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Let’s Go to Seattle: Must-See Attractions, Worthy Activities, and Handy Tips


by Sunny

Let’s Go to Seattle

Are you planning a trip to Seattle but haven’t made up your mind about the places to visit? We’ll help you to organize the journey of your life. Seattle is a perfect destination for outdoorsy people. The city has much to offer for all inquisitive, sensitive, and adventurous souls. 

1. Spend a Day at the Seattle Center

If you are in search of fun activities in Seattle for adults, spend at least one day at the Seattle Center. The area offers a wide choice of pastime to any taste. An approximate bucket list of must-do things might look like this:

  • Pay a Visit to the Seattle Center Armory

Initially, the building with two white eagles served as a storehouse of weapons for field artillery. Later on, it was transformed into an eatery and event hall. Try fresh, local food and beverages, and choose among an array of cultural events, celebrations, and activities.

  • Climb up the Space Needle

Space Needle is the iconic landmark of Seattle. The city is perfectly observed from the top of the tower. The Space Needle was built in 1962 as one of the exhibits for the World’s Fair–the Century 21 Exposition. Architectural “needle” spikes the sky and sews together the futuristic human dreams and our daily reality.


The tower is 605 feet and provides 360° panoramic views of the city. The saucer-shaped top with a revolving glass floor is the best place to snap the terrific Instagram pics.

  • Take a Walk Through Chihuly Garden and Glass

One of the unique things to do in Seattle is to call on Chihuly Garden and Glass. A mixture of out-of-this-world glass sculptures and greenery creates a not-to-be-forgotten fairy tale of the “emerald city” as they often call Seattle. When you come there, you get an impression as if the future and the past have been blended in a bowl by a mighty and creative magician. And this enchanter’s name is Dale Chihuly. A well-known American artist and entrepreneur creates massive architectural installations that push the boundaries of contemporary art. Click here to look at those cosmic masterpieces made of glass.

2. Rent a Comfortable Car

The most convenient way to travel around the city is by car. Before setting off on your journey, make an advance online reservation at a reliable company. For instance, rent a car in Seattle at Fox vehicle agency. If you are looking for a cheap car rental in Seattle, it’s exactly what is needed. Rent a car from Fox to get a money-saving and carefree deal.

3. Ride the Seattle Center Monorail

A monorail train travels above the city streets and links the Seattle Center and Westlake Center. Two trains – the blue one and the red one – cruise along the 0.9-mile route. In a couple of minutes, you’ll get to the downtown of the city with all major hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and the Place Market. As an additional bonus, you’ll enjoy awesome views of the Seattle waterfront. The express doesn’t make stops and runs approximately every 10 minutes. Use the link to learn more about Monorail, buy tickets, and plan your visit.

4. Take a Hop-On and Hop-Off Bus Tour

Instead of gliding high above Seattle in a monorail train, you can choose quite an earthly way of moving about the city. Hop into the excursion bus shuttling around downtown Seattle. On its way, it passes by the basic Seattle tourist places, such as:

  • the Space Needle;

  • Seattle Center;

  • Sky View Observatory;

  • The International District;

  • Seattle Waterfront;

  • Historic Pioneer Square.

A free audio guide is available along the route. So, buy a 24-hour or 48-hour ticket, and jump on the bus to explore the “emerald city”.

5. Eat and Shop till You Drop in Belltown

Belltown is the most attended neighborhood in Seattle. Once a low-rent, semi-industrial district, now it is a modern urban hub full of shops, eateries, art galleries, and iconic nightclubs. Belltown is just the thing for tourists seeking entertainment, tasty food, and trendy shopping. 


Places to attend:

  • Olympic Sculpture Park;

  • Moore Theatre;

  • The Crocodile;

  • Seattle Glass Blowing Studio.

Places to eat out:

  • Dahlia Bakery;

  • Garzon;

  • Black Cat Bar;

  • La Parisienne Bakery.

Places to shop:

  • Kuhlman;

  • Singles Going Steady;

  • Noir Luxe Candle Co.

6. Stay at the Best Hotel

Seattle offers a great choice of accommodation both luxurious and budget ones. It would be better to find a hotel in the heart of the city. In that case, all the city’s key spots will be within easy reach. But staying in the center of a densely populated city, you can come across a problem with overloaded parking spots. The dilemma is solved easily if you read several hints on parking for your car in Seattle.