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Puerto Escondido, Mexico: Ultimate Travel Guide


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Hannah Carmona

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Oh, Puerto Escondido! Who would have thought that a place this beautiful exists? Sandy beaches, waving palm trees, crashing waves, and relaxing shades of blue — what a dreamy place to be. Uniquely, in case you did not know, Puerto Escondido means “hidden port”. And like the other must-visit towns and cities in Mexico, you should discover this Mexican gem, too!


Many tourists from around the world are attracted to this coastal town. And, for most of them, being able to get to Puerto Escondido, Mexico is like a dream come true. There are just tons of lovely things in this place that you will not find anywhere else. Moreover, the lively people and their way of living will make you want to stay here forever. Indeed, Puerto Escondido, Mexico is a paradise.



First things first, where is the location of this Mexican gem? To begin, Puerto Escondido is a Mexican city and port. It is on the coast of Oaxaca state that is 800 kilometers away from the southeast of Mexico City. In addition, its location is also 290 kilometers away from Oaxaca de Juárez. This “hidden port” lies between Acapulco and Huatulco, known best for its tropical views and quiet coves.


Furthermore, this coastal town has a population of 45,000 whose livelihood focuses on tourism, fishing, and agriculture. Most parts of this town are touristy, especially its beaches which are famous among surfers around the world.



Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Photo by Jose Mizrahi on Unsplash

Since we have already talked about Puerto Escondido, Mexico’s location, let us now go to how you will get to this paradise.


By Plane

Of course, if you live in another country or even just around Mexico, you must book a flight to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. For instance, if you are coming from the USA, you must book a flight to Mexico. From there, you will have to fly to Oaxaca first from the airports in Mexico. The route that you will take is via Mexico City. In addition, the travel time from Mexico City to Oaxaca usually takes 60 minutes.


Once you get to the airport of Oaxaca, you will need to change planes again going to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Lastly, once you are already in the coastal town, take any land transportation to your primary destination in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This “hidden port” is just three miles away from the airport, on the north side. That said, finding any means of transportation to your chosen destination will not be a challenge.


By Bus

If you are already in Mexico or do not want to take planes anymore, travel to Puerto Escondido, Mexico by bus. From Mexico City, ride a bus going to Puerto Escondido, which travel time will take 11 hours. In connection with that, here are the four main bus stations in Mexico City:

Terminal de Autobuses del Sur –The southern bus station and Taxqueña is the adjacent metro station.

Terminal de Autobuses del Norte –The northern bus station and 100 Metros is the adjacent metro station.

Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros Oriente (TAPO) – The eastern bus terminal and San Lazaro is the adjacent metro station.

Terminal de Autobuses del Poniente – The western bus terminal and Observatorio is the adjacent metro station.


This type of travel does not sound that convenient or fast compared to when you book a flight. But if you want to be as thrifty as possible, this is the ideal means of transportation for you. If you are near the southern end of the Mexican Pacific coast, then traveling by bus is good for you, too.


When you travel to Puerto Escondido by bus, the “waiting game” exists. The good thing is that, along the way, you will see beautiful sights, too. That is why when you are in your seat, you will not mind the long hours of travel. However, the roadway to Puerto Escondido, Mexico is quite not good or easy, and the bus travel will be tiring. So, make sure you bring your stress relievers with you, like your favorite snacks or iPod, for a playlist.


By Car

Another land transportation option that you can go for is by car. From Mexico City, drive to Oaxaca, which is 451 kilometers away. Upon getting to Oaxaca, take the route going to Puerto Escondido. The travel time from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, Mexico will take seven hours. In this regard, if you will travel by car, it is much advisable to do it during the daytime. The roadway from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, Mexico is mountainous and is off the beaten track. If driving at night, the travel time may take longer as you need to be extra careful and cautious on the road.


