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10 Affordable Airbnb Rentals In Brisbane, Australia


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Sophia Bautista

Brisbane Australia
Image by Wikimedia Commons

With a multicultural population of 2.4 million people, Brisbane is one of the most vibrant and tourist-friendly cities in Australia. A perfect place for vacation, there are amazing activities and sights to see. However, shopping and adventurous activities may be expensive. So, there is one way in which you can cut down costs on your trip. The easiest and best way to save on your vacation while still having a great time is wisely choosing where you stay. For example, instead of staying in an expensive hotel for $200 per night, rent an Airbnb that is two times cheaper. Ranging from $60 to $300 per night, the Airbnbs are a home away from home. 


Brisbane has many natural attractions and is a shopaholic’s paradise. Some of these main attractions include the Brisbane River, Chinatown, and the Queen Street Shopping Center. By finding the best discounts for top-rated Airbnb rentals, you can spend more on your activities and adventures. Check out some awesome Airbnb rentals in Brisbane, Australia here. 



Bury In The Elephant Hide (Caravan)

Airbnb Brisbane

Image by Ruth on AIRDNA


A comfortable setting for a party of three, this restored caravan home is a great place for having outdoor plans. Easily located, this awesome Airbnb place is situated close to the city and the airport. In the caravan, there is one bedroom with two beds, along with a spotless bathroom for guests to use. Along with the caravan comes with a perfect place to have a wonderful BBQ outdoors. With the newly built deck and BBQ pit, having a night of barbequing shouldn’t be missed. 

Amenities are all given in great condition and the place comes with free wifi so you’ll always be connected to the city. For this Airbnb, there is also free parking on the premises as well as on the street. The caravan has the basics of kitchenware, bathroom essentials, and living room furniture. However, though this is a safe and quiet suburb, be sure to lock the doors when leaving the caravan for long periods at a time.


COST: $33 USD per night



Luxurious Mountain View Suite

Glasshouse Air bnb

Image by Glenys on AIRDNA


An hour’s drive from Brisbane and located in a serene bushland area, this comfortable Airbnb suite has an amazing view of the Glasshouse Mountains. Also, in addition to the mountainous view, there is also a nice view of Moreton Island. The accommodation offered is a modern, luxurious, self-contained one-bedroom unit. Also, for a comfortable stay, the home comes with quality appliances. This includes a microwave, hotplates, an oven, coffee machine, fridge, and other basic necessities. The suite is situated on the lower level of the house with its own private entrance. Also, there are no worries about being able to see the streets when night falls; sensor lights are turned on at sunset.


This Airbnb suite is best for two people with one bed and one bathroom. It is the perfect place for vacationing couples. Guests will always feel welcome and comfortable in this peaceful environment. The views are breathtaking and it’s not something that is seen every day. Visitors can also take a walk around the gardens and visit the alpacas. With a five star rating, one of the best things to do at this home away from home is to watch the sunset or sunrise with the people you love. 


COST: $112 USD per night



Designer Townhouse With a Garden

Airbnb Brisbane

Image by Chris on AIRDNA


A quiet area in Brisbane, this newly designed townhouse is situated in an inner-city neighborhood. There is easy access to everything you would need as it is close to close to shops, cafes, and amenities. This includes the Brisbane Airport, RNA Showgrounds, and the famous Suncorp Stadium. Also, the two rooms along the living room are good for four people to reside comfortably. The townhouse comes with a double-height covered courtyard exclusively for guests as is the private garden.


With a five star rating, this is one of the best Airbnb townhouses available. This peacefully situated Airbnb also comes with wifi and the basic essentials for a relaxing time. On top of having amenities for all your needs, comfortable temperatures for guests are taken into consideration. For example, for the Summer, the townhouse offers an air conditioner as the weather can get quite hot and humid. Also, great news for drivers, there’s free parking on the premises. 


