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The Pretty Little City Of Rodez In The South Of France


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Sheilah Kelsey



Welcome to the pretty little city of Rodez, nestled in the picturesque landscape of the South of France. With its rich history, stunning architecture, vibrant art scene, and delicious cuisine, Rodez is a hidden gem just waiting to be explored. This charming city offers a combination of old-world charm and modern amenities, making it the perfect destination for history buffs, art enthusiasts, food lovers, and nature enthusiasts alike.


Rodez holds a significant place in history, dating back to Roman times. Over the centuries, it has witnessed the rise and fall of various civilizations, leaving behind a treasure trove of historical landmarks and cultural heritage. From its majestic cathedral to its medieval streets and charming squares, the city exudes a timeless beauty that effortlessly transports visitors back in time.


One of the highlights of Rodez is its remarkable architecture. The iconic Rodez Cathedral, also known as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez, is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and a symbol of the city. Its towering spires, intricate stained glass windows, and impressive interior make it a must-visit attraction for architecture enthusiasts.


Beyond its architectural marvels, Rodez is also renowned for its culinary delights. The region is famous for its gourmet cuisine, incorporating fresh local ingredients and traditional recipes. From savory dishes like Aligot, a cheesy potato puree, to indulgent desserts like fouace, a sweet bread, Rodez offers a plethora of flavors to tantalize your taste buds.


But Rodez is not just about history and food; it is also a haven for art lovers. The city boasts a vibrant art scene, with numerous galleries and museums showcasing a diverse range of artistic styles. From contemporary art exhibitions to classical masterpieces, Rodez offers an enriching experience for art enthusiasts of all kinds.


Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Rodez also caters to outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re interested in hiking through the picturesque countryside, exploring nearby lakes and rivers, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll through one of the many parks, Rodez has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor activities.


Throughout the year, Rodez comes alive with a variety of festivals and events that celebrate the city’s culture and traditions. From the vibrant music festival of Estivada to the colorful Carnaval de Rodez, there’s always something happening in Rodez that will leave you captivated and entertained.


When it comes to shopping, Rodez offers a mix of local markets, boutique shops, and well-known brands. Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs, handmade crafts, or high-end fashion, you’ll find it all in the charming streets of Rodez.


Lastly, immersing yourself in the local traditions and customs of Rodez is an absolute must. From participating in the lively dance of La Bourrée to experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals, Rodez offers a glimpse into a rich cultural heritage that is truly captivating.


Getting around Rodez is convenient, with a well-connected transportation system that includes buses and taxis. Exploring the city and its surroundings is a breeze, allowing you to make the most of your visit and discover all that Rodez has to offer.


With its historical significance, architectural marvels, culinary delights, vibrant art scene, natural beauty, and cultural traditions, Rodez is truly a destination that has something to offer everyone. So pack your bags, immerse yourself in the charm of this beautiful city, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Rodez, the hidden treasure of the South of France.


Historical Background of Rodez

The history of Rodez dates back to ancient times, with evidence of settlements dating as far back as the Roman era. The city’s strategic location on a hilltop made it a desirable location for defense and trade, attracting various civilizations throughout the centuries.


In the 5th century, Rodez became an important city under the rule of the Visigoths. It served as the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom of Hispania, a period during which the city flourished economically and culturally.


During the Middle Ages, Rodez witnessed significant growth and prosperity. The construction of the iconic Rodez Cathedral, which began in the 13th century, symbolized the city’s rising importance. The cathedral’s majestic spires and stunning Gothic architecture remain an impressive testament to the city’s medieval heritage.


In the 16th century, Rodez faced a period of turmoil during the Wars of Religion in France. The city became a battleground between Catholic and Protestant factions, resulting in significant damage to its architectural treasures. However, the following centuries saw a period of restoration and revival, with the city gradually regaining its former glory.


During the French Revolution, Rodez experienced a significant transformation. The revolution brought about political and administrative changes, resulting in the city becoming the capital of the newly established Aveyron department in 1790.


In the 19th and 20th centuries, Rodez saw further development and modernization. Industrialization brought new opportunities, and the city experienced growth in sectors such as textiles, metallurgy, and agriculture. Today, Rodez is not only a cultural and historical hub but also a thriving center of business and commerce.