On the other hand, when driving to Mexico, make sure that you are at least 25 years old. If you are a foreigner and bring your car, you must obtain a Temporary Import Permit (TIP). Take note that for you to get a permit, you must present the following requirements:

Proof of nationality (passport)

Mexican visa or tourist card

Proof of ownership of the vehicle

Valid driver’s license with a photo



Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

Mexico has exhilarating activities, from city tours to town explorations. Maybe you have already tried the things to do in Mexico City. So, this time, try the other things to do in Puerto Escondido.



Budget: 30 USD per person


Nights in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, are the best. You can enjoy these nights with some revitalizing drinks like cocktails by the beach. But, if you are up for an adventure in the dark, then explore the bioluminescent lagoons. The waters in the lagoons light up when the sun goes down. This natural spectacle is known as bioluminescence, which happens because of the microorganisms in the water. If you want to witness such beauty in the dark, you may get a tour guide for yourself. They will take you to the perfect lagoons near Puerto Escondido, Mexico. In connection with that, here are the two options for you:

Laguna de Manialtepec (Manialtepec Lagoon) – This lagoon is 11 miles away from Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Lagunas de Chacahua National Park –This national park is about an hour away from Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


Moreover, your adventure in the Manialtepec Lagoon will start with a sunset boat tour in the mangroves. Here, you will also get to watch species of birds returning to their hidden nests by the lagoon. On the other hand, Lagunas de Chacahua National Park will bring you some leatherback and olive ridley sea turtles. 


Now, the main show of the night happens just minutes after sunset. Prepare for the shades of blue, green, and purple dotting the waters as it will, for sure, be eye-catching. Apart from witnessing this, you can also dive into the pretty waters of the lagoons for some night swimming. 



Budget: 25 USD per person


Mazunte’s beaches in Puerto Escondido, Mexico welcome a massive number of sea turtles every year. And because of that, the Center Mexicano de la Tortuga (Mexican Turtle Center) had a high interest in protecting them. In connection with that, there are three sea turtle protection camps on the Oaxacan coast, and they are:

La Escobilla

Barra de la Cruz

Morro Ayuta


Today, you may join these protection camps’ initiative in protecting the said sea creature. They will offer you an opportunity to assist in safeguarding two of eight species of sea turtles. Specifically, you will oversee the olive ridley and leatherback sea turtles. 


This opportunity is possible in the sea turtles’ spawning season, which is between June and November. Also, during the sixth month of the year, you are welcome to join the beach patrols. You will collect eggs and release baby turtles into the sea, which is both exciting and tear-jerking. 




Let us start with a very quick backstory. So before, Puerto Escondido, Mexico was a small fishing village lacking paved streets. It was only when its tourism bloomed that roadworks began to make the area more accessible for everyone. The first avenue downtown was Alfonso Pérez Gasca Avenue, also known as “El Adoquín.” Nearby this avenue, you will also find Puerto Escondido’s main beach.


Moreover, the avenue is a long pedestrian walkway at night where you can have tons of fun. At night, El Adoquín is full of bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops. A lot of tourists go here to unwind. However, during the daytime, traffic jams are what fills the avenue. But, you may also get to enjoy street festivals almost every week here. It features dancing calendas (giant papier mâché puppets) who will give you and other tourists a sip of mezcal (alcoholic beverage).


Apart from this, here in El Adoquín is also where you can shop for surfing equipment. There are also some surfing lessons that you can take here.



Budget: 75 USD per person


When you come to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, make sure to take yourself to Atotonilco hot springs as well. In case you also did not know, Puerto Escondido, Mexico is not just about beaches. This coastal town also offers a natural spa for your complete relaxation. In connection with that, Atotonilco hot springs are in the San José Manialtepec community, just 20 minutes away from Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This natural spa is known for the healing waters that flow from a spring. And, yes. You can take a plunge into these healing waters!


However, for you to get here, you must pass through a jungle first. But, it will be fun, too! Especially if you will explore the wilderness through horseback riding. As you pass through the route, you will also see rivers, fruit trees, and myriad birds. At the end of your journey in the jungle, hop into the thermal pools!


What is exciting about this hot spring experience is that each pool has a different depth and temperature. The experts in the area will guide you with the right hot spring for your given illness. After taking a dip, you may rest in a hammock and enjoy the views from the wilderness.