COST: $104 USD per night




Blue Haven Eco- Friendly Cottage

Eco friendly Bris, Aus

Image by Debbie on AIRDNA


Saving the earth is one of the popular things going around today. Saving the ecosystem and being eco-friendly has been advertised consistently for the last decade. For those who like to contribute to saving the earth, Blue Haven Cottage is a great five star Airbnb to rent for an epic vacation. Offering two rooms, three beds, and two bathrooms, it is a perfect vacation home for four eco-friendly people. However, if needed, the rooms can also be combined with the entire cottage to accommodate larger groups. Also, situated close to the airport, train, shops & amenities, this spacious Airbnb cottage is one great example of Australia’s traditional homes. It has amazing features like high ceilings and fretwork. 


This wonderful Airbnb in Brisbane is great for those who plan to stay for at least a week or more. The cottage has a large main bedroom with a comfy old fashioned queen size bed, dressing tables, an ensuite bathroom, and a separate spacious area for hanging items and shelving storage. The second bedroom is smaller. However, it does have two king-size beds and heavy curtains that can block the bright sunlight in the mornings for a nice undisturbed sleep. For the comfort of all visitors, all beds have luxurious linen and plenty of pillows. 


COST: $91 USD per night



Modern Studio Apartment

Studio Brisbane

Image by Vicki on AIRDNA


Upgraded to a modern-day look, a nice and clean Airbnb groundfloor studio apartment is open for rent all year round. One of the best locations, this Airbnb is situated ten minutes to the airport, five minutes to Chermside Shopping Centre, and ten minutes to Entertainment Centre. This luxurious studio apartment in Brisbane offers one bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a lounge consisting of leather couches with a flat-screen tv, and a private bathroom. However, in this particular Airbnb, there is also no access to a kitchen. Connected to the apartment is a yard where visitors can relax outdoors when not exploring the city. 


On top of all that is offered, visitors can also enjoy free wifi during their stay. There is a private entrance for guests, as well as the provision of tea, coffee, light continental breakfast every morning. 


COST: $67 USD per night



Pet And People Friendly Cottage

Pet Airbnb Aussie

Image by Anne on AIRDNA


Many people do have pets and love traveling with their pets. Many Airbnb places don’t allow pets for multiple reasons. However, there are few Airbnb places that allow pets. One of these is Twobays; a cottage styled Airbnb situated at a waterfront in Queensland Brisbane Australia. Besides the accommodation of one room consisting of a bed and bathroom, a yard with a pool is open to visitors who stay at this homely Airbnb. However, visitors should know that the pool is quite shallow. So it is wise to refrain from jumping or diving into the pool. The fully fenced yard allows pets (usually dogs) to run around freely, without leaving the premises. One of the main comforts of this Airbnb is the kitchenette. It is equipped with a microwave, fridge, toaster, toasted sandwich maker and a coffee machine.


This Airbnb is surrounded by a beautiful mangrove. However, visitors should be on the lookout for mosquitoes and sandflies during their stay depending on the weather and time of year. The friendly hosts of the property live in the upstairs part of the Airbnb and are very accommodating; even willing to pet-sit while visitors are out exploring the city. Always affordable, staying at this pet-friendly Airbnb is definitely worth it. 


COST: $123 USD per night




Comfy Private Guest Suite

Suite Bris Aus

Image by Shane on AIRDNA


Situated on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia, this perfect Airbnb is where many outdoor lovers love to stay during their vacation. This private guest suite is right by the wilderness of Australia, where nature continuously surrounds it. Its location is next to Daisy Hill Conservation Park and Koala Center. Here, many visitors can venture into the park for an adventure. This being said, there are many trails for biking and daily strolls in the park.


The suite consists of one large bedroom with a spacious living area that includes a kitchenette and BBQ. Basic amenities are supplied, along with the widely needed free wifi. There is airconditioning provided for the hot Summers, and of course free parking on the premises for vacationing drivers. For those who frequently travel or are tourists, airport transfers and tours are available upon request. However, there are additional costs for these transfers. Also, this Airbnb won’t leave its guests hungry in the morning before their adventures. They serve up a good full continental breakfast every morning.


