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The Best District In Barcelona: Where To Stay When You Visit


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Ashley Phillips

a uniquely designed and built building in Gaudi
©Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

Barcelona, as many people would agree, is an amazing playground for art lovers. It’s also an excellent destination for curious minds and adventurous travelers. But to make the most out of your visit, a good grasp of where to stay in Barcelona can make a difference for your visit.


So, to help you decide better, we’ve rounded up suggestions on where to stay in this vibrant city. From budget hostels to high-end luxury hotels, we’ve got you covered. 


Where Is Barcelona?

colorful residential buildings line the street in Barcelona

©Photo by kirkandmimi from Pixabay


Barcelona sits on the North-Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain. It is the capital of Catalonia, a stunning region of Northern Spain. Though Barcelona may be a big city, getting in and around Barcelona is fairly easy. With extensive transportation and bike accessibility, Barcelona is definitely in favor of travelers who wished to save on transportation. Not to mention, the Barcelona airport or Barcelona El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport is the nearest airport to the city center. Hence, traveling in and out of Barcelona is easy as a breeze. 


What Is Barcelona Famous For?

a man raising his left arm in support of the Spanish football team

©Photo by damonify from Pixabay


Barcelona, Spain is known for its amazing architecture, art, and scenery. It is also home to pristine beaches. Aside from that, it has a thrilling food scene and nightlife. With so much to see and do in Barcelona, the jewel of the Catalonia region is waiting to be explored. 


Meanwhile, when it comes to the sports scene, Barcelona is famous for football. The city is home to the world-famous Camp Nou stadium of the Barça football team. In fact, the city hosted the Olympics games in 1992. This catapulted Barcelona into stardom since then.


Now on to the best part! Here are the best places to stay in Barcelona depending on your preferences:



Barrio Gotico (For First-Timers)

the unusually empty street of Barrio Gotico, Barcelona, Spain

©Photo by Gerardo Almeida from Wikimedia Commons


For first-time visitors, where to stay in Barcelona is a tough question. To make it memorable, an excellent choice is a visit to Barcelona’s heart and soul. This place is none other than Barrio Gotico. 


Why Stay In Barrio Gotico

This is the city’s oldest area. Here, you can find some of the best gems the city treasures. From quaint terraces to narrow streets, Barrio Gotico is the best location for first-timers. Aside from a beautiful old village, Barrio Gotico has wide options of restaurants, bars, and shopping centers. This place is a great blend of old charm and modern touch. 


Best Places to Stay In Barrio Gotico

Luxury: Grand Hotel CentralWhen it comes to where to stay in Barcelona the grand way, this hotel fits the bill. From a rooftop infinity pool to stylish rooms, Grand Hotel Central is among the grand hotels in Barcelona, Spain.

Midrange: Petit Palace Boqueria Garden: Aside from its friendly rates, Petit Palace boasts a perfect location. The hotel is close to some famous spots, making it very convenient for tourists.

Budget: Catalonia Avinyo: Staying at Catalonia Avinyo lets you get more out of a budget hotel. From cool graffiti artworks to large plants in the courtyard, the hotel is a blend of comfort and style. 


Best Things To Do And See In Barrio Gotico

  • Explore Las Ramblas- an excellent area brimming with restaurants, shops, and historic attractions.
  • Visit Mercat de la Boqueria if you’re craving for some vegetables, fruits, and sweets. 
  • Take in the stunning architecture of Guell Palace



Montjuic (For Budget Travelers)

view of the city of Montjuic while the sun sets

©Photo by JoaquinAranoa from Pixabay


Deciding where to stay in Barcelona when you’re on a budget can be tricky. You really don’t want to sacrifice comfort and convenience just to save on money. Good thing there’s a wide variety of accommodations that won’t hurt your budget. 


Why Stay In Montjuic

Sitting atop a hill is the large neighborhood of Montjuic. This beautiful neighborhood is in the south center of Barcelona, Spain. Here, you’ll find monuments, museums, and natural landscapes. This area is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Aside from beautiful spots, Montjuic offers a number of budget accommodations. You can choose from backpacker hostels to boutique hotels. 