On the other hand, before going back, you may tour around a botanical garden first. The women in the community created this garden to restore ancestral knowledge of traditional herbal medicine. That said, you will also get to learn from them while having a cup of freshly cut herbal tea.



Budget: starts at 40 USD per person


Oh, come on! You know Puerto Escondido will not be what it is today without the beaches, right? So, go to all the beaches for a day! Here are a few of the beaches that you may visit and the activities that you may do for each:

Puerto Escondido’s main beach – From the main beach, you can ride a boat that will take you to a part of the ocean where you can watch sea turtles and dolphins.

Playa Zicatela Beach –This beach has a perfect ambiance for surfers. With the size of the waves, you can, for sure, have a thrill on your surfing adventure.

Bachoco Beach –The beach that is ideal for couples! You may explore this beach through horseback riding, too.


On the other hand, if you are not a fan of beach activities, you can still enjoy Puerto Escondido. The best beaches for you are Bahia Principal and Playa Marinero if you only want to swim the entire day.



Budget: starts at 60 USD per person


Given that Puerto Escondido has a lot of beaches, you can enjoy different water sports here. Of course, surfing is the primary water sport here in Puerto Escondido. However, with the size of the waves in the ocean, surfing is not advisable for non-surfers. You must be an experienced surfer or at least a strong swimmer for you to do this water sport. Good thing, there are some surfing lessons that you may take in Puerto Escondido, on the main beach, for instance. And there are some more calm beaches as well, like Bahia Principal and Playa Marinero.


Moreover, you may also rent a watercraft on these beaches or go snorkeling. The sea waters are crystal clear, giving you a chance to spot sea creatures perfectly. The other water sports available are kayaking, paddleboarding.




Puerto Escondido’s locals are kind, so you might as well want to spend time with them. In Playa Principal, you can catch some local fishermen and have a quick chat with them as well. Every morning, they are here with their freshly caught fishes, ready to be sold to the restaurants and families in the area. If you want, you may also purchase some for your mouth-watering lunch later on. Moreover, you may also go here for the locals to take you by water taxi for some deep-sea fishing and kayaking.




Take a walk on the Andador Escéncico (Scenic Walkway) and see Puerto Escondido in a lighthouse. This peaceful experience starts at the Playa Principal, going through the rocky oceanside cliffs. You can walk around the area, enjoy the tropical views, and get touched by the cool breeze of the winds. Apart from that, you may also spend some time on the lookout named “Sueño Posible” or the Possible Dream. Also, since this walkway is near the ocean, waves may touch your feet, which is quite fun. That right there is the best way to see Puerto Escondido.



Budget: 30 USD


Here in Puerto Escondido, you will also find the best Mexican tacos! In case you have already tasted Mexico’s favorite burrito, you can go for a bite on tacos. Moreover, if you are looking for an authentic taste of Mexican tacos, La Parilla Mixteca is the place to be. This taco joint is in Avenida Oaxaca and is always serving tasty tacos for a very reasonable price. For as low as 30 USD, you can already indulge in a plate of rich, drooling, and flavorful Mexican tacos.




Most of the shops in Puerto Escondido are furniture, hardware, and tile stores. But in Benito Juárez Market, you may have a lot of options. In connection with that, this market has many stalls with different varieties of products. You can buy some fresh produce here like meat and cheese. You can also find some leather goods and clothing, flowers or toys and furniture.


There are a lot more products to purchase, and it is all up for you to decide. In addition, Benito Juárez Market is open daily. Shop early in the morning on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Those periods are where suppliers from across the region drop their goods in the market.



Carrizalillo, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Photo by Lorraine Mojica on Unsplash

The best time to go to Puerto Escondido is from January to May and November to December. Though the weather in Puerto Escondido is hot all year round, these periods give bearable weather temperatures. From January to May, the average daytime temperature ranges from 24°C to 28°C. In addition, these periods are also the dry period of Puerto Escondido, with only a two to seven percent chance of rain. Meanwhile, from November to December, the average daytime temperature is from 24°C down to 23°C. Though December has only a two percent chance of rain, November has a 17% chance of precipitation.