Throughout its history, Rodez has remained a city of resilience and preservation, as evident in its well-preserved architecture and cultural heritage. From the narrow medieval streets of the Old Town to the grandeur of Rodez Cathedral, the city’s historical landmarks stand as a testament to its rich and fascinating past.


Visitors to Rodez can delve into its history by exploring the Museum Fenaille, which houses collections of prehistoric and Gallo-Roman artifacts, as well as the Soulages Museum, dedicated to the works of renowned artist Pierre Soulages, a native of the city.


As you wander through the streets and squares of Rodez, you can’t help but feel a sense of connection to the past, as the city’s history comes alive through its architectural treasures and cultural landmarks. The historical background of Rodez provides a captivating backdrop for visitors to explore and appreciate the city’s unique charm and character.


Architectural Marvels in Rodez

Rodez is a city that boasts a rich architectural heritage, with magnificent structures that showcase a blend of styles from various periods in history. From Gothic masterpieces to Renaissance facades, the architectural marvels in Rodez never fail to impress visitors.


The crown jewel of Rodez is undoubtedly the Rodez Cathedral, also known as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez. This awe-inspiring Gothic structure is a symbol of the city and a masterpiece of architectural excellence. Its construction began in the 13th century and was completed in the 16th century. With its towering spires, intricate carvings, and stunning stained glass windows, the cathedral is a sight to behold and offers a glimpse into the city’s medieval past.


Another architectural gem in Rodez is the Episcopal Palace, located next to the cathedral. This imposing structure reflects the influence of Renaissance architecture and is a magnificent example of the grandeur and elegance of the era. The palace is now home to the Museum Fenaille, where visitors can explore collections of prehistoric and Gallo-Roman artifacts, as well as medieval sculptures.


As you stroll through the charming streets of the Old Town, you’ll come across numerous medieval buildings and picturesque squares. Place du Bourg is a prime example, with its half-timbered houses and charming cafes that exude a delightful old-world charm. The Maison d’Armagnac, a 15th-century mansion, is another notable architectural gem in the Old Town, showcasing the architectural style of the period.


Not far from Rodez, you’ll find the picturesque village of Conques, home to the famous Sainte-Foy Abbey. This Romanesque masterpiece is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a pilgrimage destination. The abbey’s unique architecture, with its intricate sculptures and ornate details, is a testament to the skills and craftsmanship of the medieval builders.


For a taste of modern architecture, a visit to the Soulages Museum is a must. Designed by the renowned Catalan architect RCR Arquitectes, the museum showcases the works of Pierre Soulages, a world-renowned contemporary artist who hails from Rodez. The building itself is a work of art, with its sleek lines, glass facades, and harmonious integration with the surrounding landscape.


The architectural marvels in Rodez are not limited to grand structures and historic buildings. The city is also home to beautiful public spaces, such as the Jardin Public, a tranquil park that offers a welcome respite from the bustling city. Its well-manicured gardens, fountains, and statues make it a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a peaceful picnic.


Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of well-designed structures, Rodez will captivate you with its architectural marvels. From the grandeur of the Rodez Cathedral to the charm of the Old Town, the city’s diverse architectural heritage is a testament to its rich history and cultural significance.


Rodez as a Culinary Delight

When it comes to gastronomy, Rodez is a city that delights the taste buds with its delicious and diverse culinary offerings. From traditional dishes passed down through generations to modern interpretations of French cuisine, Rodez is a culinary haven for food lovers.


The region of Aveyron, where Rodez is located, is known for its rich agricultural lands and quality produce. This bountiful landscape provides the foundation for Rodez’s culinary delights, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients that are the heart and soul of the region’s cuisine.


One of the iconic dishes of Rodez is Aligot. This hearty dish combines mashed potatoes with creamy cheese, typically made from Tomme de Laguiole or Cantal. The result is a comforting and indulgent dish that is often served alongside grilled meats or sausages. The stretchy and cheesy Aligot is a culinary experience that you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Rodez.


In addition to Aligot, another must-try dish in Rodez is the famous fouace. This sweet bread with a delicate crumb and hints of orange blossom and anise is a local delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is often served during special occasions and celebrations, making it a true taste of Rodez’s culinary heritage.