Best Places to Stay In Montjuic


Ayre Hotel Gran Vía: Ayre Hotel may be low-key, but it offers a lot of space for a relaxing stay. This 4-star hotel houses clean and comfortable rooms. There’s also an onsite bar for some drinks. 

Catalonia Barcelona Plaza: One of the best features of Catalonia Barcelona Plaza is its rooftop pool. This allows guests to take a dip while enjoying the city view.  

Hostel One Paralelo: This is a top choice of hostel for those looking for where to stay in Barcelona. Offering three common areas and a fully equipped kitchen, there’s nothing much you can complain about. 


Best Things To Do And See In Montjuic

  • Explore the collections of Romanesque art at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
  • Feast on great tapas with a glass of wine at Xiloka
  • Ride a cable car to enjoy the stunning city views
  • Visit the sporting facilities from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics



El Raval (For Art Lovers)

beautiful pointed structures seen at Terrat del Palau Güell, El Raval, Barcelona, Spain

©Photo by Jun Seita from Wikimedia Commons


Art and culture buffs will find themselves in paradise in El Raval. This is another excellent option when deciding where to stay in Barcelona. 


Why Stay In El Raval

This area has many trendy restaurants, awesome bars, and shops. It is a vibrant place with a touch of old charm. Aside from that, El Raval is home to many museums and galleries. This makes it the best location for artists and creatives.


Best Places To Stay In El Raval

Midrange: Hotel 1898: True to its name, this 4-star hotel takes you back to the 19th century. Hotel 1898 boasts a perfect mix of old charm and modern touch. With a rooftop pool and classic rooms, this is among the price-friendly hotels in Barcelona, Spain. 

Budget: Andante Hotel: It’s simple, clean, and offers breathtaking views of the city. Andante Hotel stands out for its minimalist and monochromatic scheme. It is labeled as one of the best hotels in Barcelona.


Best Things To Do And See In El Raval

  • Explore Palau Guell, one of Gaudi’s masterpieces
  • Enjoy hearty meals at Chaka Khan
  • Take in the beauty of the Romanesque church Sant Pau del Camp.
  • Amuse yourself in exhibits and displays at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB)



Barceloneta (For Families)

a busy day at the beach in Barceloneta

©Photo by gorpol from Pixabay


Barceloneta feels like a cozy village within a busy city. Unlike the busy city vibe anywhere else in Barcelona, Barceloneta is fairly calm. From narrow streets to charming balconies, it gives you all the homey vibe you need for a family vacation.


Why Stay In Barceloneta

Barceloneta stretches along the seashore, giving visitors a beautiful beach to enjoy. Aside from the beach, Barceloneta is home to many shops, restaurants, and museums. If you’re staying longer, pack some mats and beach umbrellas for the best experience. 


Best Places To Stay In Barceloneta

Luxury: Hotel Arts Barcelona: When thinking about where to stay in Barcelona, Hotel Arts offers a luxurious experience. This 5-star hotel boasts a 2-Michelin star restaurant and stylish rooms.

Budget: Hotel 54 Barceloneta: If you’re on a budget, this is among the best hotels in Barcelona. Decorated in contemporary style, the rooms are a mix of style and comfort.    


Best Things To Do And See In Barceloneta

  • Immerse yourself in history at the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya
  • Have an up-close encounter with animals at the Barcelona Zoo
  • Visit the L’Aquarium de Barcelona



El Born (For A Taste Of Nightlife)

bike parking at Mercat Del Born, Barcelona

©Photo by ferran pestaña from Wikimedia Commons


From a dangerous city to a lively area, El Born gives many reasons why it’s the best location in Barcelona.


Why Stay In El Born

El Born has revived itself to one of the most exciting areas in Barcelona, Spain. The area is dotted with restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes. It definitely is an excellent nightlife destination in Barcelona.


Best Places To Stay In El Born

Budget to Midrange

Musik Boutique Hotel: Thanks to its location, Musik Boutique is among the best hotels in Barcelona city center. It’s close to bars, nightlife spots, and restaurants.

Hotel Ciutat de Barcelona: Nestled at the heart of El Born, this 3-star hotel allows you to enjoy the prime of the nightlife scene. Rooms are a blend of style and comfort. This allows guests to relax before a great night out.