COST: $75 USD per night



Apartment With An Amazing Brisbane View 

View bed, Aussie

Image by Nathalia & Juan on AIRDNA


Finding an affordable Airbnb in the city of Brisbane can be a bit difficult, especially because of the cost to live in the city. However, tourists can rent one of the affordable modern high rise apartments for just below $200. This amazing Airbnb offers one of the best views of the city. From this elegant apartment, tourists can have the perfect view of the south bank and the river just below it. Furnished with comfortable furniture, it is in one of the best locations for exploring Brisbane city. Also, it only takes three minutes to walk to the South Brisbane train station; giving ease of access to travel around Brisbane. On top of easy transport, the apartment is also in close proximity to restaurants, cafes, nightlife, galleries, and more.


This modern home is perfect for families, business trips and tourists. They get the best of everything Brisbane has to offer. Able to fit six guests comfortably, the two bedrooms have beds for each person. Along with a full kitchenette, there are two bathrooms supplied with the basic necessities. Guests can enjoy free and fast unlimited wifi, and watch Netflix every day after their city adventures. Also, the hosts have offers a bottle of wine as a welcome gift when the guests first arrive. All the amenities in this modern Airbnb is of the highest quality to give the best experience Brisbane has to offer. 


COST: $177 USD per night



Peaceful Cottage By The Sea


Cottage Sea Bris, Aus

Image by Trevor & Vicki on AIRDNA


If you’re a person who likes the outdoors especially. by vast waters for water activities, then this Airbnb in Brisbane is just for you. On Russell Island, just a few miles from Brisbane, this recently refurbished cottage by the sea is up for rent. It’s a perfect cozy place for two guests; one bedroom, one bed, and one bath. Guests have access to all amenities. This includes the entire house, yard, and boat ramp. However, though there is a boat ramp, guests have to rent their own boat or kayak as it is not provided.


Also, for boats that need fuel, there are plenty of fuel stations on most of the surrounding islands, as well as on a few floating jetties. This awesome vacation Airbnb has all the basic amenities, including airconditioning for the Summers and heating for the colder seasons, hot water, and a kitchen. For those who don’t arrive by boat, there is free parking on the property as well as on the street. 


The closest on-water fuel is at Raby Bay where there are also restaurants and cafes where you can dock for coffee or snacks. However, there is also a  fuel on-water stop at Horizon Shores Marina. Here, there is a nice must-try waterfront cafe. Guests have to also keep in mind to take caution because there are shallow places. They should stay within the channels and use a Beacon-to-Beacon map book. However, if a map book is too old-school for the technologically advanced generations, computer charts are always an option. 


Note: The tides of the sea will vary during the season, as well as the time of day. So those who have boats, make sure they are securely anchored or tied.


COST: $94 USD per night



Step Into Brisbane 

City Brisbane Apt.

Image by Tam on AIRDNA


A centralized Airbnb perfect for exploring Brisbane and its outskirts, this apartment is one of the best inexpensive places for a great vacation.  With two rooms, two beds and two bathrooms, guests are ensured to have double the excitement in Australia. With many things to do, the location serves as the perfect place for access to all that Brisbane has to offer. For people who want a relaxing day or two outdoors away from the loud city, a stroll along the beautiful Kangaroo Point cliffs is recommended. The scenery along the path to the cliffs is one of the best considering how close it is to the city. Also, guests can walk to Southbank to enjoy a dinner and movie. For a relaxing lazy day, guests can take a dive into the connected pool or sit next to it for a great suntan. 


There are basic amenities as well as a few extra perks while renting this Airbnb. One of the best features of this Airbnb is the provision of hotel quality items such as bath towels, bedroom and bathroom amenities, tea, coffee, and more. On top of all those amazing things,  for guests who stay long, dishwashing liquid and washing powder are also provided for convenience. Easy city accessibility mixed with a relaxing escape, this is one of Brisbane’s most inexpensive Airbnbs. 


COST: $112 USD per night