Rodez is also home to a variety of artisanal producers and local markets, where you can discover a cornucopia of flavors. From the rich Roquefort cheese, renowned for its distinct tangy taste, to the tender and flavorful Aveyron lamb, there’s an abundance of local products that showcase the gastronomic prowess of the region.


When dining out in Rodez, you’ll find an array of restaurants that cater to all tastes and budgets. From cozy bistros that serve traditional cuisine to fine dining establishments that offer gourmet experiences, there’s something for every palate. Be sure to try the regional specialties, such as tripous, a dish made from tripe and pork belly stewed in a rich sauce, or the delectable Bras (estofinado), a salted codfish dish that is a local favorite.


Accompanying your meal, partaking in the local wines is a must. The region is known for its diverse wine production, with red, white, and rosé wines that perfectly complement the flavors of the local cuisine. From the robust and earthy wines of Marcillac to the crisp and refreshing wines of Côtes de Millau, Rodez offers a wide selection for wine enthusiasts to savor.


To fully immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Rodez, consider joining a cooking class or food tour. These experiences will give you the opportunity to learn about the local ingredients, traditional cooking techniques, and even try your hand at creating your own culinary masterpiece.


With its rich and diverse culinary heritage, Rodez is a city that offers a true gastronomic adventure. From traditional dishes to innovative creations, the culinary delights of Rodez are sure to leave you wanting more.


Exploring the Vibrant Art Scene in Rodez

Rodez is not only a city of historical significance and gastronomic delights but also a hub for artistic expression. The vibrant art scene in Rodez showcases a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums, making it a haven for art enthusiasts and cultural explorers.


One of the crowning jewels of Rodez’s art scene is the Soulages Museum. Dedicated to the works of Pierre Soulages, one of France’s most prominent contemporary artists, the museum houses an extensive collection of his paintings, sculptures, and prints. Soulages, a native of Rodez, is best known for his bold use of black as a color and his exploration of light and texture in his artworks. The museum not only provides a space to admire Soulages’s masterpieces but also offers an opportunity to learn about his artistic journey and the impact he has had on the art world.


Art enthusiasts will also be delighted by the numerous galleries dotted throughout Rodez. These galleries vary in size and style, showcasing works from local and international artists alike. From contemporary art exhibitions to classical masterpieces, there is something for every artistic taste. Exploring these galleries is like embarking on a journey through the creative minds of talented artists, as you discover paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other artistic expressions that reflect the diverse and vibrant art scene in Rodez.


For those interested in street art, Rodez offers a unique experience with its ever-expanding collection of murals and street art installations. The streets are adorned with colorful and thought-provoking pieces, transforming the urban landscape into an open-air gallery. This dynamic and ever-evolving art form adds a modern and edgy touch to Rodez’s artistic ambiance.


To further immerse yourself in the art scene, consider attending one of the many art events and festivals that take place in Rodez throughout the year. The city comes alive with exhibitions, performances, and cultural activities that celebrate all forms of art. The Estivada, a vibrant music and arts festival, is one such event that showcases the rich cultural heritage of the region through music, dance, theater, and visual arts.


In addition to the established art institutions and events, Rodez also nurtures emerging talent through its support for local artists and art schools. The city provides platforms for up-and-coming artists to exhibit their work, fostering a sense of community and creativity. This commitment to fostering artistic expression ensures that the art scene in Rodez remains dynamic and vibrant.


Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty and creativity behind artistic expressions, exploring the vibrant art scene in Rodez is a truly enriching experience. From contemporary masterpieces to street art wonders, Rodez offers a diverse and captivating artistic landscape that is sure to inspire and ignite your own creative spirit.


Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities in Rodez

Surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, Rodez is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to connect with nature and indulge in a range of recreational activities. From serene lakes and rolling hills to picturesque hiking trails, Rodez offers a diverse range of options for those looking to explore the great outdoors.


One of the highlights of Rodez’s natural beauty is the nearby Lac de Pareloup. This picturesque lake is nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant forests, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Visitors can indulge in a variety of water activities, including swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding, or simply relax on the sandy shores and soak in the serene ambiance.