Best Things To Do And See In El Born

Learn about history at Plaça de Sant Pere

Taste and learn about Spanish wines

Admire the Santa María del Mar church 

Explore the Picasso Museum and learn more about Pablo Picasso



La Ribera (For Foodies And Shoppers)

people dining and waiting for their food at the La Ribera restaurants

©Photo by Alain Rouiller from Wikimedia Commons


La Ribera district is proud of its blossoming dining and shopping scenes. It’s the best destination for food and shopping lovers. 


Why Stay In La Ribera

Aside from a great selection of restaurants and shopping boutiques, La Ribera offers midrange hotels that are close to the main attractions. Some of the top spots in the area include the Santa Maria del Mar Basilica and the Palau de la Musica Catalana. La Ribera is a pedestrian-friendly area, making it excellent for children.


Where To Stay In La Ribera


K+K Hotel Picasso El Born: If you have a penchant for stylish boutiques, this hotel is for you. This mid-range hotel has a rooftop pool and bar area, perfect for luxurious nights and days with city views.

Park Hotel: One of the best features of the Park Hotel is its courteous and professional staff. It may be a 3-star hotel but it’s elegantly designed with stylish rooms and fashionable decor. Some of the rooms come with balconies. In addition, there’s a rooftop pool for a touch of luxury. 


Best Things To Do And See In La Ribera

  • Shop on Montcada Street
  • Dig into some Mediterranean dishes at Cafe Delfin



Eixample (For The Modern Minds)

a building with colorful floral accents in Dreta de l'Eixample, Barcelona

©Photo by Romil Lehakra from Wikimedia Commons


Eixample is a modern neighborhood. It’s famously known for its symmetrical grid system layout. It’s a paradise for modernist architecture enthusiasts.


Why Stay In Eixample

Eixample is easy to navigate because of its grid system. You can move around via bus or metro. It’s also a plus that almost all metro lines in Barcelona go through the Eixample district.


Where To Stay In Eixample

Luxury: The One Barcelona GL: Imagine marble bathrooms, Egyptian cotton sheets, and modern artworks. All these make this name among the best hotels in Barcelona, Spain.

Midrange: El Avenida Palace: The building of this 4-star hotel boasts a grand facade and center staircase. Add to these are the marble columns, giving the hotel a royal feel. 


Best Things To Do And See In Eixample

Visit the cultural center and museum Tàpies Foundation.

Wander around Passeig de Gràcia for shopping and architecture viewing.

Take in the beauty of modernist buildings at Rambla de Catalunya.



Gracia (For The Laidback)

view of Park Güell where people are seen walking around and appreciating the architecture

©Photo by Bernard Gagnon from Wikimedia Commons


Gracia is the perfect spot for laidback travelers. The place has a very relaxing vibe. It’s great for couples or families traveling. 


Why Stay In Gracia

Gracia is home to gorgeous hillside cafes, friendly restaurants, and hostels. It’s an excellent area for people who want to relax and are on a budget. When thinking about where to stay in Barcelona, Gracia is a great idea. From couples to solo travelers, this place offers a quiet holiday trip. 

Where To Stay In Gracia

Luxury: Hotel Casa Fuster: This hotel gives its guests stunning views of the city. Dating back to 1908, it boasts sophisticated furnishings with a slice of history. This 5-star hotel is among the best hotels in Barcelona. 

Budget: Aparthotel Silver: For a budget hotel, Aparthotel Silver sets the bar high. With white walls and light wood, this hotel offers a mix of simplicity and style. As a bonus, this 3-star hotel has kitchens and dining areas. 


Best Things To Do And See In Gracia

Visit Park Güell for some architectural gems in Barcelona. 

Watch independent movies at Cine Verdi.

Buy organic product stores in Gracia District.


Beautiful, Historic, And Fun: Time To Visit Barcelona!

Barcelona always finds its way onto travelers’ bucket lists — and for good reason. However, deciding where to stay in Barcelona can be tough for first-timers. To make the decision making easier, focus on your interests and preferences.


Knowing exactly what you want to do and see in Barcelona should narrow down the choices. Whether you’re visiting for the history, food, or nightlife; there’s always a spot perfect for you. When planned well, your trip to Barcelona can be one of the best trips you’ll have in Europe.