotney Castle

It lies in a county called Kent in South East of England. The good news is that it is directly accessible from London. The closest big city nearby is Turnbridge Wells. It is approximately 3500 kilometres from Scotney Castle. The other nearby settlements are Kilndown and Lamberhurst.


Getting To Scotney Castle From London

From London via train, perhaps the Southeastern, takes almost 75 minutes. It is priced between $50 and $38.


Using a taxi takes about an hour. It costs between $170 and $140. And is further the quickest means when travelling from London to Scotney Castle.

You can as well drive yourself over. You will probably use fuel worth around $15. And consequently spend close to 50 minutes.


Getting To Scotney Castle From Turnbridge Wells

The distance between these two areas nears 10 miles. A taxi ride takes about 15 minutes and costs around $35. Driving on your own on the other hand calls for fuel worth almost $4.


Bus services are available too. This will consume around 49 minutes. Another alternative is walking. Quite adventurous but also tasking. It will while away nearly 165 minutes.


Tickets, Packages, And Opening Hours

They are shown in the table below.



Opening Hours


Standard Ticket

Aid Ticket

General House Tour

11:00 AM

A tour into the house on a self-guided basis. No advance bookings here, as tickets are sold on a first come basis.

Adults $14.20, children $7.10, families $35.50, and groups $12.10 per person.

Adults $15.65, children $7.85, families $39.15.

Outdoor Theater Evenings

6:00 PM

They are evenings characterised by theme plays like Shakespeare

Free for kids below 5 years, $8 for other kids, and $13 for adults.



F&B Outlets Within Scotney Castle

Tea Room

You will be spoilt for choices. You’ll definitely come back for the scones. In addition, the tea room also serves other finger-licking items to include lunch. Amazingly, they are concocted using locally produced items.


F&B Outlets Around Scotney Castle

Because of the numerous activities of the castle, there are a number of these outlets around. Following are the best 5 f & b joints around Scotney Castle:

The Green Cross Inn

The Vineyard Restaurant

The Boast House Bistro

The Poet



Other Tourist Destinations Around Scotney Castle

Bewl Water

It is a lake. As a matter of fact, it`s the largest open one in the South East. It is open for visits all year round.


Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest

It is a place perfect for outdoor activities. These include cycling, running and walking. It is also open all year round from 8:00 AM up to 7:00 PM.


Dunorlan Park

It is a splendid park together with a lake full of boats. It is also home to a warm café full of fairly priced delicacies.


In short, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Scotney Castle is certainly rich in history and beyond. You will learn so much and have limitless fun. Firstly though, you have to step foot here.