For those who prefer to explore on foot, Rodez offers a network of hiking trails that wind through the breathtaking countryside. The GR 62 trail, which starts in Rodez and stretches towards the Aveyron Gorges, is a favorite among hikers. As you traverse these trails, you’ll be treated to panoramic views, lush landscapes, and glimpses of quaint villages nestled in the hills.


Another outdoor gem in Rodez is the Domaine de Combelles. This sprawling parkland is perfect for nature lovers and families alike, with its expansive green spaces, walking paths, and picnic areas. The park also offers recreational facilities such as tennis courts, a golf course, and an adventure park, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


During the warmer months, the Aveyron River provides the perfect setting for water-based activities. From canoeing and fishing to river cruises, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the river’s tranquil beauty. You can also rent a bike and explore the scenic riverside trails that wind their way through the picturesque countryside.


Rodez is also a gateway to the stunning landscapes of the Grands Causses Natural Park. This expansive park is characterized by its dramatic limestone plateaus, deep gorges, and abundant flora and fauna. Exploring the park allows you to witness the raw beauty of nature, with opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and even caving in the underground wonders of the region.


For those seeking a taste of adventure, Rodez offers opportunities for rock climbing, paragliding, and even hot air balloon rides. These thrilling activities allow you to soak in the panoramic views of the city and its surrounding landscapes, creating unforgettable memories of your time in Rodez.


Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking to unwind amidst beautiful surroundings, Rodez’s natural beauty and outdoor activities cater to all interests and levels of adventure. Soak in the tranquility of the lakes, explore the hiking trails, or indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities – Rodez has it all.


Festivals and Events in Rodez

Rodez is known for its vibrant cultural scene, and throughout the year, the city comes alive with a colorful array of festivals and events that celebrate the region’s traditions, art, music, and gastronomy. From lively music festivals to traditional celebrations, there’s always something happening in Rodez that will leave you captivated and entertained.


One of the most celebrated events in Rodez is the Estivada, a festival of Occitan culture that takes place every summer. This vibrant event showcases the rich heritage of the Occitan language, music, dance, and traditions. The streets come alive with performances, concerts, and street markets, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant and lively atmosphere.


Music lovers will also be delighted by the annual Rodez Jazz Festival, which brings together world-class jazz musicians from around the globe. The festival features a diverse lineup of performances in various venues across the city, creating an electrifying atmosphere for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike.


For art enthusiasts, the Rodez Arts Festival offers a delightful showcase of local and international artists. The festival features exhibitions, installations, and performances that span various artistic mediums, providing an enriching experience for visitors. It’s a chance to explore the diverse and vibrant art scene of Rodez.


Rodez also hosts a range of traditional and cultural events that provide a glimpse into the region’s customs and heritage. The Carnaval de Rodez, an exuberant carnival celebration, fills the streets with vibrant colors, costumes, and parades, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere. Similarly, the Fête de la Sainte-Foy celebrates the patron saint of Conques, a nearby village, with religious processions, traditional music, and dances.


Food and wine also take center stage in Rodez’s festival calendar. The Foire des Saveurs et Terroirs is a gastronomic extravaganza that showcases the best of regional produce, offering visitors the chance to sample and purchase a variety of local specialties. The Fête du Vin et des Vendanges celebrates the wine harvest, with vineyard visits, wine tastings, and lively festivities capturing the spirit of the region’s viticulture.


During the holiday season, Rodez sparkles with festive lights and joyful celebrations. The Marché de Noël, a traditional Christmas market, transforms the city center into a magical wonderland filled with stalls selling crafts, food, and gifts. The atmosphere is filled with holiday cheer and the joy of the season.


These are just a few examples of the many festivals and events that grace the calendar in Rodez. The city’s commitment to celebrating its culture, traditions, and artistic prowess creates a vibrant and exciting atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. No matter what time of year you visit, there’s sure to be a festival or event that will leave you with lasting memories of the vibrant spirit of Rodez.


Shopping and Markets in Rodez

Rodez offers an array of shopping experiences, from trendy boutiques and department stores to traditional markets filled with local delights. Whether you’re looking for fashion, artisanal crafts, or delectable treats, Rodez has something for everyone.