On the other hand, the weather from June to October is blazing hot. The average daytime temperature during these periods may rise from 30°C to 31°C. Despite the high heat temperature, the chances of rain during these periods are high, too. The possibility of rain from June to October ranges from 53% to 79%. If you are looking forward to some perfect beach adventure, then the dry period is what is for you.



Rincon del Pacifico, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Photo by Amaerainpto. on Flickr


Location: Sexta su 3 col- Sector Hidalgo, 71980 Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Rincon Del Pacifico offers accommodation with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. The rooms here are complete with air-conditioning or a fan, cable TV and a telephone. They also come with private bathrooms with a shower and a bathtub. Moreover, this hotel also has a restaurant and bar that serves light meals and regional dishes. There are also some other shops and restaurants nearby, in Pérez Gazga Avenue.


In addition, you may also enjoy various water sports here, at Playa Zicatela beach. Surfing, skydiving, and snorkeling are a few of the said activities. The rate of a Standard Double Room with Fan starts at 25.90 USD per night for two guests. While for a Twin Room, it is 45.51 USD per night for two guests.



Location: Cuilapan No.15, Fraccionamiento Bacocho, 71983 Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Suites La Hacienda offers accommodation with tropical vibes and fun activities. The rooms have air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, a minibar, and a private bathroom. In addition, there is a continental breakfast here, but nearby the property, you can visit some shops and restaurants, too. You can relax in their swimming pool or go surfing. Or also try deep-sea fishing and discover exotic wildlife.

Moreover, a Family Room with a Bathroom’s price starts at 80.35 USD per night for two guests. While the Standard Apartment costs 92.25 USD per night for two guests.



Location: Calle Jacarandas 18, 71985 Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Ananda Guest House offers accommodation on the beachfront in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This guest house features family rooms with a terrace and a garden and sea views. Furthermore, a Family Room with a Private Bathroom’s price starts at 32.72 USD per night for two guests. The Family Room with Sea View starts at 35.71 USD per night for two guests. Meanwhile, Puerto Escondido International Airport is five kilometers away from here, and Playa Puerto Ángelito is just 2.3 kilometers away.



  1. You are in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. That means, do not ever miss the chance to learn how to surf.
  2. Do not just enjoy the sunset in the lagoons. Usually, when it is already sunset, some locals play volleyball by the beach. Join them!

  3. In Puerto Escondido, you will taste the best Mexican tacos but, make sure to taste the Oaxacan coffee and hot chocolate, too.

  4. Rent a scooter to explore Puerto Escondido, Mexico. It is one efficient way for you to discover the coastal town without any hassle and worries.

  5. Do not carry too much money with you. Also, leave your wallet and passport safely in your hotel room.

  6. Do not walk on the beach late at night.
  7. Given that the weather here is hot all year round, always bring water with you.
  8. Be cautious if you swim in the waves, especially when you are in Playa Zicatela. If you are not an experienced swimmer, it is much better if you stay out of the waves.
  9. Keep yourself away from drugs.
  10. Be mindful of your belongings.



Puerto Escondido, Mexico, might be known as a “hidden port” but its adventure is not. It simply screams out, which makes the tourists travel here and see it themselves. Over the years, this coastal town is known best for its surfing areas. But, the culture and way of living and the other things to do in Puerto Escondido are surreal, too. Imagine being able to help sea turtles return to their homes. It is just awe-inspiring! You may also take a swim in bioluminescent lagoons or watch happy dolphins at sea. Not only that, but the nightlife in El Adoquín with the locals and other tourists is just lively.


With all honesty, there is a lot more to say and share about Puerto Escondido, Mexico. We will not have so much time to discuss everything. Besides, it is way better for you to discover it by yourself. In that way, you will not miss any corner of Puerto Escondido, too. So, plan your flights to Mexico now, and discover its hidden port — Puerto Escondido!