One of the must-visit areas for shopping in Rodez is the historic Old Town. Here, you’ll find charming boutiques and independent shops nestled in centuries-old buildings. From fashionable clothing stores to unique gift shops, the quaint streets of the Old Town are a treasure trove for those seeking one-of-a-kind finds.


For those who prefer department stores and popular brands, Rodez has a range of modern shopping centers. The Place d’Armes, situated in the heart of the city, is home to several major retailers, offering a convenient and diverse shopping experience.


One of the highlights of shopping in Rodez is exploring the local markets. The vibrant markets in Rodez are a feast for the senses, with stalls brimming with fresh produce, regional specialties, handmade crafts, and more.


The Rodez Saturday Market, held in the city center, is an iconic destination for locals and visitors alike. Here, you can immerse yourself in the lively ambiance as you browse stalls selling local cheeses, cured meats, fruits, and vegetables. The market also showcases handmade crafts, clothing, and artisanal products, creating a delightful shopping experience.


Another market worth exploring is the Marché aux Puces, or flea market, which takes place on Sundays. It offers a unique opportunity to hunt for vintage treasures, antiques, and quirky collectibles. Wandering through the market, you may stumble upon hidden gems that add a touch of history and character to your home or wardrobe.


In addition to the weekly markets, Rodez also hosts seasonal and specialty markets throughout the year. The Foire des Saveurs et Terroirs celebrates regional produce, offering a chance to taste and purchase an assortment of local delicacies. The Christmas market, or Marché de Noël, is a festive affair, with stalls selling crafts, food, and gifts, creating a magical atmosphere during the holiday season.


When it comes to shopping in Rodez, it’s not just about the products; it’s about the experience. The friendly and passionate local vendors take pride in their offerings, providing a personalized touch and a warm welcome to shoppers.


So whether you’re hunting for unique souvenirs, looking to update your wardrobe, or simply indulging in the flavors of the region, Rodez’s shopping scene has something to delight every shopper. Explore the markets, wander the streets of the Old Town, and uncover hidden treasures as you immerse yourself in the charming world of shopping in Rodez.


Local Traditions and Customs in Rodez

Rodez is a city rich in cultural traditions and customs, where locals take pride in preserving and celebrating their heritage. From lively dances to gastronomic traditions, Rodez offers a glimpse into the local way of life and a chance to experience the warmth and hospitality of its people.


One of the cherished traditions in Rodez is the dance of La Bourrée. This lively and energetic dance has been passed down through generations and is an integral part of the region’s cultural identity. Locals gather for festive occasions to dance in traditional costumes, accompanied by traditional music and instruments. Joining in the dance is not only a fun experience but also a way to connect with the local community and appreciate the beauty of this age-old tradition.


Rodez also has a strong culinary culture, with its own set of gastronomic traditions. The traditions of food and drink bring people together, encouraging gatherings with family and friends. Rodez is known for its convivial meals, where people gather to savor traditional dishes made with local ingredients and share stories and laughter.


One notable gastronomic tradition in Rodez is the annual Galette des Rois celebration. This festive tradition takes place in January to celebrate Epiphany. A special cake, the Galette des Rois, is prepared and shared among family and friends. Inside the cake, a hidden figurine is placed, and the person who finds it is crowned as the “king” or “queen” for the day, adding an element of fun and excitement to the festivities.


Another cherished tradition in Rodez is the celebration of religious festivals. The city comes alive during religious holidays, with processions, community gatherings, and special ceremonies. These occasions offer an opportunity to witness the deep spirituality and cultural heritage of the region.


Throughout the year, Rodez embraces its cultural heritage through various events and festivals that showcase local crafts, music, dance, and traditions. The Estivada festival and the Fête de la Sainte-Foy are just a few examples of these celebrations, where locals and visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant and lively atmosphere of Rodez’s cultural customs.


Hospitality and warmth are at the core of Rodez’s customs. Locals take pride in welcoming visitors and making them feel at home. Whether it’s sampling traditional dishes, partaking in festive celebrations, or simply engaging in conversation with the locals, Rodez offers a genuine and heartfelt experience.


When visiting Rodez, take the time to embrace the local traditions and customs, as they provide a deeper understanding of the city’s cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the lively dances, savor the traditional cuisine, and engage with the local community to truly appreciate the warmth and richness of Rodez’s customs.


Transportation and Getting Around in Rodez

Getting to and around Rodez is convenient and easy, thanks to its well-connected transportation system and compact size. Whether you’re arriving by air, train, or car, exploring the city and its surroundings is a breeze.


If you’re arriving by air, Rodez-Marcillac Airport is located just a short distance from the city center. The airport offers domestic flights from major cities in France, making it a convenient option for travelers. From the airport, you can reach the city center by taxi, car rental, or public transportation.


If you prefer to travel by train, Rodez has its own train station, which is served by regional and national trains. The SNCF train services connect Rodez to major cities in France, including Toulouse, Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. From the train station, you can easily reach the city center by taking a taxi, bus, or walking, as it is within a short distance.


Once you’re in Rodez, the city’s compact size makes it ideal for exploring on foot. The city center is easily walkable, allowing you to discover its charming streets, historic landmarks, and vibrant atmosphere at your own pace. You can wander through the picturesque Old Town, visit the cathedral, and explore the local markets on foot.


If you prefer to use public transportation, Rodez has a comprehensive bus network that serves the city and its suburbs. The bus routes cover major areas of the city, making it convenient to reach different attractions and neighborhoods. Tickets can be purchased onboard the bus or at designated ticket offices.


Taxis are also available in Rodez, providing a convenient option for getting around the city. Taxis can be hailed on the street or booked in advance through local taxi companies. It’s worth noting that taxis may have surcharges for nighttime rides or additional passengers, so it’s advisable to check the rates with the driver before starting your journey.


If you prefer to explore the surrounding areas or venture further into the picturesque countryside, renting a car is a popular option. Rodez has a range of car rental agencies where you can find a suitable vehicle for your needs. Having a car gives you the flexibility to explore the region at your own pace and visit nearby attractions, such as Conques or the Grands Causses Natural Park.


When driving in Rodez, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the local traffic regulations and parking rules. There are public parking areas available throughout the city, as well as paid parking lots. It’s advisable to check the parking signage to ensure compliance with local regulations.


Transportation and getting around in Rodez is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying the city’s attractions, cultural events, and culinary delights. Whether you choose to walk, use public transportation, or rent a car, Rodez offers a variety of options to suit your preferences and make your visit a memorable one.



Rodez truly offers a captivating and enriching experience for visitors. From its rich historical background and architectural marvels to its vibrant art scene, culinary delights, and natural beauty, the city has something for everyone.


Exploring the streets of Rodez takes you on a journey through time, with its well-preserved architecture and charming Old Town. The iconic Rodez Cathedral stands as a testament to the city’s medieval heritage, while the Episcopal Palace and Soulages Museum showcase the city’s appreciation for Renaissance and contemporary art.


Culinary enthusiasts will be delighted by Rodez’s gastronomic offerings. From traditional dishes like Aligot and fouace to the opportunity to sample regional cheeses and wines, Rodez delights the taste buds and offers a true farm-to-table experience.


Rodez’s vibrant art scene provides an opportunity to explore the works of local and international artists. The Soulages Museum, along with the city’s galleries, exhibitions, and street art, showcases a diverse range of artistic expressions.


Nature lovers will find solace in Rodez’s natural beauty, with lakes, hiking trails, and outdoor activities to enjoy. The city’s proximity to the Grands Causses Natural Park and the Aveyron River provides ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.


Throughout the year, Rodez hosts a variety of festivals and events that celebrate its culture, traditions, and artistic flair. Whether it’s the Estivada, Rodez Jazz Festival, or the Christmas market, these festivities bring the city to life and offer a chance to experience the vibrancy of Rodez’s cultural customs.


As you navigate through Rodez, you’ll be welcomed by the warm hospitality of its locals who take pride in their traditions and customs. This creates an inviting and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.


Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, food lover, or nature seeker, Rodez has something to captivate and inspire you. So pack your bags, immerse yourself in the charm of this pretty little city, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Rodez, the hidden treasure of the South of France.